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Why Government Run Healthcare Won’t Work

By Terry | government growth , Government Monopoly , Government Spending

Single Payer Healthcare

Lefties and Dems ceaselessly cry for government run healthcare. They claim it is their “right” and therefore demand it with their carefully cultivated government entitlement mentality. Cultivated by an educational system that pushes government control from cradle to grave. Their main eye is on what they consider the prize they deserve- free healthcare. However, what […]

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Draining the Swamp- Trump Signs Executive Orders Aimed at the Federal Employee Sector

By Terry | Economic Collapse , government growth , Government Spending , State of the Union

A popular promise of Donald Trump at the end of his campaign was to “drain the swamp”. This promise resonated with the growing number of Americans who are paying attention to the Leviathan growth of government in the recent decades- $21.2 Trillion national debt and growing daily. The Government Leviathan As pointed out on Michael […]

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Reactions to the Oregon Standoff and the Shooting of LaVoy Finicum

By Terry | Federal Land Ownership , government growth , Government Monopoly , Personal Liberty , The Constitution

Clinton Foundation and Uranium

The Oregon standoff at the Malheur Reserve was terminated on January 26, 2016 when one of its primary figures, LaVoy Finicum, was shot to death by government agents. Perhaps reminding us of another stand-off in Texas, the Branch Davidian, Waco Seige engineered by Janet Reno. Arizona rancher, LaVoy Finicum, was shot to death by FBI […]

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Another Obama Lie About the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Revealed

By Terry | collectivism , Corporatism , Government Deception , government growth , Obamacare

When confronted, before it was approved, Obama told us that the ACA (aka Obamacare) was not a tax! In fact in an interview with George Stephanopoulos in September 2009, when he remarked “But your critics say it is a tax increase.” Obama responded with, “I absolutely reject that notion.” [youtube_advanced url=”” controls=”no” rel=”no” theme=”light”] On […]

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Whatever Happened to the Concept of Free Market Health Care?

By Terry | free market , Government Deception , government growth , Government Monopoly , Personal Liberty , Socialism

Recently on Quora the question was asked- Why Doesn’t the United States Provide Universal Healthcare Like Other Countries? One person who lives in Australia provided the following answer: “I’m in Australia, and while we are a lot better off than the USA – we DO have a free health care service – there is too […]

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Obama State of the Union Speech- Rhetoric vs. Reality

By Terry | Government Deception , government growth , Socialism , State of the Union , The Constitution , war

When I listen to politicians, most of the time I find myself getting irritated, edgy and sometimes downright angry. Obama’s 2014 State of the Union address was no exception. There were so many points of disagreement that I hardly know where to start. As pointed out by the New American magazine the dude is pushing […]

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