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Feb 20

The Free Trade Deception – Part Three – Building Blocks of the New World Order

By Terry | American Decline , Conspiracy Facts , Constitutional , Free Trade , New World Order , The Constitution , U.S. Sovereignty , UN Deception

free trade deception

In this part of the free trade series we discuss how these agreements are actually tied in to the New World Order spoken of by George W. Bush and other elite politicians, globally in fact. We are being railroaded agreement by agreement into a new world order or global governance under the UN.

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Feb 14

The Free Trade Deception- How They Are Being Used to Undermine Our Constitution- Part One

By Terry | American Decline , Constitutional , Government conspiracy , media deception , New World Order , The Constitution , U.S. Sovereignty , UN Deception

uite frankly the complacency with which Americans seem to accept everything they are told by people who have obviously already deceived them repeatedly (politicians and our government) is sometimes mind boggling to me. You would think by now, as lie after lie has been fed to us and uncovered, the knee jerk reaction would be […]

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Feb 12

Obama Budget Deceptions- Reality Before the State of the Union Deception (Uh, I mean Address)

By Terry | American Decline , Federal Reserve , Government Spending , Inflation , National Debt

bama’s White House is playing the fear and guilt cards when talking about raising the debt ceiling and warning about budget cuts. Tonight before his State of the Union Address, let’s check out the reality of his track record. After all actions do speak louder than words don’t they? (At least they used to anyway.) […]

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Feb 07

The Achilles Heel in Our Economic System- Part 3 What’s Next?

By Terry | American Decline , Government Spending , Inflation , National Debt , Personal Liberty

While nothing is completely predictable since life has many variables, we can see a pretty clear path to where things are leading based on what has been already been put on the plate. Alex Jones of and has been at this stuff for quite a while. He recently hosted a show with Pastor […]

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