The Federal Reserve’s 100th Birthday is Not a Cause for Celebration! Part 3

So, just what have we gotten from the advent of the Federal Reserve? Well, let’s hear from some who should know.

Noting the similarities as Congress neared a vote, they called an Ohio attorney named, Alfred Crozier to testify. Crosier noted the similarities between the Aldrich Bill and the Glass-Owen Bill but also made some other important observations that still stand today, even more so:

The bill grants just what Wall Street and the big banks for twenty-five years have been striving for – private instead of public control of currency. It (the Glass-Owen Bill) does this as completely as the Aldrich Bill. Both measures rob the government and the people of all effective control over the public’s money, and vest in the banks exclusively the dangerous power to make money among the people scarce or plenty.

During the debate on the bill, Senators complained that big banks were using their financial muscle to influence the outcome. “There are bankers in this country that are enemies of the public welfare,” said one senator.

Ignoring all charges of fraud and corruption, the bill was deceptively voted on during the lame duck session period on December 23rd, 1913.

Most Senators had left town during the holidays, after being assured by the leadership that nothing would be done about the bill until Congress reconvened after the Christmas recess.

On the day the bill was passed, Congressman Lindberg prophetically warned his countrymen:

This Act establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President signs this bill, the invisible government by the Monetary Power will be legalized. The people may not know it immediately, but the day or reckoning is only a few years removed. The worst legislative crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking bill.

For more details about this deception, watch the following video on YouTube from the author of The Creature from Jekyll Island:

For An Audio Version on The Creature listen to this audio on YouTube

What the Public Got from the Federal Reserve System

Essentially, what we were given was a cartel of private financiers or international bankers who have a stranglehold on our currency and our economy…

1. By controlling the issue of our money and its cost to borrow AKA the interest rate (which encourages spending over saving and more debt)

2. Who act for their benefit ( by creating massive debt) and not for the benefit of the public.

With control of the currency and interest rates comes control of the economy and also great power to control other things like:

  • Education- even to the highest levels through the student loan system (creating more debt)
  • Corporations- (through lending) including our military-industrial complex with continual war and continual debt
  • Our assumed “objective” media (a Corporate monopoly)
  • Our political system (through the money funnel)

Consequently, we have been conditioned to accept this cartel as “good” for us. It is not!

The current massive level of national debt, over $60,000 per man-woman and child, is the largest in the history of the world!

Like all debt based currency systems, it is destined to implode. Time is growing shorter.

As financial history demonstrates- debt based systems from Athens and Rome to current times always fail…always, no exceptions.

The Income Tax

Additionally, along with the Federal Reserve nearly at the same time (6 months after the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in fact) came our Federal Income Tax.

The hidden purpose of the income tax? To pay the debt owed to the Federal Reserve cartel for issuing our money out of thin air- a privilege granted to it by our wonderful politicians.

There is, of course, more to be said and understood about the Fed. This is but a little nibble at the ways that they control our lives and the planet under the buzz word cover of globalization in concert with other central banks.

For more on this important issue read or listen to the video and/or audio above.

Get up to speed on this topic. It will fill in a lot of gaps and explain much if you take the time to do your homework. In fact, you will probably never look at banking, government and our politicians the same again.

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