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Evolution is a Proven Fact- Oh Really?

By Terry | atheism

[dropcap color=”color-default” font=”georgia” style=”oblique” size=”scmgc-3em”]L[/dropcap]ook the propaganda level is massive on this statement. I realize that. Some atheists who embrace evolution with open arms are about the most militant and narrow minded group of opinionated people out there. However, is it true that evolution is really a proven fact?

I say, after careful examination and much research of evidence to the contrary, definitely NOT! In fact, there is little if any factual proof for evolution.

Kent Hovind, a former high school science teacher and bible believing Christian, is a favorite target of evolutionist and atheist attacks. Guess that is because after they run out of evidence (which happens rather quickly when it is questioned in depth) they are left with ad hominem attacks as their only means of defense.

In my studies, the thing that really clinches it for me is the evidence around the presence of DNA. Please watch the 7 minute video below for a brief synopsis of why DNA proves evolution false by Kent Hovind. This is not meant to be a statement of religion, although I unashamedly admit to believing in God, it is simply a presentation of the facts related to our DNA. And BTW, there is more to the DNA story than Kent presents that blows away evolution as a possible source of it, much more:

[vsw id=”3yNju1_-CMk” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Now, why do I bring up this topic in a site that has been largely focused on the political? Well, because behind the evolution story lies a political agenda- a very big one in fact. You see, if evolution can be used to replace God (which is what atheists claim it does) then we must rely upon human’s for our direction as to what is right and wrong not texts like the bible or the ten commandments. Christianity is based on falsehoods. The new religion becomes science and scientists become its priests. The State becomes the new God. The State becomes the supreme authority and human kind its subjects.


Sorry, but I don’t buy that or its sister, the theory of evolution. Just as socialism eventually demonstrates its failings, so does evolution. The fact is evolution is not a proven fact, it is a pack of lies littered with a history of hoaxes like peppered moths, Piltdown Man, Nebraska Man, Haeckel’s embryos and others. And behind this pack of hoaxes lies a political agenda with the intent of enslaving human kind under the thumb of the State.

Now, I’m not saying all evolutionists share in that agenda. Some must fervently believe in the fairy tale story of evolution. After all, what gets most of the funding for research but that which goes along with the accepted narrative of the theory of evolution, so it must be true right? Not! Money has its own agenda and as many of us already know, some of that agenda is to deceive the majority into becoming submissive to authority which they control.

Again, not all wealthy share in that agenda but the ones that do have to capacity to do much harm because they have much money and power. Think of the cartel that controls the Federal Reserve and you will begin to catch my drift.

Below are some books on DNA and evolution that will open your eyes to a whole new perspective on evolution and reality. Do your own research and make your own decisions about what is real and what is not. Otherwise, you will be a victim of dogma and tool of authority rather than a free and independent human being. I prefer freedom myself.