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Feb 03

How the Left Has Redefined Science to Make It “Politically Correct” – Part Three

By Terry | Abortion , anti Christian , anti God , atheism , Cultural Marxism

Evolution of Man

March for Science or Rather a Specific World View? As mentioned in the part two, we will be looking at the unspoken reality behind the so-called “March for Science” to see what it’s real intent was. What we will find is that it’s real intent was not to promote science but actually the left’s world […]

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Jan 21

A Real-Life Comparison of Two Woman’s 2019 Marches- Pro-Life Versus Woman’s March

By Terry | Abortion , anti God , Donald Trump , Planned Parenthood

Pro-Life 2019 Confrontation

The way one sees the world is filtered through their beliefs about the world. Those beliefs, recognized as the person’s world view, determines how they respond to that world. That is, their actions, communications to others- verbal and written, their appearance and their behaviors. In January 2019, two largely woman centered marches happened closely together. […]

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Jan 29

Planned Parenthood President, Cecile Richards Proudly Resigns. What is She So Proud Of?

By Terry | Abortion , American Decline , Planned Parenthood

The Fortune Article is Titled: What You Need to Know About Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthoods Departing President. It really isn’t however so it seems…. Did Fortune really give us what we “need” to know? Or perhaps did they miss a few extremely pertinent facts that more accurately tell us what we need to know? Quite […]

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Jan 10

Hillary Clinton, Planned Parenthood – Abortion and Black Genocide

By Terry | Abortion , Hillary Clinton , Planned Parenthood

OK, does this woman have any pride? Really, Planned Parenthood? If you know anything about the largest abortion provider in the world, this speaks volumes about Hillary’s morality. This is the what Planned Parenthood had to say in their endorsement about Hillary. Planned Parenthood will make unprecedented primary endorsement of Hillary Clinton Washington Post- 1/7/16 […]

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