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Undermining Our Constitution- The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)

By Terry | Free Trade

We hear a variety of opinions about this thingy called the Trans Pacific Partnership. Let me save you some time, in the following paragraphs, I will tell any American concerned with their freedom, everything you really need to know about the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Follow along and see.

What is the TPP?

The Trans Pacific Partnership is a “trade agreement” between 12 countries. (US, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Chile and Peru) UN LogoOstensibly, it’s main purpose is to deepen economic ties between these nations by slashing tariffs and encouraging more trade. In all, approximately 18,000 tariffs will be slashed.

It is also supposed to harmonize economic policies and regulations. According to the BBC, the agreement could also “create a new single market something like that of the EU”.

Now that the full text of the agreement is available we can read it online.

Inside This Agreement

According to the TTP’s Preamble, the parties to the agreement resolve to:

[quote]Establish a comprehensive regional agreement that promotes economic integration to liberalise trade and investment, bring economic growth and social benefits, create new opportunities for workers and businesses, contribute to raising living standards, benefit consumers, reduce poverty and promote sustainable growth[/quote]

The First Red Flag- Economic Integration

The TPP claims that it promotes economic integration? How does trade alone promote economic integration? This phrase points to something important about the trade agreement itself.

Economic integration means bringing the economies together in terms of their models so that they are no longer independent economies but rather singular economic entities. One indistinguishable from the other.

Do we Americans want our economy integrated with that of Communist oriented nations like Vietnam and Chile or a tiny nation like Brunei, a largely Muslim nation of about 420,000 total population which began to introduce sharia law in 2014? I know that the globalist New World Order elites are pushing for that, but this means global tyranny not American freedom.

Malaysia is another nation facing severe economic strain. Do we wish to integrate with the economy of a nation suffering from severe economic strain? After all, economic integration tends to equalize doesn’t it? Meaning that we will get pulled down as they get raised up. How helpful is this to our nation and its citizens?

Bear in mind that phrase “sustainable growth” is a direct buzzword of the UN globalist crowd and it’s Agenda 21 plan to control the land globally which is now called The 2030 Agenda.

More Red Flags

Red FlagsFurther along in the TPP Preamble is suggested that another purpose of the agreement is to: [quote]Establish a predictable legal and commercial framework for trade and investment through mutually advantageous rules;[/quote]

Legal framework for trade and investment through mutually advantageous rules? Why should a trade agreement have any bearing on the legal structure of any participating nation? Is that not the domain of each nation rather than that of an agreement? Is there perhaps something else going on here?

Additionally, [quote]set legislative and regulatory priorities, safeguard public welfare, and protect legitimate public welfare objectives, such as public health, safety, the environment, the conservation of living or non-living exhaustible natural resources, the integrity and stability of the financial system and public morals.[/quote]

A trade agreement having impact on public welfare objectives like public health, safety, the environment, natural resources, public morals and the integrity and stability of the financial system? Really? In a “trade agreement”?

Gee, wonder if that is why it is 30 chapters long?

Does a trade agreement need to have an impact on public health? Is that not a function of local governments at best? The environment? What does a trade agreement have to do with the environment?

Public morals? Really in a trade agreement. This is a responsibility of the individual in the first and secondarily the legal system that one’s government endorses. Certainly, it should have nothing to do with a trade agreement.

The integrity and stability of the financial system? Really now, a trade agreement being intertwined with the integrity or stability of the financial system. Again, why would we expect a simple trade agreement to have anything to do with the integrity and stability of the financial system?

But Wait, There’s More…

[quote]Affirm that state-owned enterprises can play a legitimate role in the diverse economies of the Parties, while recognizing that the provision of unfair advantages to state-owned enterprises undermines fair and open trade and investment, and resolve to establish rules for state-owned enterprises that promote a level playing field with privately owned businesses, transparency and sound business practices;[/quote]

This Preamble statement tells us two things:

1. The economies we are doing business with in this agreement are not free market economies. Free market economies do not foster “state owned enterprises”. Communist or Socialist economies upon which Communism is framed do. Hence, we are quite obviously doing business with Communist and/or Socialist nations in this agreement. Why should we be concerned with doing business with Communist states and furthering their aims? Such as Red China for example, where the majority of our domestic manufacturing has been transferred to at the expensive of our citizens ability to earn a good living. Trading good pay for our citizens for the slave labor of Red China.

2. This is more than a simple trade agreement. This is a means of transferring the authority for governance to another entity. However, the TPP does not just stop here, it also notes that it is designed to help “protect and enforce labor rights, improve working conditions and living standards


[quote]protect high levels of environmental protection, including through effective enforcement of environmental laws.[/quote]


[quote]Contribute to the harmonious development and expansion of world trade and provide a catalyst to broader regional and international cooperation;[/quote]

Like through a world government perhaps?

Obviously, this is far more than a trade agreement that is being posed as nothing more than a trade agreement designed to help all of us to prosperity. To paraphrase, Patrick Henry. I smell a RatPic rat!

So What is This Rat?

Well, if you look inside the very first Chapter- Initial Provisions and General Definitions, you will discover who that rat exactly is.

The first full sentence of this first chapter states:

[quote]The Parties, consistent with Article XXIV of GATT 1994 and Article V of GATS, hereby establish a free trade area in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.[/quote]

GATT 1994 is the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1994 which is a part of the World Trade Agreement (WTO) which is under the authority of the United Nations (UN).

An article that ends with: “Each contracting party shall take such reasonable measures as may be available to it to ensure observance of the provisions of this Agreement by the regional and local governments and authorities within its territories.”

In other words, the TPP is a mechanism to transfer our national sovereignty to the UN through the WTO.

And there is your rat! The TPP is simply a means of stitching the U.S. into the structure of their planned world government or New World Order as they like to put it.

That is all you really need to know about the TPP. (If you are an American who is concerned about their freedom that is.)

Does one really have to take the time to go inside and examine all of its 30 chapters of provisions? Not unless you like wasting your time. You can, of course, but why bother. The end of it all is to place our nation into the world government structure under the authority the UN.

Now, I ask you. How effective is our Constitution if it allows agreements like this to be intiated?

Agreements which clearly disable any sovereignty we have over our trade. Wasn’t a combined trading power in the States one of the primary motives for a Convention to discuss the Articles of Convention in the first place? That doesn’t seem to be working out as planned. Another way our Constitution has been undermined and is failing us.

An Action Step You Can (and likely should) Take Right Now

Obama just signed the TPP. He is now calling on the GOP controlled Congress to hurry up and approve this direct attack on the remaining vestiges of American Constitutional sovereignty. The trade representative, Michael Froman (a member of the globalist Rockefeller as Honorary Chairman Council on Foreign Relations of course) was confident that the Republican’s would comply with the White House demand in the month’s ahead which tells you how many parties really exist.

One action step one can take is to write directly to your Congressional Representatives on this issue immediately. Our representatives are ultimately voted into office (at least that’s what they tell us publicly).

If enough voters contact them on an issue, it provides leverage that can sway an issue simply because it threatens your representative’s job security. (Not because it helps the citizenry. That’s a secondary motivation. Once in the pressing issue becomes re-election. Giving up this cash cow is not a preference in most cases for these people.)

This is an election year for all of the House and a third of the Senate. Leverage for re-election is high now. Thus, your contact now, as a voter, on this critical issue can have more impact simply based on re-election timing.

This link will take you to a page whereby you can construct a letter to your Senators and House Representative. You can adjust it as you see fit and email a copy immediately or print it out and mail it. You can also use this post and the information provided on the link above and call your representatives or set up a face to face meeting if you feel more comfortable with these more powerful methods.

At any rate, making your voice heard is pretty important if you have accepted the Constitution as your authority.

One last thing, all of those other so-called “free trade agreements” that have already been completed have already done the same thing, transferred our trading authority under Article 1, Section 8 on the powers of Congress which is “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations”.

Now, you have been made aware of this. What will you choose to do about it? If it is action, better get to it. Calls are best. Letters and emails next. Otherwise, this will be nothing more than a done deal which will not be good for this nation’s future unless you feel you might enjoy being under the authority of the UN through the UN Charter.

P.S.- If you want to know why our Constitution is failing, you have just seen a direct example of one of the ways this is being done in front of our eyes- in this present time! If you believe in it, you better do something to preserve it. Otherwise, say bye bye to more of our nation’s independence.