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The Free Trade Deception – Part Three – Building Blocks of the New World Order

By Terry | American Decline

free trade deception

If you followed the first two parts of this series, you learned that the so called “free trade” agreements are not really about making trade free nor the nations that agree to them.

They sidle all of the nations in the agreements with regulatory controls that can hardly be considered a component of “free” trade.

Additionally, these agreements are a way of transferring the sovereign control of trade of the nations involved to the WTO which is an agency of the United Nations. Essentially what this means is that our Constitutional control of trade, a key issue in the formation of our Constitution, is being transferred to an international body.

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Now we see other agreements in the works such as the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) which sounds like something out of George Orwell’s 1984 world. Consider this statement from Peru’s Trade and Tourism Ministry:


“The TPP is a negotiation process that includes countries from three continents (America, Asia and Oceania). It seeks to become the basis and the means to establish the Free Trade Area of the Asia Pacific (FTAPP), and therefore it is open to other countries that have formally expressed their interest in the process. The nine participating countries have trade agreements with each other and it seeks to continue progressing in more advanced agreements, as in the Peruvian case.”

Obama’s winning a second term prompted Channel News Asia to predict a fast tracking of the TPP.

“With US President Barack Obama winning a second term, expectations are that this will speed up negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)”

America, Asia and Oceania? Sounds like Orwell’s description of the endless war world of 1984.

Of course, we already have NAFTA which rapidly turned a trade surplus with Mexico into a permanent trade deficit.

So what is the end game of all of these trade partnerships one may ask? Surely, the fact that they are global and continuously being pushed as beneficial while economies teeter on unsteady legs all over the planet should raise some skepticism. Perhaps an article which appeared in the casts some light on where all of this is headed:

Transatlantic partnership, a step towards a single currency and world government
by Maurizio d’Orlando  02/18/2013

Pushed by Obama and a US-EU working group, the new union should set down new rules favoring corporate globalization. However, its economic advantages are few unless the dollar, the Euro, the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank become one.”

”Ordinary Europeans and Americans might wonder what popular sovereignty really means. The rest of the world, especially Asian nations, might ask themselves what impact the ongoing economic realignments and restructuration will have on them. What realignments? Those that in a short interval of time should lead to a [texthighlight color=”red-vibrant” ]single world currency[/texthighlight] and a [texthighlight color=”red-vibrant” ]single world government[/texthighlight] . This at least appears to be what US President Barack Obama and unelected European Union officials had in mind when they agreed to a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. President Obama referred to it in his State of the Union address on 12 February….

It is easier to believe that a transatlantic common market is the launching pad for a Euro-American currency that would replace the dollar and the Euro. A Euro-American economic block can only exist if it has fixed exchange rates or it would fall apart. And a fixed dollar-Euro exchange rate is just a short step from a single currency and a single Euro-American central bank.

Of course, this sounds like science fiction or economic fantasy, but the collapse of the existing system is already underway. In fact, we might even foresee a time when this could happen, this spring for example, after market shares take another major plunge.

The same is true for central banks. The Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank are overflowing with so many toxic assets (that cannot be unloaded at any price) that they cannot survive as independent bodies.

Thus, we can surmise that[texthighlight color=”red-vibrant” ] what lies behind this transatlantic alliance is a plan to merge currencies and central banks.[/texthighlight] The closer we look, the more we see the two-ECB and the Fed – acting as publicly traded companies. Since the two are private entities, that is what they appear to be doing. The two also operate in the same field and exercise sovereign power to issue money with legal tender [texthighlight color=”red-vibrant” ]under a regime of monopoly[/texthighlight] .

Since 2007, AsiaNews has examined on several occasions plans to introduce a new currency as the prelude to a single world currency. All indications are that this will be done very soon.”

For us, the countries that will hang onto their national independence and sovereignty will be the lucky ones, for the disasters of monetary and economic centralization in Europe are there for all to see.”

See the Final Report High Level Working Ground on Jobs and Growth, Feb 11, 2013 (click image for this report)


And the Fact Sheet: United States to Negotiate Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership with the European Union

In short, the end game is a new world order or one world government. Regions stitched together under the regulatory control of the United Nations and then united under a single currency, banking system and world government.

Now, you can ignore the facts and attack the messenger but it is happening before your very eyes whether you choose to acknowledge it or not- choose it or not- like it or not.


Update Note: Fortunately, Donald Trump, withdrew from the negotiations regarding this agreement. Now you know why that was a good thing. Most particularly, you know what to look out for in future agreements.

I should update this series with a post about Trump’s new trade agreement. Unfortunately, it too is not a free trade agreement and, in fact, worse than NAFTA.

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