Illuminati, Myths versus Facts- The Difference Between the French Revolution and the American Revolution Were the Illuminati

By Terry | atheism

Jul 04

Many Americans believe that the American Revolution and the French Revolution were the same. They were not. They were driven by completely different ideologies.

For example, the American Revolution was based on securing God-given rights and limiting the intrusion of government, Its result produced more liberty for the people. While there was blood shed, it was not known as a barbaric war but rather one fought for the freedom of the people.

The French Revolution was driven by the Illuminati through their Jacobin Clubs and other influences. It was based on the majority rule of Democracy and atheism. Its result produced a tyranny that lasted for decades afterwards. The French Revolution was savagely brutal even after its victory. Many people were guillotined for months after the revolution ended.

In the video below- Art Thompson, author of To the Victor Go the Myths and Monuments outlines some of the differences and additionally points out which of the two revolutions serve as the basis for Communism.

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