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Obama Budget Deceptions- Reality Before the State of the Union Deception (Uh, I mean Address)

By Terry | American Decline

[dropcap color=”color-default” font=”georgia” style=”oblique” size=”scmgc-3em”]O[/dropcap]bama’s White House is playing the fear and guilt cards when talking about raising the debt ceiling and warning about budget cuts. Tonight before his State of the Union Address, let’s check out the reality of his track record. After all actions do speak louder than words don’t they? (At least they used to anyway.)

First of all the proposed cuts are a pittance compared to the overall budget- $85 Billion and a total of $1.2 Trillion from Federal deficits over 10 years. Oh please spare us the drama, $1.2 Trillion is a joke when we are averaging over $1 Trillion annually in the Federal budget deficit each year of the Obama Presidency so far.

Note in the following graph from USA Today based on the Office of Management and Budget figures how there has been a disconnect in the blue line income vs. the red line spending. This is classical Keynesian deficit spending economics in action:

Budget Deficit Chart

When Obama took office the national debt stood at $10.6 Trillion. One month past his first term the national debt now stands at $16.5 Trillion. That is an increase that exceeds the massive record deficits that “conservative” Bush generated of $4.899 Trillion for his entire 8 years in office. In short, Obama has managed to more than double the Bush deficit increases in only 4 years.

Additionally, when Obama took office, the Bush annual Federal deficit had reached a then record $455 Billion dollars. Obama has more than doubled that annually since he has been in office with deficits over $1 Trillion each year he has been in office.

So what does the White House say when the debt ceiling issue comes up? Well, they trot out the guilt card and the fear card so that the spending can continue until the bank is broken.

Here’s what the White House says will go if the budget cuts scheduled for March 1st take place:

Fear CardThere will be 2,100 fewer food inspections. (Unstated: Food inspections are already inadequate. Monopolies In meat packing have scaled production so large that they push meat so fast down the production chain making it impossible to monitor them effectively. Poor and middle class people are forced to buy the lowest quality meats to feed their families in this economy. Fewer food inspections hardly matter and 2,100 is not that great a number to begin with.)

Fear and Guilt CardSome 600,000 poor woman and children will no longer get free milk and cheese (Unstated:  How can something be “free” if cutting the budget eliminates it? It has not been free, the income earning public has been paying for it through taxation and inflation as the Federal Reserve increased the money supply artificially with the Mandrake Mechanism of producing money from nothing.)

Fear Card1,000 fewer criminals will be prosecuted– (Unstated: Obama wants yet another Federal amnesty for illegal aliens. That’s 11 or more million people. Count on more not less if history is any judge of how Federal amnesties go. The criminal element has been added to markedly through illegal aliens as well. Obama’s amnesty would make these criminals legal. MS13 is rejoicing.)

Of course, the elderly and kids are included in the mix since 70,000 kids will be kicked off Head Start and there will be 4 million fewer meals for old people.

When Obama came into office he rode in on a wave of Change We Can Believe In and promised to cut the deficit in half. After 4 years is this the change he was talking about- Doubled debt and deficits? Somehow I don’t think the public was expecting that.

Fortunately we are set up for the next 4 years:


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