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This is What Happens When We Let Obama Get Away with Creating Laws at the Stroke of a Pen

By Terry | American Decline

As I noted in my last post, Obama has no Constitutional authority to create laws at the stroke of a pen with his so-called “executive” orders. He has NO such authority granted to him under our rule of law, the document he took an oath to uphold and defend.

If we let the executive undermine our laws it sets a very dangerous precedent. A precedent that is followed by others in positions of influence that undermines our freedoms further.

Case in point: Attorney General of Pennsylvania Kathleen G. Kane who announced on July 11, 2013 that she will not defend Pa’s Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) based on the Equal Protection and Due Process Clauses of the United States Constitution.

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Now I know some people who believe in gay marriage will applaud her move. However, this is a short sighted point of view. You see, whether or not you defend gay marriage is NOT the point. This declaration on Kane’s part really has little to do with gay marriage if it is allowed to stand. What it really has to do with is the right of the people to govern themselves.

DOMA is a law of the Commonwealth of Pa. Kathleen Kane was elected by the citizens of the Commonwealth State of Pa. to uphold its laws and represent it in court, if necessary. She does NOT have the right to pick and choose the laws the State creates. Her job is to act as a defendant of them. That is what she collects public money to do. She is NOT a judge. She is NOT a jury. She is NOT even a legislator. She is lawyer paid by the people to represent the laws that they must also adhere to.

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She invites lawlessness. If an Attorney General (AG) can ignore whatever laws they choose to ignore or not enforce then what good is the system of law? It can disappear on the whims of the next AG.

For example, suppose you support Pro Death (AKA Pro Choice). However, an AG gets elected in your state and decides that he will not support Pro Death but instead will support Pro Life. Therefore, all agencies that are receiving funding under State law are now to be defunded.

Would that be acceptable to you? Would you simply ignore laws that have been previously constructed and passed in your state now because the AG decided it did not fit his personal agenda and belief system?

This is the kind of lawlessness that Kathleen Kane’s decree invites. Is this lawful or lawless?

[kc_heading_pac_16_headline_11 size=”25″ color=”#373737″ ]Dictatorship of the Elite?[/kc_heading_pac_16_headline_11]

To me it is the rule of the elite deciding for their subjects what is good and right for them, not the rule by law and representation. Are we becoming serfs and servants or do we still have Constitutionally affirmed liberties and rights?

Kathleen Kane, like Obama, invites a dictatorship of the elite. Is that what you want? Them to make decisions for you at their behest? That, you call freedom? Methinks not!

By the People. For the People?

By the People. For the People?

She is not doing her job. Is this what taxpayer money should support? She is paid by the state to work for them. This would be tantamount to a fireman whose job it is to put out fires arriving on the scene to find that the building on fire was a KKK meeting place.

The fireman and the crew decide that since they do not support the KKK, they will simply let it burn down. Fair? Is this what the public is paying the fireman for?

Suppose it were your house and you were a supporter of Ron Paul with a Ron Paul sign in your yard. However, they were supporters of Barack Obama. They decided that they could not in good conscience help a Ron Paul supporter and let your house burn down. Fair?

Well, why not, if we let the Kathleen Kane’s and Barack Obama’s of our nation get away with creating their own versions of the law as they decide?

If we allow these kinds of actions to prevail, this is what we have to look forward to, a dictatorship of the elite with us as their subjects.

Don’t know about you, but as a freedom seeking Constitutionalist, it sticks in my craw!

[kc_heading_pac_16_headline_11 size=”25″ color=”#373737″ ]What is to Be Done?[/kc_heading_pac_16_headline_11]

There is really only one solution. The people of Pa., if they value their freedom to rule themselves as sovereign free people on the land, should rise up and cast out Kathleen on her ear asap! Do your job or get fired is the message that needs to be sent here at both the state and federal levels!

Any other solution than to have her cast our or voluntarily resign is yet another intrusion on the people’s sovereign rights.

P.S.- I didn’t even mention my position on marriage which is that I believe government doesn’t even belong in the issue! Period! It is a personal community level issue, not one of the government. But hey, that is a whole other can of worms as they say. As it stands, Kathleen should be gone asap. After all, if someone chooses to do it their way and not follow the rules of the entity that hires them what usually happens?

And do you really want someone with a wishy washy commitment as your defender? See ya and don’t let the door hit ya in the……is the way I see it.