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How the Left Has Redefined Science to Make It “Politically Correct” – Part One

By Terry | anti God , anti religion , atheism , theory of evolution

The left loves to rewrite and redefine. Terms that people accept as meaning one thing get twisted about through repetition and reinterpreted to mean in many cases the polar opposite of the commonly accepted meaning. It’s called political correctness. The problem is that the “correctness” part of it means- it fits their definition of what […]

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Illuminati, Myths versus Facts- The Difference Between the French Revolution and the American Revolution Were the Illuminati

By Terry | atheism , French Revolution , Illuminati

Many Americans believe that the American Revolution and the French Revolution were the same. They were not. They were driven by completely different ideologies. For example, the American Revolution was based on securing God-given rights and limiting the intrusion of government, Its result produced more liberty for the people. While there was blood shed, it […]

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The Public School Agenda – Indoctrination Not Education- Obama’s Transgender Decree

By Terry | anti Christian , anti God , atheism , Cultural Marxism

Obama issued a transgender decree to the public schools essentially ordering them to accept transgender choices for any bathroom they choose. Yet another example of how public schools have become an instrument of indoctrination rather than education which is an indication of why scores have been falling in math and science. Instead of placing emphasis […]

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Evolution is a Proven Fact- Oh Really?

By Terry | atheism

[dropcap color=”color-default” font=”georgia” style=”oblique” size=”scmgc-3em”]L[/dropcap]ook the propaganda level is massive on this statement. I realize that. Some atheists who embrace evolution with open arms are about the most militant and narrow minded group of opinionated people out there. However, is it true that evolution is really a proven fact? I say, after careful examination and […]

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