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Bye Bye Obamacare?

By Terry | Constitutional

Obamacare ruled unconstitutional

The Department of Justice Attorney General Jeff Sessions Affirms that the DOJ Will No Longer Defend the Constitutionality of Obamacare


Didn’t the Supreme Court clear Obamacare as Constitutional because the Federal government (contrary to Obama’s lies about it when it was in the process of being voted upon) deemed it a tax.  And, after all, according to the Supreme Courts twisted interpretation of the taxation clauses in the Constitution, the Federal government can levy a tax on the citizens.

Wellllll… appears now that a coalition of 20 States have filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration alleging that Obamacare is unconstitutional.

How Can They Claim That?

Hmmmm… seems that one of the provisions of the Trump tax plan, already passed into law by Congress, eliminated the tax mandate that Obamacare levied. Huh? “Yeah well…so what?”, the lefties cry.

Well, the “so what” is, as noted above, the tax mandate is what the Supreme Court used to justify Obamacare as Constitutional. Now that it is gone……wellllll…..there ain’t nothing to make Obamacare Constitutional now.

Gee, Whoda Thunk?

Before Nancy, Chuck, Maxine et al Pitch a Hissy Fit

Expect the left to crank up its Moral Outrage Machine. Nancy, Chuckie and Pocohantos will cry over the number of children that will die because of Jeff Session’s opinion,

However, while it is rare for the Justice Department to stop defending a federal law, it is not unprecedented.

Uh, lefties……the Obama administration did it with the Defense of Marriage Act.

See the full letter of AG Jeff Sessions to Speaker Ryan at this page.

See the law suit here.

Looks like we will be getting fireworks on this one well before July 4th.

Should add to the on going entertainment from the left we all have been served with since Donald Trump took office.