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The So Called Evidence from the Intelligence Community – Looks Like Fake News

By Terry | Donald Trump

When asked by Democrat Senator, Claire McCaskill, about who benefits “from a President elect trashing the intelligence community, James R. Clapper, retired Air Force General, current Director of National Intelligence, responded with:

“I think there is an important distinction here between healthy skepticism,” Clapper said, “…I think there’s a difference between skepticism and disparagement.”

Of course, McCaskill responded that: “There should be howls.” (about the cyber attacks) Adding that “if the roles were reversed, there would be howls from the Republican side.”

A bit disingenuous in light of the fact that without full confirmation of evidence there has already been punitive steps taken against Russia by Obama such as ejecting its diplomats.
Naturally, politicians are quick to defend our intelligence agencies defining them as great protectorates and patriots keeping as all safe.

Skepticism of Intelligence Agencies is Deserved

Again, a bit disingenuous after the NSA disclosures of agency snooping directed against U.S. citizens. These same people who support the single bullet theory of the JFK assassination, a patent absurdity after one takes a closer look at the events, particularly the Zapruder film.

Good Reasons to Be Skeptical

They intelligence agencies also claimed that RFK was shot by Sirhan Sirhan. Unfortunately, the LA Coroner, Dr. Thomas T. Noguchi who performed the autopsy on RFK less than 24 hours after his death found that the fatal shot was delivered from a .22 caliber gun only about 3 inches from his right ear from behind Kennedy. Sirhan Sirhan was never behind RFK when the shots were delivered. That revelation was quickly squelched and Noguchi quickly vilified.

It seems like the more you dig into the claims of the intelligence community, the less evidence you find to actually support them. And these are the great patriots and protectors of the people? Seems more like cover up artists in some critical assassinations and events for the real killers to me. (Read New World Order Assassins for $5, a Kindle Book available on Amazon, for more details )

The Intelligence Communities “Evidence”

A 13 page non-classified report was released to cover the evidence. One of the first claims was this:

“We also assess Putin and the Russian Government aspired to help President elect Trump’s election when possible by discrediting Secretary Clinton and publicly contrasting her unfavorably to him.”

Uh, excuse me but one could reverse the names in this statement and make quite a convincing case for the majority of the media’s coverage of the 2016 election favoring Clinton over Trump. To me it sounds like a capsule summary of the 2016 election but with the names in the wrong places.

BTW, anyone investigating the media’s bias and avoidance of the facts revealed by the Wiki Leaks emails etc.?


No one has denied the evidence that Hillary and the DNC were involved in stirring up demonstrations at Trump rallies causing public disturbances and even injury. I guess if it was done by our people then activities like that are legal in the eyes of the enforcement and intelligence community. No investigation necessary.

If it was allegedly done by another nation, even if the information released were true and constituted illegal activities, then it is worthy of investigation and despicable. I mean, how dare they tell the voting public the truth about a candidate BEFORE the election. Truly an injustice right?

The So-Called Hard Evidence

An interesting article was posted by David Spring, M.Ed. a retired college instructor from Seattle who specializes in website design and security on his website Turning Point News.

David did the time consuming work of tracking down the “evidence” provided by the intelligence community. There was no evidence in the recent 13 page intelligence report but Obama issued a press release using the DHS-FBI report to justify increasing sanctions against Russia.

The press release stated that the “indicators” of the Russian hacking were found in the CSV and XML file attached to the pdf. No pdf was attached to the press release but after some digging Mr. Spring found the two CSV and pdf files and provides the link to them.

After some technical work, David was able to download the CSV file into an Excel spreadsheet.

What David Spring discovered was a list of 895 “indicators” of Russian hacking- basically IP addresses.

It was essentially a list of 895 servers from 40 countries world wide.

What his review determined was that “none of these domain names have any relationship to Russian government hackers”

He additionally discovered that:

“Next, the CSV file provided by DHS-FBI listed the physical location of all 885 IP addresses. What is most ironic is that, only two of the 885 IP addresses were from servers in Russia. The most common location of the hacking servers was the United States.”

Two out of 885 addresses? China, was listed with 30 servers btw but Spring also noted that the NSA has the ability to use satellite mirrors to hide the location of their servers “making folks believe that the attacks are coming from China (or Ukraine of Mongolia) when in fact they are coming from servers in the U.S.”

Highly unconvincing evidence to say the least. For the full article and the links to the reports as well as screen shots of some of the CSV files go here.

Once Again Hype Triumphs Over Truth

As I previously posted, this whole hype over the Russian hackings is nothing more than a means of saving face over the spanking that the Democrats and Hillary received in the recent election.
They lost admirably at both the State and Federal levels along with the defeat of Hillary, at record levels in some cases such as the State Representative level. It was an embarrassing rejection of their leftist message. Fact is, people are getting sick and tired of the socialist nature of our government policy and the socialists don’t like it.

So they are trying to convince a public who essentially rejected them that acceptance of their candidate is the equivalence of accepting the Communists who backed him.
Laughable, and in light of the so-called “evidence” even more so.


In the end, I think all of these attempts to denigrate Trump will back fire on them. The public already rejected them and with the fake news nature of this evidence they are losing credibility fast.

I also think it will “steel” the intent to begin to dismantle the leftist or more accurately described as Marxist policies of Obama and his ilk. Instead of blocking these efforts, it may be more like throwing gasoline on a bonfire pile of logs and ignite the intended changes into a raging fire.

For our nation’s and young people’s sake, I hope that it does.