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Why British Politicians and Non-Profits Like the EU- No Brexit for Them.

By Terry | Free Trade

Big Banks, financial markets and even politicians and non-profits are getting more and more nervous. Every passing day is increasing their anxiety. The people are getting a chance to voice their concerns with a vote.

If all remains on course, the British people will vote on a national referendum to either remain in or exit the European Union (EU) on June 23rd.

The “too big to fails” are even calling for 24 hour work days on the day of the vote. The Bank of England has been concerned for a while now over the exit vote. Last year an inadvertent email sent to The Guardian revealed a secret task force set up to study the impact of the exit on the financial markets in Britain called Project Bookend.

The concerns are continuing and growing as the day of the vote- Thursday, June 23rd approaches. It would be wise to keep your eyes peeled to this issue.

Why the Anxiety?

The EU was morphed out of a trade deal after WWII ostensibly to help rebuild coal and steel industries called the Common Market. Over time it was transformed into a regional government with its own currency (the Euro), courts and reams of rules over larger areas of its member nations lives. It is no longer just a trade deal to say the least holding sway over 28 nations and impacting over 500 million citizens.

For the elite who wish to create a New World Order, the EU is a way of eliminating national governments and transferring their sovereignty to a regional central government headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. A British exit would mean that the 2nd largest economy in the EU would be leaving. Not a good turn of events for them.

For the politicians and non-profits, it means a gravy train which sucks away public money and generously redistributes it to them, would be cut off from British politicians and selected non-profits. It’s never comforting to see a source of income dissolve for anyone, especially one this lucrative. In the bureaucracy of the EU over 10,000 employees earn more than the Prime Minister of Britain. They are not subject to elections. The do not need to be concerned about public response since they have power without accountability and not subject to a vote.

See the snippet from Brexit, the Movie below for details:

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 Brexit – The Movie

A crowd funded movie- Brexit, the Movie was put together to provide an overview of the facts about the British exit from the EU. Either way markets will be impacted but especially with a vote to exit. If you don’t know about this issue, watch the full film for free on YouTube or below:

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The impact of this vote could have a domino effect and encourage other EU members to do the same. Already the EU economy is teetering. As with quite a few others, including the U.S., it has been built from fiat central bank currencies which require deficit spending since central bank currency is based on debt. It is not redeemable with gold and silver as money once was. It is all backed by government decree or fiat and well… really.

The Brexit vote could be the domino they don’t want to fall which they once feared Greece was. A house built on sand is never on sound footing and neither is a banking system based strictly on debtin place of real production based wealth and a redeemable, measurable and limited standard of tangible value like precious metals.

Take some time and study this issue. At the very least, from Brexit, the movie you will learn something about the dangers of these regional governments and “free trade” pacts, government regulatory strangling of markets and politically based greed and power. Well worth your time and education and potentially quite important.