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Yeah Well- Hillary Won the Popular Vote Didn’t She?

By Terry | Donald Trump

The left, in their guide called “Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda, makes the claim that: “Donald Trump is the biggest popular vote loser in history to ever call himself President elect.”

Oh gee, after watching Hillary lose to someone who never held a political office despite outspending him massively with almost nothing but other peoples money while the Democrats lose all over the nation in Federal and State races, I suppose the losers have to come up with some way of saving face.

Let’s take a closer look at this face saving claim which is also designed to denigrate the winner of the election and target of their wrath.

Ever Heard of the Constitution?

Yeah, remember that thingy? The thing Obama and his cronies ignored for 8 years and now are suddenly grasping with fervor as they scramble to learn it to see if they can actually use to get rid of the dude that defeated them.

Well, according to the United States Constitution, the popular vote really doesn’t matter.

Like it or not, Presidents are elected by the electoral college NOT the popular vote. You see, according to the facts in our Constitutional Republic this is the way our system works.

Who Thunk That Stupid Idea Up?

The reason for that arrangement is that it encourages a representative government. Contrary to the leftist media promoted viewpoint, we are not a rule by majority nationm aka Democracy.

We are a Republican form of government as noted in Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution where it specifically states that the “The United States shall guarantee to every State in the Union a Republican form of Government”. No where is there mention of Democracy. ( Read the 10th Federalist paper in its entirety carefully for why that is.)

Republican forms of government are representative in nature. That is, they intend to represent all factions, NOT just the majority.

This is why the electoral college was constructed. It does not allow a concentration of populations in a minority segment of the nation to dominate the majority of the rest of the nation. It allows for those areas less populated but still important for our society to have a voice.

For example, according to census data 48 urban centers comprise over half of the U.S. population.

This means a candidate could simply cater to issues meeting only the needs of a minority of areas and interests while ignoring the rest of our nation and still win a Presidential election.

The electoral college set up makes a candidate address ALL of the nation in one way or another. This enables even less populated areas get to have a voice as well. It spreads representation.

Trump’s Message

Trump’s message resonated with a much larger and more diverse area of this nation than Hillary’s. That was reflected in the overall results of elections across the nation. The Democrats were spanked overall whether they choose to acknowledge it or not. Leftists in general lost many of the available seats and representatives. They were too wrapped up in their own message and still largely are which is why they still aren’t getting it.

Too bad, reflect on why you lost all over this nation and stop whining. If you do, you may grow from the result instead of continuing to shrink and lose ground.

From the electoral point of view however, it is end of story. Donald Trump is legitimately our next President. Let’s press on a bit however.

The Numbers- A Good Way to Gauge?

If you simply go with the numbers, is this the best way to produce a winner or gauge a victory? Apart from the fact that it ignores the needs of a diverse body of people as noted above, sheer numbers do not reflect an accurate measurement.

To claim that Trump was the largest loser of the popular vote is not a useful barometer of results. Popular vote is relative to when it was cast based on the population at the time it was cast.

Totals change as population sizes have changed. Consequently, sheer numbers will change as well. A more accurate measurement of a candidate is by percentage of the popular vote.

A candidate’s popularity reflects the percentage of citizen votes cast for or against a choice of candidates not simply the sheer numbers.

The percentage of the voting public who supported the candidate is a more accurate gauge of the candidates popularity at the time of the race.

By that standard, both John Quincy Adams and Rutherford Hayes won the Presidency while having larger loss margins than Donald Trump.

John Quincy Adams (son of John Adams) lost the popular vote by a margin of 10.2%

Rutherford Hayes by a margin of 3%. The turnout during the Hayes election was 82.6% of eligible voters compared to 58.6% of eligible voters for the Trump-Clinton race.

Trump’s percentage of loss of the popular vote was 2.1% placing him third on the list.

Slick Willy and the Popular Vote?

Woodrow Wilson only received 41.9% of the popular vote but gave us the Federal Reserve as a lasting gift of ongoing debt and our welfare/welfare state.

Bill Clinton only received 42.9% of the popular vote. Don’t hear any mention of that from the leftists. Course, they also ignored the fact that we would have had a known sexual predator as First Man had Hillary have won as well.

With all of the unhappy, pouting, foot stomping left to claim that Trump’s victory was by the worst margin of any candidate in history is simply an exercise in cherry picking to not only save face but cover their own percentage popular vote losers as well it seems.

Let’s take another point of view just as interesting however.

Bang for the Buck and Political Experience

Trump far under spent Hillary. He also had more “skin in the game” which is to say he put more of his own money in the game. Far more!

Hillary spent over $769 million of which less than $1.5 million of it was her own (about .26%) Most of Hillary’s money was other people’s money.

Trump spent a little over $403 million, including $66 million of his own money or about 17% of the total funds spent on his campaign.

In other words, Trump spent about half of what Hillary spent which included $66 million of his own money, while over 99% of Hillary’s money came from vested interests. Yet, she still lost the election.

Had she have won, she would obviously have owed a lot of people favors. We all know how that game plays out as we quickly approach an acknowledged debt level of $20 Trillion. It’s called rule by a minority for the ultimate benefit of a minority.

Trump was placed in office with little baggage of debt service instead. The minority formerly ruling doesn’t like that. Can’t you tell?


  • For a non-politician with no mainstream media backing
  • No long term political connections and machine behind him
  • No campaign experience
  • No leftist funding hiring thugs to intentionally disrupt his campaign
  • A sliver of backing from experts who predicted Trump doom all the way
  • NO path to 280 of course

To win, anyway.

Welllll now……that ain’t bad. In fact, if anything it is a downright embarrassment to the left and Hillary. But they still ain’t getting it.

Even without bringing voter fraud into it, Hillary should have won. She didn’t. It left Corporate controlled media and the “owners” in semi-shock. How did this happen? What can we do about it?

So, instead of reflecting on where they went wrong, what do the losers do?

Well, after providing a few hot chocolates, crayons and tissues to the emotionally distraught babies of their ilk. Then, calming the savaged nerves of their cadres who have grown up being supplied their opinions by the mainstream media and those in authority like their teachers, they went into angry attack mode.

The Soros funded left now intend to earn their pay.

Gravy train politicians stung by the prospects of actually having to meet the needs of constituents and our nation are not taking this laying down. It will likely get worse when things really get underway.

How to Respond

People who support the movement towards repair of a nation ravaged by Marxist inspired socialist solutions of welfare and warfare need to hold to their guns and stay focused.

Ignore the paid protesters and their useful idiots who are conditioned to respond for free while illusioning they are saving us.

We have a nation being steered by the hard core left towards what we see happening in the EU today which isn’t a pretty sight.

We don’t need it and quite frankly, most mature and sensible people, don’t want it.

We need to stay focused and support the moves being made by the Trump administration. This may be our last opportunity to recover many decades of destructive and costly policies inspired by Marxist idealism which are designed to undermine our nation and its remaining liberties.

Let the left wallow in their own trail of tears. There is too much work to be done to repair their damage.

And if they continue to do more of what we saw in Berkeley?

Well then it’s time to deliver on the “law and order” promise- quickly and effectively- and refuse leftism. We’ll give them their crayons later on in jail to make up for it.