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Aug 10

The Illegal Children Immigrant Crisis- More Preparation for the New World Order?

By Terry | American Decline , Free Trade , Government Deception , Illegal Immigration , New World Order

The latest manipulation of the by the New World Order manipulators is illegal immigration taking the form of innocent children. Dig a little however and  you’ll find more than innocent children are at the heart of this engineered matter. No Resistance from the Mexican Government CNN showed a reporter of theirs crossing with illegals on […]

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Feb 27

Some Final Thoughts on the Guns and Ammo Article- Part 3

By Terry | 2nd Amendment , American Decline , anti God , anti religion , Bill of Rights , Central Banking Conspiracy , collectivism , Economic Collapse , Federal Reserve , Government Deception , Gun Control , National Debt , New World Order

Just a few random thoughts about the Guns and Ammo article and the response of the subscribers to the article. While I fully applaud and appreciate their response and pray for more of the same from informed citizens, it is only one issue. While it is an important issue and can reach far, it is […]

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Dec 02

Software Piracy is Theft, Plain and Simple…..Unless You Are From the Federal Government I Guess.

By Terry | American Decline , Government Spending , National Debt

Then, guess what? Someone else pays your fine of $50 million. That would be us….the tax paying public who is working for a living. According to a report from the site “In 2004 Apptricity signed a contract with the U.S. Army to license enterprise software that manages troop and supply movements. The deal allowed […]

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Nov 17

Illegal Immigrants Paid $4.2 Billion to Stay in U.S. Last Year with Bigger Tax Refunds than You.

By Terry | American Decline , Government Spending , Illegal Immigration , Socialism

A bombshell report released in October 2013 by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) fellow David North reveals that the Treasury sent a whopping $4.2 Billion in Additional Child Tax Credits (ACTC) to the families of illegal aliens in 2012. Reporter Bob Segall of WHTR-TV ran his first report on the scam on April 26, […]

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Nov 16

More Signs of Decline as Illegal Immigrants Line Up for More Freebies in New Jersey

By Terry | American Decline , economic decline , individualism , National Debt , Personal Liberty

Ancient empires like Rome and Greece fell into decline when certain factors grew. One of those factors, overlooked in our current day of course, was the growth of the welfare state. Fact is, when special classes are rewarded without work with special privileges the social fabric of the state or nation declines. Theft of the […]

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Oct 30

Fed Running Out of Options. Now Calling for More Debt Based Inflation

By Terry | American Decline , Central Banking Conspiracy , Federal Reserve , Government Spending , National Debt

When an economy is based on debt like every central banking based financial system on the planet, it has been shown to eventually fail. This is a historical precedent, not a prediction. It is not a statement of prejudice towards central banking and fiat currencies, it is a historical reality that has happened to every […]

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Oct 25

Is the Federal Reserve Really Federal or is it Privately Held?

By Terry | American Decline , Conspiracy Facts , Economic Collapse , Federal Reserve , Government Spending , Inflation , National Debt

Henry Ford on Banking

Hardly anyone knows what the Federal Reserve is really about. Most think they are a government entity. Fact is, they are not. They are a private cartel of international financiers who issue and control our money supply and interest rates. It costs all of us our earned income and savings through ever growing inflation.

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