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The Development of the Deep State – Part 1

By Terry | Conspiracy Facts

Hammer and Sickle Flag

All this talk about the deep state these days makes it seem like a recent discovery. The fact is a deep state has been developing in this nation for quite a few decades now. Much longer than anyone might suspect.

The 1983 video, the subversion factor, shown in this post covers facts related to the infiltration of our nation’s government by Marxist espionage agents. While that may sound conspiratorial to some, the events which took place that confirm this position appear along with names, dates, and photographs, or film clips.

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The Enemy Within

A few issues covered in the video include the following:

  • The set up of the Communist party took place in 1919 in the U.S., two years after the Bolshevik Revolution
  • During the FDR administration, agents of the Soviet Union infiltrated his administration, which accounts for his favorable attitude towards “Uncle Joe” or Josef Stalin.
  • People like Harry Hopkins, advisor to FDR, passed materials and secrets, revealing the construction of the atomic bomb to the Soviets through the Lend-Lease program. Major Racey Jordan, who administered the program, wrote about this in his book “From Major Jordan’s Diaries.” He also testified the same in Congress in 1949.
  • The facts and events regarding Alger Hiss, a primary architect of the UN, convicted as a Soviet spy in 1950. 
  • The truth about Joe McCarthy, smeared by the left, who knew he was putting his reputation on the line when he began to investigate the Soviet infiltration. The term McCarthyism, coined afterward to mean political hysteria, is just another means of shifting focus away from the exposure of public investigation. In truth, McCarthy was never attacked on the facts of his accusations but rather on his methods and style.

If you are sincerely interested in learning about how the deep state developed, part one of subversion tactics will tell you more than you ever expected.

In part two of this series, G. Edward Griffin will cover the tactics Communist agents used to shut down attacks on their covert infiltration through students and moles in government. These events and tactics led to what we see today in our political system, universities, and media euphemistically called “the deep state.”

It is far deeper than you can even imagine.