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Tucker Carlson Reports on Impact of Illegals on Tijuana and Environment- Lies Cry the Left!

By Terry | American Decline

Arizona Border Trash impact

Truth these days depends on who is doing the reporting.

Tucker Carlson ran a few reports on the impact illegal immigrants are having on our environment and economy.

At one point, he used the words “poorer and dirtier” to describe their impact. The leftstream media immediately cherry picked those phrases. Of course, they became their headlines.

Tucker may lose a few advertisers over it, according to the Fox hating website (Classy name huh?):

Few advocates, if any, argue the economic merit of immigration, Carlson said in his opening. The nation needs skilled workers, but that is not who arrive here, he said.


The segment ended with an advertisement for insurance company Pacific Life. The Fortune 500 company said in a statement Friday that it “strongly” disagreed with Carlson’s immigration comments. Several other companies have since followed suit. NerdWallet, a personal finance company, pulled its advertising and said that it will be reevaluating future airtime during “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”


SmileDirectClub and Nautilus, the parent company of fitness training equipment brand Bowflex, also confirmed asking Fox News to refrain from running their commercials during Carlson’s show, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Employment search engine requested the same from the network more than a month ago, too.

Fact is, illegal immigrants do leave a trail of trash behind and when they arrive. See the report Tucker made below on the environmental and now crime impact illegals are having in Tijuana:

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Not exactly a picture of cleanliness. It was additionally noted that the caravan members are also now committing crimes like breaking and entering local residents homes, public drug use and assault. According to the Tijuana resident in the report, there have been 280 arrests.

Arizona Border Trash

Arizona Border Trash

Trash Left By Illegal Immigrants in Arizona. Reminds Me of the Streets of Sanctuary City San Francisco

Tucker’s report also mentioned a site called- Arizona Border Trash which also documents the environmental impact of illegals. According to the site illegal immigrants have an impact that includes:

  • Strewn trash and piles
  • Illegal trails and paths
  • Erosion and watershed degradation
  • Damaged infrastructure and property
  • Loss of vegetation and wildlife
  • Campfires and escaped fires
  • Abandoned vehicles and bicycles
  • Vandalism, graffiti and site damage (historical and archaeological)
  • Occurrence of bio-hazardous waste

No mention is also made of the low educational level of these immigrants. Instead, we are told that immigrants pick our crops. The food would rot in the fields if it wasn’t for immigrants we are led to believe.

Cost of Illegal Immigration- FAIR 2017 ReportFact is, only 5% of the illegal immigrants end up in the fields. The other 95%? They end up costing the nation (after taxes are calculated into the mix) $116 Billion annually according to a 2017 report by FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform).

The biggest impact is to the States with a shared expense of nearly $89 Billion of that cost for which they receive back only $3.5 Billion in taxes leaving a net impact of $85 Billion at the State level.

To lend some perspective on this, if you live in New Jersey for example, the annual economic impact to the citizen is nearly $6,000, almost as much as California which exceeds $6,500. (View your state at this map by rolling over your state.)

  • Pennsylvania is $5,003.
  • New York $6,424.
  • Washington State $5,199
  • Maryland $6,326

And so it goes, across the nation. One state after another racking up the economic impact of illegal immigration. Keep in mind that these are annual costs which continue to build each and every year as more illegal immigrants stream across our borders.

Yet the media complains about Tucker Carlson’s report and a few advertisers pull out or talk about doing so.

Nothing mentioned about the real impact of the poorly educated masses streaming into our nation for benefits that legal citizens may not even get such as:

  • “Free” education
  • “Free” medical care
  • “Free” housing subsidies
  • “Free” welfare expenditures

Not to mention the cost of judicial, police and prison expenses which are never figured in but very real as well.

So, while the leftstream media and its supporters prattle on about the “shocking” statements about the environmental and economic impact of illegal immigrants, real legal citizens continue to bear the brunt of the actual costs never honestly covered in the leftstream media narrative.

To them, illegals deserve more benefits than the citizens who bear the economic and environmental impacts that come along with poorly educated and economically destitute populations of illegals coming here for what they do not get from their nation’s of origin- a free ride from producing citizens.

Not fair to them nor to those of us who were born and work here. They lose human dignity. We lose money and our environment to boot.