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Another Thought on the 2nd Amendment- A Basic Truth Often Missing from the Discussion

By Terry | 2nd Amendment

[dropcap color=”color-default” font=”times” style=”oblique” size=”scmgc-3em”]A[/dropcap]s I was reading this book which I stumbled across on Amazon called For Individual Rights: A Treatise on Human Relations, it occured to me that the concepts I was learning applied directly to the Second Amendment. They were ideas based on natural law which is to say laws that exist because you are human and not granted to you by a State or government.

Natural law results in natural rights which is to say that under natural law you have the right to take any action that does not interfere with anyone else.

Natural Law Right

According to the 2nd amendment, the right to bear arms is a right of the people. That is, it is a natural law right that belongs to all of the people without the necessity of government permission. Additionally, it shall not be infringed or messed with by government. We know also that because of the first stand alone statement in the amendment that it also has to do with a person’s security or safety.

Second_Amendment So, as I was reading the aforementioned book, it occurred to me that some of his basic insights about rights applied directly to the 2nd amendment.

For example, the author makes the point that a basic life principle is that every living organism acts in order to sustain its life. This is not a right, it is a basic law.

On the flip side of that, since every organism acts in order to sustain its life then that organism can, when its life is threatened, take actions to sustain itself. Or put another way, it can take actions that eliminate the threat of the physical interference to its life.

This is a basic law of nature and it applies to all organisms which would, contrary to some popular but misguided beliefs, include human beings.

This is what led me to tie in the 2nd amendment for to me this basic life principle or law is what the intent of the 2nd amendment was and still is! That is to say that if affirms a basic law of life that every human being possesses-  every person acts to sustain their life.

Additionally, inherent in this right is the right to protect your own life against threats. As the 2nd amendment affirms each person also has the right to possess and use an arm to specifically do that.

Specs on Arms? A Right of the People Too!

The 2nd amendment does not specify the type of arm. That would be left up to the discretion of the owner of that right or the people themselves, not Obama, Biden, or any of their misguided ilk, but to the people who own that right. In fact, the amendment specifically states that the people are, in fact, protected against it being infringed by ANYONE and that would include Crazy Joe as they say and Obama and his minions.

It also implies that since it is a basic law of nature that all human beings (And I trust that we do qualify as living organisms don’t we?) have the right to sustain our lives, if interference to that life is presented.

We own the right to retailiate should that life be threatened. In fact, the 2nd amendment ensures that if a person or criminal attempts to interfere with our life and or the possessions that sustain that life, they can expect resistance and retaliation. What is more the resistance may include the use of a weapon.

It may be automatic, semi-automatic or single shot that would be our choice. However, if they make the choice to threaten our life, or the lives I feel the need to protect (my loved ones) and the possessions which sustain these lives, they can and should expect retaliation. And since that retaliation is backed by our right to keep and bear arms, then that retaliation may in fact include a weapon.

A Right of a Free Person Under Our Constitution

Put simply, if you choose to interfere with another’s life as long as we continue to retain and protect our 2nd amendment right to protect our lives in this nation, expect retaliation!

The more severe or serious the attempt to threaten a life, the more severe or serious the retaliation can be to preserve it. Criminals that does mean that you could end up dead. (Just a heads up.)

Every human action is either a right that does not violate a life principle or one that does. If it does, it is a crime. Let’s keep our 2nd amendment intact and ensure that those who attempt to violate our basic right to sustain our lives are fully aware that they can expect retaliation.

And may that retaliation be swift and decisive.

Methinks that with this in full play, there will be less inclination for the criminally minded to commit crimes.

And if they do? Well then……let the buyer beware.