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How the New World Order is Being Built and Who is Profiting- A Brief Example

By Terry | Council on Foreign Relations

The family that plays together stays together as the saying goes. So it is with the Corporate and ultra rich elite who are building their New World Order (NWO) ostensibly for world peace but actually to make us all their wage slaves or slaves of the State under one global government.

One of the big players in building the NWO is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) through their Corporate Member List and Membership Roster. You will find all of the “too big to fail” banks on the CFR Corporate list. You will also find significant key members of government (like our current Secretary of State and Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve for example)

Of course, the media is a player (like Rupert Murdoch and his company News Corp- both members) and many of the so-called experts used by the media to comment on important foreign policy issues, particularly those involving war related issues.

War is a Racket

War is a key tool in constructing the New World Order arsenal BTW. Listen to a reading of Smedley Butler’s short book War is a Racket on YouTube for a sense of why this is. I think you’ll connect the dots easily enough. Some people profit mightily and regularly these days from war. Gee, I wonder why that may be a reason it is so revered by our Corporate owned entertainment and sports venues?

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Anyway…recently I was breezing through and looking at the Corporate list. I noted a new Corporate name that I had not seen before. The first company name on the Corporate list in fact- The Abraaj Group.  I have followed the CFR for a while now but never noticed this Corporate member before. And they were listed as a “Founder” as well which is the highest level of Corporate membership.

Alrighty then, since I never heard of them before and being the curious person that I am, I had to do a little digging to see “whaddup” as the phrase goes.

So…Just Who is The Abraaj Group?

First of all, they are a fairly new player on the scene. They have been around only since 2002. Kind of odd that a relative “newbie” would be on the CFR Founders list. Obviously, the term “Founders” is purchasable and not really a description of actual “Founders”. Guess they just paid more than many of the others making them a bigger “player” on the CFR scene.

They are a private equity (PE) firm which means that they raise money from Limited Partners (LPs) like pension and retirement funds, endowments, insurance companies, and wealthy individuals. Then, using their expertise and “due diligence” invest it for profit.

The end goal for PE firms is to exit their investments at a substantial profit. Typically, according to Bloomberg Business, with Abraaj the exit occurs between 3-5 years after the original investment. It could be shorter or longer depending on the market and favorable economic circumstances.

In short, they essentially take other peoples money (possibly their own as well since none of them appear to be destitute and they are listed as clients too.) and invest it for a profit both for themselves and the investors. I would also expect that there may be some other purposes as well for the investments, such as control and power of an area.

They Grew Pretty Fast Too!

The Abraaj Group has made 140 investments over the past 10 years in about 30 countries and currently has about $9 Billion worth of assets under management.  For a firm that has been around only a decade, that’s quite a growth curve

They concentrate most of their investments in Africa, Asia and South America.

Their top dog is Islamic as are 9 of their 14 partners. The remainder are mainly Indian, with a Latin American for the South American investments of course and a Brit Tom Speechly. I wasn’t able to determine if he was a member of Brit based Chatham House [The RIIA]. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was since Abraaj is a donor to Chatham House as well.

The reason I suspect Chatham House/RIIA is because it is a sister organization of the CFR. The WIKI article linked above notes that or read Shadows of Power by James Perloff, the definitive book on the history and purposes of the CFR. They were formed in Paris at the same time as the CFR. They concentrate on the same areas as does the CFR.

Their Strategic Partners (AKA clients)

According to the World Economic Forum (another NWO lover), the Abraaj Group has some interesting clients (AKA strategic partners).  They comprise 100 leading global companies. (Global being the operative give away word there in case ya missed it.) Bill and Melinda Gates are investors. You know, the pro-vaccine and anti-population growth dude-

Of course, there are a good number of CFR Corporate members on the list as well such as Barclays, Bank of America, Chevron, Credit Suisse and the list goes on. Obviously, one hand washes the other when it comes to investing in Africa, South America and Asia. (There is a growing “red” governmental model in all of these areas but that is another can of worms but worth noting for the tie ins. The New World Order prefers a State dominated authoritarian model like the Communist one. Much easier to control the populace under the systematic application of tyranny as in the Communist model.

These Facts Brings Some Questions To Mind

Why is such an obvious connection to the Middle East and Islam so highly placed on the CFR Corporate list? They are only 10 years old and yet are already “founders” members of the CFR, donors to Chatham House/RIIA as well. After all, the CFR often supplies the experts who are called upon to comment on the war on terrorism and always take an aggressive stance on fighting terrorism encouraging more U.S. involvement in the Middle East. Are these, as Smedley Butler implies, privateers pursuing profit on an opportunistic basis?

The CFR is encouraging war in the Middle East ostensibly to “keep us safe”. (Are we really any safer from “radical Islamist’s” from all of this “war on terror”? Might want to consult the Parisians on that topic these days.)

On the other hand, an organization that is pushing aggressive policies towards the war on terror has at the top of its Corporate list a bunch of rich Islamists who are investing private funds from their Corporate members a good number of whom are members of the CFR.

I mean, why bite the hand that feeds you right? Even if they are Islamic and well, without going into a great deal of detail in this article, part of the problem. At least, according to the neo-cons from the CFR who pushed the war on terror such as Cheney, Richard Perle, Wolfowitz and significant CFR others.

One could see this as a disconnect, but personally I just see it as part of the globalist agenda. Disrupt the countries, establish new leadership more favorable to the NWO plan (Kings and powerful singular figures are not. One person in control can say no more easily than a so-called “Democracy”. Note how singular leaders have either been eliminated or are being attacked. Think that is an accident?), then profit on the rebuilding of third world infrastructure, some of it the product of wars.

After All….

Hey, the ultra wealthy family that manipulates, crushes and destroys plays together afterwards to profit handily working cooperatively with the so-called “enemies”? Nothing like good old family values huh? That is, Corporations and profits far outweigh national loyalty and truth.

The rich continue to get richer and more controlling and Islamic Abraaj gets a nice piece of the pie from its CFR investor buds to boot. Pretty sweet huh? Forget the fact that Americans are infidels and your innocent civilian “Islamic brothers and sisters” caught in the crossfire are dying.

After all, in about 12 years, they went from “zero” to $9 Billion in assets under control or “hero” in the CFR realm of operation. That’s Billion with a “B” BTW (One million seconds is 12 days. One billion seconds is 31 years. And to give you an idea of just how large our $18.6 Trillion national debt actually is: one trillion seconds is 31,000 years! Multiply that by 18.6!! Hope it doesn’t take us that long to pay it all back.)

War really is a racket isn’t it? Good for replacing old orders with a New World Order ya know. Disrupt and disorganize and then “mould it nearer to the hearts desire.”

Fabian Socialist Window

Fabian Socialist Window “Mould It Nearer to the Heart’s Desire”

P.S.- Especially, if it’s got CFR stamped on it. Is it any wonder that they drum up one war after another?

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