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The Achilles Heel in Our Economic System- Part 3 What’s Next?

By Terry | American Decline

While nothing is completely predictable since life has many variables, we can see a pretty clear path to where things are leading based on what has been already been put on the plate. Alex Jones of and has been at this stuff for quite a while. He recently hosted a show with Pastor Lindsey Williams, a former pastor for the Alaska pipeline crews.

Lindsey has been in contact with what he calls elite insiders for decades. He has been predicting events based on the plans they have shared with him for quite a while as well. His predictions have been for the most part, pretty accurate. Not 100% but significantly more accurate than the flotsam the media feeds the American public.

I have personally profited by following Lindsey’s recommendations. So have many others. Recently, Pastor Williams spoke with Alex Jones which has been posted as a YouTube called The Next Four Years. You can listen to the interview below:

[vsw id=”dhxhFcH4u3A” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

If you don’t have time for the interview at present (highly recommended however) below is a scaled down summary of the information Lindsey presented focused on some of the core predictions. Give it a quick read and listen to the interview later. Then, do your own research. Make your own moves based on your findings.

However, for your own protection and the protection of your loved ones, please do not be complacent about this. Take some precautions starting today.

Based upon our economic system, our growing level of debt both domestically and globally, and the moves that major powers are making this is no tin foil hat joke to be taken lightly. Discard your normalcy bias. Make preparations as best you can. The end game of the controlling forces is proceeding as we speak. Their design is not a pleasant for most of us. You can count on that. Here is a brief written summary of the interview with Pastor Williams:

1. The controlling powers do not want an American collapse just yet. They want to sustain this economy as long as they can so that they can force debt creation to as many people and nations as possible. The continuation of our economy is key to that goal.

2. The middle class will be heavily taxed into oblivion. Obamacare has already been acknowledged to be a tax. Additionally, inflation in the form of escalating food and energy costs from debt and money creation will act as another factor acting as a hidden tax. Note: We are already seeing this in both of those sectors.

3. The dollar is scheduled to be phased out over the next 4 years meaning it will be collapsed and replaced. The dollar is already dead but like a dying dog has not yet made limped home to die in the yard.

Some signs of this:

Trade Agreements not using the dollar-

China and Russia, Brazil, Japan, Australia, India, Chile, Africa, United Arab Emirates
India and China and Japan
Russia and Iran

The largest bank in Africa, the Standard Bank of Africa told China it would handle any transaction they want handled not using American dollars for any country in Africa.

Trillions of dollars are floating around internationally ready to be dumped back here. This will trigger even more inflation. Timeline for them to work their way back into our economy: 6 to 9 months

4. Massive dependence is planned for the American public by the elite according to Pastor Willams source.

Currently, 38% of all Americans receive some form of payment from the government. Four years from now they want to have it up to 70%!

There is more which can hear in the interview posted above.

This is where things very well may be heading, particularly if we just sit on the tracks and do nothing. The main thing to understand is that none of this is accidental or through incompetence. These people are not stupid, just evil.

Get this please. Our freedoms have not been usurped by accident. Evil is almost always smarter than the average bear. This is being engineered not stumbled into.

What is more, it is all out there in plain view, if you choose to suspend your government and mainstream media programming and open your eyes.

I may continue with some suggested solutions not sure yet. Meanwhile, here are a few resources to consider to help you provide some protection for yourself in the event of a major downturn and potential collapse (Click on the images for the resources):