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Paul Manafort Now Ready to Compose on Donald Trump to Save His Own Skin

By Terry | Deception by Omission

Manafort Worried

Is Paul Manafort Now Flipping on Trump to Save His Skin? Manafort Had a Choice to Comply or Compose. Looks Like It Is Compose!

The liars on the left are probably ecstatic over this. Manafort will say anything rather than face an absurdly ridiculous sentence which essentially amounts to life. Wouldn’t you? Really, facing life for doing what he did is nothing more than legalized criminality.

The real criminals here are Mueller and his carefully selected Anti-Trump crew. If there were real justice, he would not be permitted to get away with this embarrassing travesty the leftists in Congress are posing as an “investigation”.

What’s Really Going On Here

Mueller is desperate to get anything to pin on Trump and being allowed to do anything to get it as more evidence is being unveiled daily that implicates him in the collusion to “get” Mueller WorriedDonald Trump on anything to get him out of office. That way, their continued enslavement of the American people under the thumb of an oppressive government can continue.

This is now no longer just about Trump however. It is about Mueller saving his own skin as the Strzok and Page texts are now pointing in his and his buds direction. They are getting antsy and probably squeezed Manafort with promises of being able to conduct his life normally as a trade for his “new” testimony. Surprised it hasn’t been sooner frankly.


Sessions is a spineless wimp who obviously is NOT in Donald Trump’s camp, nor helping the people who elected Donald Trump to his office. We want justice, not this embarrassment of a justice system that allows criminals like Hillary and the Mueller crew go untouched while they make a joke out of real justice. Anyone with half a brain who isn’t infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome can see through this stuff like a pane of clean, clear glass.

Obviously Donald Trump will get no help from the feckless Sessions, who is happy to leave Donald twisting in the wind while Mueller destroys the lives of anyone he can get anything on connected to Trump in any way.

The President should respond to this move by Manafort by immediately declassifying the FISA reports and the other documents the investigating Congressional committee has requested.

The criminal information filed against Manafort on Friday makes a pardon even more unpalatable and unjustified, experts told me, as it lays out Manafort’s crimes in extraordinary detail.


Trump’s lawyers, however, are downplaying its significance: “Once again, an investigation has concluded with a plea having nothing to do with President Trump or the Trump campaign,” Rudy Giuliani said in a statement. “The reason: the President did nothing wrong and Paul Manafort will tell the truth.”

This could be like Feinstein’s allegations against Judge Kavanaugh, a last ditch effort to “get Trump” and save their own skins in the process. Frankly, they are probably as motivated as Manafort is, but hey, “Don’t let them see you sweat” as the saying goes.

Turn the Tables

Personally, I am sick of seeing these people proffer lies and get away with criminality while the public watches, many of us knowing exactly what is going on.

Come on Donald help your own cause and your supporters! Get active on this and use the power you were given by the voters- now.

Forget Sessions. Dump him after the election or sooner.

But for the people, stop the tweets and initiate action on this now! Turn the tables on these mother you know what’s- now!