Peter Schiff- Out of the Box Economist – Predicting A Huge Wave of Inflation Will Engulf the Planet

By Terry | Economic Collapse

Jun 22

One thing to keep in mind about these Fed rate increases is that we are a nation mired in a massive amount of debt. (over $21.1 Trillion).

Every ratchet upwards increases the service on that debt accordingly. It’s kind of like driving a car at a high rate of speed. Just a small movement on the steering wheel moves the car quite a bit. The faster you travel, the greater the movement.

The huge debt our nation carries, increases the velocity of any increases in the interest in that debt. Keep that in mind as we watch these Federal Reserve increases. They are more dangerous than we have been led to believe.

One Last Thought

One wonders if this is not yet another way to break the economic back of America and bring about a crash of our economy. Donald Trump is backing the government out the lives of Americans. The global elite who want the new world order and one world government can’t have that. Is debt the biggest tool in their arsenal? That silent killer that crushes an economy as we have seen in Venezuela and Zimbabwe, Greece, etc.

Is this the globalists hidden card up their sleeve, interest rate increases? Time will tell. Keep your economic eyes open.

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