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Reactions to the Oregon Standoff and the Shooting of LaVoy Finicum

LaVoy Finicum2- Oregon
Video of LaVoy Finicum Explaining His Position on the Federal Land Intrusions on His Arizona Ranch. Watch from 10:15 to 20:38.

The Oregon standoff at the Malheur Reserve has ended on very sour notes.  Arizona rancher, LaVoy Finicum, was shot to death by FBI agents. Two eyewitnesses claim he was surrendering with his hands in the air when he was shot.

The FBI claims he was reaching towards his pocket. Critics point out that he may well just have been trying to balance himself in the slippery, deep snow or was grabbing his side involuntarily after having already been shot.

LaVoy Finicum, Ryan Payne, Ryan Bundy, Shawna Cox and Victoria Sharp were on U.S. Highway 395 headed for the John Day Senior Center in John Day Oregon in Grant County about a 135 mile distance from the Malheur National Wildlife Preserve (approximately a 2 1/2 hour trip). They were scheduled to speak at the evening community center about the protest at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in adjoining Harney County at 6:00 p.m. They reached the roadblock at about 4:30 p.m.

Meanwhile, several hundred people had gathered at the John Day Senior Center, waiting in vain for “guest speakers” that would never arrive.

The occupiers were invited to the meeting by law enforcement.

As it turned out, it was a apparently a set up meant to isolate the group in a cell phone dead zone on a road that had been blocked off for 60 miles by law enforcement.

Silent Low-Res FBI Drone Video and Narration

If you take the time to watch the silent FBI drone video of the shooting (so you actually know what you are talking about if you form an opinion on this event), it appears that LaVoy was being hit in the left side before the fatal head shot. He was reaching down instinctively to the area of pain which any normal person would do.

After the shooting, rubber bullets found at the sanitized scene. The vehicle had been removed and relocated which according to Victoria Sharp testified was riddled with over 120 rounds.

I would suggest viewing the shooting video (separately) with the narration of what happened by the veterans running concurrently as the video is completely silent and poor resolution. The analysis of the video is from the viewpoint of trained combat veterans, including one who was a part of the State Department as an Army Liaison Officer of PsyOps etc.

Video Commentary Based on Expert Analysis

1. The agents at the first stop never cleared their vehicles. They maintained positions next to their vehicles and fired on Ryan Payne on the passenger side when he reached out with both hands empty to speak with them. Visible at 2:07 of the unedited video or 27:39 of the video markings (upper left corner of the video). At 29:32 an agent sets up in the snow to get a better shot at the passengers. He is quickly called back to the vehicle because they were still in pursuit mode and was needed to get back into the vehicle quickly.

Note: If it was a felony stop, they would have taken the tires out with fire, and forced the occupants out of the vehicle. Instead, they kept them in the vehicle with 4 weapons trained on the van occupants, not impeding the operation of the van in any way giving the driver no choice of exit but to press forward towards the ambush zone and crumple set up blockade.

2. At 34:47 of the video (or 9:14) the vehicles parked in the road arranged in “crumple zone” formation can be seen. Even if the vehicle was going 100 miles an hour it could not have gotten through the blockade because the two forward vehicles were arranged to take the bulk of the initial impact. Then, fold into the vehicle parked in the back.

There was a slope on the right so he had only one choice to go which was to the left. An agent then jumped in front of the vehicle and took stance and fired into the windshield. LaVoy instead of running over the agent to get around the blockade (which he could have done) swerved further into the snow to avoid the agent, stopping the van.

3. LaVoy exits the Van immediately after it stopped with his hands in the air (34:54 or 9:18 of the video). An agent emerges from the blockade and starts firing on LaVoy from the rear appearing to hit him in the side (35:00 or 9:28 on video).

There is no blood visible in the snow, so it is possible that shots were not from a lethal weapon (rubber bullets were found at the scene afterwards). LaVoy’s hands go to his side, likely as a response to the bullets hitting him in the left side.

Since the video was not clear and from a distance, there is no possible way to determine that he was attempting to draw a weapon. That is simply an assumption. The fact is evident however that he was being fired on from the rear and in a position that would have hit him on the left side of his body which is the location that his hands went to.

4. After LaVoy is turned, at 35:02 or 9:29, another agent emerges from the tree line and begins to fire on LaVoy from the rear. The weapon was strange looking but it drops LaVoy after the head shot. Still no blood in the snow, another oddity. LaVoy is motionless after the head shot.

5. The head shot agent moves to the left and begins to dismantle his weapon. By 35:14 or 10:02, he has no weapon in his hands.

6. Fire is then brought upon the vehicle from the tree line noted by flash fires and snow being kicked up. At 36:20 or 10:47 two bullet holes are notable in the windshield of the vehicle. One on the passenger side and one on the driver side.

7. At 38:55 snow is still being kicked up. LaVoy is motionless and mutiple lasers are trained on his head (6 or more) which continues until he leaves the video view.

8. At 14:08 of the YouTube, there is an sharp jerk in the video and 39:40 stays on the video for two seconds indicating an edit.

9. At 46:44 or 26:28, there is another sharp change in the daylight (darkening as it was twilight) when the agents are gathered around the body of LaVoy indicating another possible edit.

Eyewitness Audio of the Event

Shawna Cox’s eyewitness description of the event notes that when the van first stopped before they reached the “crumple” vehicle set-up road block, the first reaction to any of their actions was a shot fired. No warning, simply a shot fired. In short, the Feds fired upon the van without provocation.

She also noted that she believes LaVoy jumped out of the van to draw away fire from the van. Shawna also notes that laser light dots were all over every one of them. She said that hundreds of bullets were fired, even after LaVoy was down. You can see laser dots trained on Finicum’s head after he was felled. Shawna affirmed that LaVoy Finicum offered no threat or resistance during the event and was “killed in cold blood”.

When the bullets finally paused after Finicum was downed. They told the remaining passengers to send the men out first, then the woman. She guessed over twenty, well equipped shooters then came out from the woods. Obviously, they were not there by coincidence. After they asked the van passengers if anyone else was in the van and were told there were none, they then peppered the van with many more rounds.

LaVoy Finicum ShootingIf you watch the video, you can skip past the 1st nine minutes. The action described does not really begin until about that point since there is no audio. You can’t for example hear the first shots fired when the van stopped the first time.

In short, as noted by the radio interviewer set up person, one could liken this to a “canned hunt” except humans were the prey, not trophy animals.

Was LaVoy Finicum Armed?

According to Blaine Cooper, one of the occupants at the reserve, Finicum (who had been photographed wearing a holstered revolver) had left all of his weapons at the refuge before leaving for the meeting at John Day.

When they left to go over to the other county, all of them left their weapons behind. As far as Ammon wasn’t armed, LaVoy wasn’t armed, all of LaVoys weapons were at the refuge when he left.

This was also corroborated by Shawna Fox during a telephone interview.

Notes on the Video Analysts Observations

  • LaVoy could have run the blockade. He likely did not because he intentionally swerved to avoid hitting an agent.
  • LaVoy was possibly already hit and injured when he exited the van.
  • He exited the van unarmed.
  • He likely left the van, having several daughters of his own, to take fire away from the  female passengers.
  • The shooting was well-coordinated. The end intentional, possibly inevitable.
  • The video was edited at one point and dated a day after the shooting.
  • The fatal shooter removed something from his weapon after the shooting. Then, discarded the rest of the weapon.
  • Both shooters were FBI agents, not Oregon police.

What About Other Video’s or Audio?

All the FBI showed as evidence was a grainy, long distance, overhead shot from a drone. Why a drone view from a distance? This raises the question of other videos. In an operation with this level of public awareness, were there no other video cameras or audio? No dash cams or body cams/mics on the troopers or FBI agents? Highly unlikely if not impossible.

We know that Shawna Cox made a video from the van itself on her smart phone. What happened to Shawna Cox’s (one of two female passengers in Finicum’s pickup truck) video she made of the event on her smart phone? It was confiscated when she was arrested. Obviously, it would be useful in getting a first-hand look at the events that transpired.

There are other questions but these are a few that could stand some answers. After all, if it were the case that an unarmed man surrendering was shot, shouldn’t there be some prosecution of the perpetrator? Justice would demand so.

FBI Claims Transparency

Why is it that government is able do things that would get a normal citizen arrested without a thorough investigation or punishment levied? The media settles for a grainy overhead shot from such a distance that tactically omits the audio. No real substantial evidence is produced to counter eyewitness accounts. What about the truck itself? Like Kennedy’s shooting, it was taken away and has not been used in the examination of evidence.

As the New American pointed out:

In releasing the initial aerial video, Agent Bretzing said “we want to do what we can to lay out an honest and unfiltered view of what happened and how it happened.” He also said that in spite of the graphic details included in the video, “we feel that it is necessary to show the whole thing unedited in the interest of transparency.”

Is a drone shot video with NO audio really the best they can come up with in this age of technology? What happened to Shawna Cox’s smart phone video and other possible videos or audios of the shootings? Surely if a citizen was doing the shooting, they would exhaust all avenues of evidence to uncover the facts of the event. Yet the mainstream media, as they have done with other past events, simply accepts the government story without question based on partial evidence at best- a doctored drone shot with no audio.

Obama’s Response- 1.8 Million More Acres Grabbed

It may seem that the assumed takeover of a Federal Reserve could only end in this way. However, as noted by one of the observers in the video who had visited the site and spoke with LaVoy a few days before he was shot, it was not the takeover described by the media.

Federal Land Ownership Map
Federally Owned Land Marked in Red. Note Where It Is Concentrated.

The public could still visit this sanctuary. The ranchers were not immediately obvious and did not interfere with visitation. The ranchers were using this location intentionally as a means of bringing national attention to a growing problem, the Federal takeover through the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) of private property.

As pointed out in my previous post on the issue, the Federal government already owns over 28% of the public land. If you factor in State ownership it is over a third now. They have been exceeded the public parks and are continually grabbing more control over more land.

Obama, the Peace President, offered his take on the issue through his actions, not a statement. On February 12 of this year, about three weeks after the shooting. Obama signed an executive order which locked up 1.8 million acres of California land. This is yet another audacious executive action and unconstitutional usurpation of citizen freedoms.

Turns out that Obama has isolated more public land than any previous President, 2.85 million acres. He has used the Antiquities Act of 1906 twenty-two times. Exceeded in number only by FDR but not in area.

The latest order creates three new illegally generated monuments. One is the Mojave Trails National Monument (1.6 million acres). Another is the Sand to Snow National Monument (154,000 acres). The third is the Castle Mountains National Monument (21,000 acres).

Clinton Foundation Profited Millions from Uranium Deal in Wyoming?

Meanwhile, the Clinton Foundation were implicated in profits of millions from a deal involving the uranium bearing land in Wyoming. As noted by the New York Times, the deal involved a company called Uranium One which eventually through 3 separate deals between 2009 and 2013 gave control of the land over to a Russian company- Rosatom. The New York Times reported:

The sale gave the Russians control of one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States. Since uranium is considered a strategic asset, with implications for national security, the deal had to be approved by a committee composed of representatives from a number of United States government agencies. Among the agencies that eventually signed off was the State Department, then headed by Mr. Clinton’s wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Catch that? The sale was implicated in “donations” to the Clinton Foundation of millions. It ended up giving control of 1/5th of all uranium production capacity to the Russians! This rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper as you begin to see where the government is aiming its land grabs. It ain’t good for the American public. As noted, Hillary was Secretary of State at the time and was involved as one of the agencies signing off on the deal. Nothing like a little conflict of interest huh?

Climate Resiliency? A New Buzzword

Additionally, according to the Obama executive order, these new monuments will support “climate resiliency in the region”. Translated this means the newly “protected” areas will be off limits mining, mineral exploration, oil and gas drilling, grazing, timber harvest or even recreational uses such as camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, horseback riding and off-hand vehicle usage. As the title of the article on this new order reads: Monumental Audacity. And so it is. Read a full article on this new land grab and its implications here.

So, when will the Federal land grabbing stop by the BLM? When all of us own no private property perhaps? That may be the plan. See Agenda 21 for more details.

Obviously, as Obama’s latest land grab demonstrates, the Federal government isn’t in the process of ratcheting any of their efforts down to take more public land under their control. Almost two million more acres is their response.

So, the Federal Leviathan strengthens its grip. The courage of LaVoy Finicum should not go unnoticed.

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