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A Real-Life Comparison of Two Woman’s 2019 Marches- Pro-Life Versus Woman’s March

By Terry | Abortion

Pro-Life 2019 Confrontation

The way one sees the world is filtered through their beliefs about the world. Those beliefs, recognized as the person’s world view, determines how they respond to that world. That is, their actions, communications to others- verbal and written, their appearance and their behaviors.

In January 2019, two largely woman centered marches happened closely together. This is a good way to put our finger on the pulse of our nation’s world view measuring its beat.

Two Woman’s Issue Marches

One march was the annual Pro-Life March which began in 1974 in response to the Roe v. Wade decision. The Pro-Life March has always been peaceful and attracts quite a few of our younger generation. The media estimated that over half of its participants were under age 30 in 2016.

Womans March 2019

Did She Just Grab My Crotch?

The other march is the Woman’s March which arose after Donald Trump was elected President. The Woman’s March is decidedly more edgy since its driving issue is abortion and  a hatred of Donald Trump. In contrast to the Pro-Life March, the Woman’s March group is pro-choice (which is the euphemism for pro-death).

In the video below there are 3 segments:

  1. Pro-Life March crowd scene after the speeches (about 10 minutes in length)
  2. Pro-Life March biblical protester inviting responses to his contrary stances and objections (about 8 minutes in length)
  3. Pro-Woman’s March protester inviting responses to his contrary stances and objections (about 8 minutes in length)

Segment 1. Provides a general sense of the Pro-Life crowd and signage of the marchers.

This segment is not earth shaking. It is provided to give a sense of the kind of people who attended- their general attitudes, signage and appearance. If you feel you have a sense of  who these people are at any point, you can fast forward to the first slide break which introduces you to the next segment at about the 10 minute mark.

Segment 2. Provides a sense of the Pro-Life marchers response to a confrontational contrary view point.

This segment is a bit more interesting because it gives you an opportunity to see how this group of people respond to aggression from a contrarian. The person acting as the aggressor confronts Catholics in this march with biblically based protests of Catholic idolatry practices and priest molestation. Not pleasant issues for Catholics to be faced with at this march.

This will give you, the viewer, an opportunity to see how these people respond to aggression aimed at them, sometimes eye to eye and nose to nose. This, I believe, provides us with a good test of this group’s true temperament.

Segment 3. Provides a sense of the Woman’s Marchers response to a confrontational contrary view point.

This segment shows the nature of the marchers which can be seen through their signage, language, appearance and response to adverse opinions. This segment will be the most interesting of all. You will likely not want to speed through it.

Warning: The language and signage is raw and unedited. There are lewd actions and even a case of public sexual abuse. (Yeah, not making it up.) To be honest, I found myself laughing out loud at points. Quite entertaining I found.

Pay particular attention to their evidence as to why Donald Trump (whom they obviously abhor) is the way they say he is.

Also note the generally radical difference between the groups in appearance and well….intelligence. Not sure some of these people have all of their oars in the water.


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World Views Make the Difference

The differences between the each group’s world views are clear. The Woman’s March supports a culture of death in that they believe an unborn babies life is up to the woman- period, end of discussion. The orientation is on the self as the supreme judge and jury. A woman’s right is what is to be respected first and foremost- the unborn baby (or foetus/fetus meaning “little one” in Latin actually) has no rights in the matter.

The Pro-Life group supports respect for life – especially the defenseless unborn. The orientation is on God as the supreme judge and jury and fights for respect of all life.

White the Pro-Life group is generally supportive of President Trump. It quickly becomes clear that the Woman’s March participants hate him vehemently and use the “Pxxxy grabbing” tape as their justification for him being an abuser of woman.

I think the differences in segments between the two groups pretty much speak for themselves.

Give it a look and make your own mind up. Let me know what you think if you wish in the comments section below remaining civil and level headed of course.