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The Virginia Congressman Shooting- More Gun Control or Not?

By Terry | 2nd Amendment

The champion of leftist ideology, the New York Times, posted a headline pointed towards Republicans for wanting less gun control in the wake of the Bernie Sanders Democrat, radical leftist who targeted Republican Congressman at their Virginia baseball team practice. The shooter likely encouraged by the continuous negative narrative aimed at the Republican political agenda, even had a list of Republican Congressional Representatives that he obviously intended to fulfill.

More is Always Better

Knotted Gun Statue in Front of the UN Note Who It Targets. Citizens Not the Military

To the left when it comes to gun control more is always better. Perhaps that is because it supports the establishment and maintenance of their idyllic State dominated collectivist society. An ideology driven dream that requires fear based tyranny and a docile, unarmed populace dependent upon the State for its protection, as in the essentially disarmed populations of France and Britain.

On the Other Hand…

What the New York Times does not emphasize is the critical fact that if it were not for guns, the civilians at the ball field would have been slaughtered.

Had the armed Washington police not have fired back, the Republican politicians would have been little more than target practice for a disturbed leftist Democrat armed with a rifle.

In Paris during the 2015 mass murder terrorist attack, disarmed civilians were shot to death lying on the floor of the Bataclan theater while the attackers calmly reloaded when they ran out of ammunition.

Disarmed civilians with no resistance in sight are sitting ducks to armed, violent criminals and terrorists desiring to murder them.

Not so in Washington. There were guns (if only handguns against a rifle even) and they fired back!


This attack did not arise in a vacuum. The New York Times fails to own up to the fact that the left have been becoming increasingly more violent and turbulent in their Anti-Trump activities as the negative Trump narrative drones on.

The NY Times and many other left leaning publications like The Washington Post, fan the flames of radical leftists with continual denigrating, negative spin on anything the President or anyone associated with him does. Carefully ignoring anything that may be construed as positive I might add.

From Shakespeare plays depicting the stabbing assassination of a Trump-like character to Kathy Griffin’s severed head mockery to the Berkeley free speech, property destroying riots and a media promoting a disrespectful negativity towards the Trump and Republican conservative oriented agenda, radical leftists are becoming increasingly more violent towards any change away from their approved State as God agenda.

As Anne Coulter pointed out in her column- The Left Has One More Argument: Kill Them!, in the past year there have been at least 100 physical attacks on Trump supporters or those perceived to support him. The mainstream media has ignored coverage on all of them.

Coulter shows how bad it is getting in her column:

[quote]A few months ago, 38-year-old Justin Barkley shot and killed a UPS driver in a Walmart parking lot in Ithaca, New York, then ran over his body, because he thought he was killing Donald Trump. During his arraignment, Barkley told the judge: “I shot and killed Donald Trump purposely, intentionally, and very proudly.”[/quote]

The negative spin and downright lies that The New York Times and Post and other leftist media organs promote are simply serving to fan the flames of the so-called “resistance” which disturbed individuals, like this radical Democrat shooter can and likely are using to justify their violence.

Does the New York Times acknowledge their part in promoting this negative, violence endorsing viewpoint?


Instead, they are now essentially leaning towards more gun control as a solution as their headline implies. A solution which BTW has failed every time it has been applied in earnest. See Paris, Orlando, Sacramento, the City of Chicago and more for details.

Good Old Larry

As the comedic persona Larry the Cable guy puts it, “If guns kill people, then I’m gonna blame all them spelling errors on my pencil.”

The fact is disturbed people kill others, not their guns.

Guns need to be loaded, aimed and fired. They are inanimate objects that do nothing without the input of a conscious being. They do not fire themselves. The left pushing gun control, preach as if less guns would mean less crime. That does not compute when you take a look at the reality of mass shootings.

Carefully research the mass shootings. You will find with a little research that they always aim for “soft” disarmed targets, typically in stricter, gun controlled environments.

Criminals are cowards and well, lazy. They would much prefer the defenseless rather than the armed, who are willing to fire back to protect themselves and their loved ones.

The Left’s Gun Control Agenda

So what should you do with the leftist gun control meme. My suggestion would be to ignore it.

The left are brain washed to ignore the clear reality connecting disarmament as a preface to genocide. Or they simply care only for their end goal of a State dominated society. (Read Death by Gun Control: The Human Cost of Disarmament for details on the relationship to a disarmed populace and genocide.)

Our Besieged 2nd Amendment

I think Republicans calling for looser gun control laws are correct, at least according to the dictates of our Bill of Rights. A clear reading of our 2nd Amendment demonstrates that our framers believed that the right of gun ownership was not only “necessary to the security of a free state” but it was also a “right of the people” not the government which is why it “shall not be infringed.” It is a natural right owned by the people requiring them to arm and protect themselves and their loved ones. And may I add, a rather practical and useful one to boot- as the Virginia event demonstrated.

[quote]A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.[/quote]

Here I thought the Dems and left were Constitutionalists calling for Trump’s impeachment on his so-called disregard for our Constitution. Meanwhile, thanks to the de facto rewriting of our Constitution’s original intent, the 2nd amendment is probably the most transgressed right of the 10 defined in our Bill of Rights.

Pushing for more gun control in the light of the Washington shooting clearly demonstrates how little the left really care for the Constitution or know anything about it at all.

Nancy Pelosi, who is slipping in her intellectual capacities these days, even astonishingly attempted to blame the Republicans for what happened as did some other Democrats and media outlets, which demonstrates how daft and robotically predictable the left has become. The gun control issue is one of those predictably robotic responses the left can be counted on to provide for any media worthy event involving guns.

That’s why Communists like Lenin refer to these sort of supporters for the Marxist agenda as useful idiots. Ring the bell and the trained dogs salivate just as programmed.

The NY Times headline is yet another example of the hypocrisy of the left and why they should be ignored. They are simply serving as the useful idiots of those intent upon applying dominant control of the masses through an all-powerful State. Gun control, which is actually citizen disarmament, is one of their most useful and valued tools.

In our dangerous world, where armed violence is a very genuine threat, citizens need more arms not less. Being able to fire back, as the Virginia event demonstrates, clearly saves lives