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Dec 18

Texas Federal Judge Rules Obamacare Unconstitutional. Dems Promising “Tooth and Nail” Fight to Keep It.

By Terry | Constitutional , Government Deception , Obamacare , The Constitution

Obamacare ruled unconstitutional

Once the individual mandate was eliminated from Obamacare, it lost the Constitutional element in the Trump tax plan that the Supreme Court used to pass it- the ability of the Federal government to tax its citizens. Now, after a suit by 20 State Attorney General’s a Texas Federal Judge has ruled that it is unconstitutional. Is Obamacare now on the way out? The Supreme Court may determine that once again.

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Aug 20

Well, We’re All Just a Nation of Immigrants – Aren’t We?

By Terry | collectivism , Constitutional , Illegal Immigration

Statue of Liberty- Photo by tom coe on Unsplash

Have you ever gotten pasted with that progressive meme? “We Are a Nation of Immigrants.” That’s supposed to be their “game stopper”. It’s designed to be a canned quip that is supposed to shut up the xenophobic right wing conservative types- according to their myopic little dream world box of identity politics anyway. The problem […]

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Jun 21

Judicial Watch Uncovers a Hidden Bombshell in the IG Report Tying Obama to the Investigation

By Terry | Constitutional , Government conspiracy , Government Deception , Hillary Clinton

A critical cloud hanging over the Clinton and Trump investigations which has been given almost no coverage, is the question of just how aware Barack Obama was of what was going on? Was President Obama mixed up in these probes in any way or simply kept out of the loop while they were conducted without […]

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Jun 16

NJ Passes 6 Gun Control Laws That Hearken Back to Memories of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union

By Terry | 2nd Amendment , Constitutional , Gun Control

Gun Control

Democrats love to throw out the Nazi term or analogies when speaking about Donald Trump. Just recently they were comparing Donald Trump’s immigration stance to “concentration camps for kids” (Michael Steele- former GOP chairman). However, these are the same people who hypocritically turn a blind eye to the brown shirt actions of radical Marxist groups […]

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Jun 08

Bye Bye Obamacare?

By Terry | Constitutional , Obamacare , Personal Liberty

Obamacare ruled unconstitutional

The Department of Justice Attorney General Jeff Sessions Affirms that the DOJ Will No Longer Defend the Constitutionality of Obamacare Why? Didn’t the Supreme Court clear Obamacare as Constitutional because the Federal government (contrary to Obama’s lies about it when it was in the process of being voted upon) deemed it a tax.  And, after […]

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Mar 14

Trump Tax Plan Opens the Door to Get Rid of Obamacare? 20 States Already Think So

By Terry | Constitutional , free market , Government Monopoly , Obamacare , Personal Liberty

Do you remember how the Supreme Court defended Obamacare to keep it place? They claimed that it was legal because it was a tax (despite Obama’s insistence that it wasn’t). Therefore, since the Federal Government is permitted to impose taxes on the States, it was therefore a Constitutionally granted right of the Federal government to […]

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