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A Preview of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) – Brexit the Movie

By Terry | economic decline

Brexit the Movie targets the British population with facts about how the European Union (EU) has had a damaging impact on the British economy. Now, you may at first think that a film targeting the British population has nothing to do with the U.S. However, you would be wrong. The EU is about massive regulatory control, something that has been growing here in the U.S. for decades, not “free trade”. This free YouTube video demonstrates how dangerous an agreement like the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) would be for our remaining liberties.

The EU is the model used to create the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) which connects our economy directly to the European Union.

In fact, this free YouTube video actually functions as a preview of what is to come should we initiate the TPP here. You can watch Brexit the Movie below:

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Here is what you will learn in the movie:

  • Why politicians in Britain and in general want the EU (Think: Pigs feeding at a trough and complete self interest)
  • How the EU destroyed Britain’s fishing industry (Taking it from a trading center exchange of 12,000 boxes a day to 200 boxes a day now.)
  • How government regulatory controls suffocate an economy with a comparison of Britain and Germany. (Germany lost the war but soared economically while Britain continued to ration its population long after the war ended.)
  • Why low regulation Switzerland is the most prosperous European nation with the lowest unemployment and high wages (Hint: Switzerland refuses to join the EU.)
  • How politically motivated trade deals destroy trade
  • How the EU works. (Think: Power without Accountability)
  • Why multi-national Corporations want regulations and how it helps them

There is more in this film which is surprisingly candid. This could be due to the fact that it is not funded by Corporations. I alertly skimmed the long list of contributors during the credits, but did not see any Corporate names on the contributor list.

The full movie is one hour and 11 minutes long but moves along quickly and keeps your interest making it an easy watch. More importantly as noted in a previous post about the TPP, this demonstrates what the end result of an agreement with the EU will ultimately bring.

Watch this movie for free on YouTube and you will see how dangerous the TPP is for what is left of our freedoms and prosperity.

We don’t want to end up under the thumb of the globalists with agreements like the TPP and this film shows you why.