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A Current Example of How Fake News is Created- Deception by Omission

By Terry | 1st amendment is a Soros funded (Tides Foundations and Open Society) and leftist funded organization.  Soros funded $6.2 million to MoveOn in a 6 month period in 2003 alone.

Naturally, MoveOn heavily endorsed and supported Obama. MoveOn dispatched approximately a million volunteers to work on his 2008 campaign nationwide. All told MoveOn and its members contributed $58 million directly to the 2008 Obama campaign alone and raised another $30 million to other 2008 Democrat campaigns.

Of course, MoveOn is a natural enemy of Donald Trump, as is Soros and any of the organizations he helps to fund like Black Lives Matter and Resist Facism.

How Organizations Like MoveOn Create Fake News

The following clip being distributed by MoveOn is a quick illustration of how fake news is created. It is very instructive and clearly demonstrates how propaganda is created.

Listen carefully to what Donald Trump says at the beginning of his 44 second clip. Then, note how the Congressman transforms it by specifically placing words in Trumps mouth. Words Trump never issued:

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The Construction of the Straw Man

As you may know, a straw man is a false construction in an argument. It is labeled such because like a straw man, it is easy to knock over.

In the clip above, the fake news was the straw man created by the Congressman who lied about what Trump actually said when he led off with “The media is the enemy of the people.”

Fact is, Donald Trump never said that. Listen for yourself. It is even in the letter box of the clip below the video.

Trump specifically stated- “fake news“. He also never used the words media or even news by themselves. They were used in context with other words which like all context gives words their full meanings and intentions.

More significantly, MoveOn cut the Trump clip to eliminate what he followed this initial statement up with in his CPAC speech, which you can listen to in full with a little effort.

Specifically, Trump went on to further emphasize how the media purposely eliminated the word “fake” from his statement as follows:

[quote]“We are all fighting the fake news. It’s phony, fake. A few days ago I called the fake news media the enemy of the people, and they are… They’re very dishonest people.”

He then stressed that he was calling the “fake news” outlets the enemy, not the media in general. “So I’m not against the media. I’m not against the press. I don’t mind bad stories if I deserve them. I love good stories… But I am only against the fake news media or press. Fake. They have to leave that word,” he insisted.[/quote]

The follow up was purposely eliminated by MoveOn because it doesn’t fit their Anti-Trump narrative. This is propaganda in the making right before your eyes.

Done so poorly in fact that even a thinking child could see through it with a minimum of coaching.

Fake News- Deception by Omission Plus

This is what fake news really is. This is how they create it.

In addition to the direct substitution of the words spoken, we also have Deception by Omission. The remainder of the speech which contains the whole point of the first statement is eliminated. You never get the full context. You only are fed the part that MoveOn wants to use to discredit Donald Trump. Intentional deception by omission.

What a Set Up

The Congressman erects a fake news straw man. Then, the Congressman responds to the fake news as though it were real making him look like a hero of the people while posing Donald Trump as an enemy of the people. Lies and distortions. Truly propaganda designed as deception by the media, MoveOn and the Democratic Congressman- Jerry Nadler.

So, is the real enemy of the people- Donald Trump? I don’t think so.

This example simply provides us with more reasons to mistrust Soros funded organizations and Democratic Congressman like Nadler.

The Real Enemy

It’s true “fake news” (AKA propaganda) is the enemy of the people.

More accurately, it is the people who create the fake news who are the real enemies of the people like this Congressman Nadler and MoveOn- yet another organization funded by the atheist Communist sympathizer- George Soros.

However, the real enemy of the people are the ones who pose as a saviors like Georgie boy. Without the money of deceivers like Soros and his ilk, organizations like MoveOn would die on the vine.

Now, you know how fake news is created and why. Find and share your own examples.

Remember, when you shine a light on cockroaches they scatter. So please, above all- keep the light on them. Makes us all safer.