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Undercover Video By Project Veritas Reveals Deep State Communists Working in Federal Government

By Terry | Deception by Omission

Nataraj Subramanian- DSA Operative in the GAO

Yes, that is correct- Communists. And no, I am not related to Joe McCarthy and neither is Project Veritas. We’re both just relating facts not theories. In fact, in this undercover video by Project Veritas, an auditor for the GAO, Natarajan Subramanian, not only brags about membership of Democratic Socialists in the U.S. Government, but openly admits he is a Communist.

Background on the GAO- Follow the Dots

If you want to get to the Project Veritas video- skip this section and come back to it later for more background.

Please be patient but follow the dots in the next segment. You will see how all of this ultimately ties in to the banking cartel which is pushing the New World Order of a one worldProject Veritas- Deep State Unmasked government. Follow all the links for the corroborating details if you think this is made up stuff. It ain’t.

I connect these dots primarily to show that these deep state activists are representing a much deeper agenda which ultimately has the enslavement of humanity as their intended goal. Even if they themselves are unaware of it, these deep state operatives are pawns or useful idiots of the ultra-rich who are pulling all the strings behind the scenes to take down our nation and establish their agenda of tyranny.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) “investigates how the federal government spends taxpayer dollars“- as stated on their website. To their credit, their reports have stated that our nation is on an unsustainable path which translated into layman’s terms means a path towards economic collapse. The current head of the GAO, the Comptroller of the United States- Gene L Dodaro, was appointed to a 15 year term during the Obama administration. Nominated by Obama in September of 2010. He was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on 12/22/2010 about 3 months later.

His predecessor, David M. Walker, left the GAO after his 15 year term and went to work as CEO for the Peter G. Peterson Foundation. The Peterson Foundation supported NAFTA and opposed Trump’s changes to NAFTA in 2017. NAFTA btw trades our sovereignty over trade and other issues to the United Nations which was formed largely by the CFR during and after WWII.

Anyway, David Walker left the Peterson Foundation to establish an organization called Comeback America. It was funded by Peterson Foundation money which only lasted a short time before Walker closed it.

Peterson, former Secretary of Commerce under Nixon, co-founded The Blackstone Group with Stephen A. Schwarzman (net worth estimated at $14.6 Billion and member of the Council on Foreign Relations- CFR) with whom he had worked at Lehman Brothers Kuhn, Loeb, Inc. both directly related to the Federal Reserve banking cartel as is the CFR. Blackstone is considered the largest alternative investment firm in the world. Alternative meaning other than stock, bonds and cash. In common parlance, they gamble on derivatives and other high risk, high return investments.

Lehman Brothers folded up in 2008, a casualty of the subprime mortgage market collapse thanks to its gambling on poorly underwritten assets. At the time Lehman was the 4th largest investment bank. It’s failure led to the “too big to fail” classification protecting big banks with public debt money generated by the Federal Reserve.

Kuhn, Loeb & Co. was founded back in 1867. It was part of the Rothschild universe and was highly instrumental in the founding of the Federal Reserve through Paul Warburg. Warburg was considered the primary architect of our current Federal Reserve System. He imported his ideas for the Federal Reserve directly from the central banking system developed by the Rothschilds. See the book The Creature from the Federal Reserve by G. Edward Griffin for the full details on the founding of the Federal Reserve and Warburg’s role in it.

As an aside, Paul Warburg was the model upon which the character, Daddy Warbucks, was based in the Annie film and former comic strip. It was a PR move to make him look like a humanist.

Next, a little background on the Democratic Socialist of America (DSA) as this is important for understanding the meaning of this term which appears repeatedly in the video.

Democratic Socialists of America – DSA

To lend some context to the DSA, Ocasio Cortez is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). Bernie Sanders, an admitted socialist who lived on a Communist kibbutz in Israel after his college years, was their pet Presidential candidate and heavily endorsed by them. As my previous post on DSA reveals, they are Marxist based socialists which you can discover for yourself by visiting their blog for which links and excerpts are included in the post.

But why take my word for it? Listen to Natarajan, a DSA employee, in the undercover video below:

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Excerpts From the Video

The person in this undercover video, Natarajan Subramanian, works as an auditor for the Government Accountability Office (GAO). He freely admits that he is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) Here’s some excerpts from what surfaced during the video:

  • He pushes the DSA socialist agenda during his work hours: “No one knows I spent six hours yesterday doing social media for DSA.”
  • One of his friends who works for the DOD with a top secret clearance is a DSA member. He works on war planning for Syria.
  • There are many members of the DSA working in government
  • There are numerous Communists in DSA and he is one of them: “We have a bunch of just like communists, like no prefix, and that’s basically me. We have some folks who are Trotsykists or Leninists”
  • On his DSA membership: “…it’s a socialist organization and we want to destroy capitalists.”
  • Resistance Against Administration’s Agenda: “If you’re in an Executive Branch agency, you can slow ball things to a degree… maybe you get fired or resign or whatever, but you slowed [Trump’s agenda] down.”
  • On his work ethics:  “I break rules every day… at any point I can get fired.”
  • On his dedication to his work: “Do I care more about having this job, or do I care more about the [DSA] movement, and I was like… obviously the movement.”

There’s more in the video above. Clearly there is a deep state resisting Donald Trump from within government. Clearly there are flat-out Communists in it as this employee reveals.

Conspiracy Facts, NOT Theory

I and others who are awake have been talking about the conspiracy from within our government for years. Many people, including some of my own children, write us off as “conspiracy theorists” or throwbacks to Joe McCarthy. However, as the video above plainly shows- conspiracy is not a theory. It is a fact.

Most of the public walks around dismissing facts as theories because that is what they have been conditioned by the conspirators through our “experts” in the media to do. Time to wake up and smell reality. There is and has been a larger cadre of people who have infiltrated our bloated government employee base who are actively undermining our Constitutional Republic (not Democracy- another conspiratorial term not supported by any founding document nor the framers) from within.

You can either stop playing the useful idiot and wake up to it or be subject to its intended tyrannical impact- as we already are in fact.

Anti-Trump Agenda

Donald Trump is attempting to reverse the deep state Communist agenda. He is being fought on every front from both within and without. Why? Because they have made massive inroads for many decades to reverse the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitutional Republic and Bill of Rights.

They don’t want freedom. They want the tyranny of the State over you and I. That means they need to dramatically alter and/or replace our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

They have made a lot of progress over the past century and on back. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights have been shredded bit by bit. Donald Trump is shining the light on the cockroaches and they are livid. They are out to get him any possible way they can.

Many Democrats and some Republicans are part of this movement to make the State your mommy and daddy under which your freedoms are given to you (and can just as easily be withdrawn) by the State. This is how Communism plays out in reality.

As For Nataraj Subramanian

Project Veritas attorney, Ben Barr, filed a complaint on this employee (Subramanian) with the GAO on 9/20/18 after the release of this undercover video.

That same day project Veritas followed up with an inquiry. Chuck Young, the Managing Director of Public Affairs for GAO issued this statement back to Project Veritas regarding the employment status of Natarajan Subramanian:

…we cannot comment on his personnel status due to privacy laws. But he has been removed from any ongoing GAO work and cut off from access to GAO equipment. We have a rigorous quality control process with many reviewers that prevents one person from biasing our final reports. But we will also examine his work product as part of our investigation.

Interview With Mike Pompeo- Secretary of State

Laura Ingraham interviewed, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who responded to questions about the findings of the first report in this series (There have been three so far with more to come.) which showed an official at the Department of State who said “Resist everything. Every level. F*** sh*t up.”

Pompeo: “Rest assured we’re aware of it and we’re taking a looking at it…”

Ingraham: “If they’re going to be working against the administration they should go probably find another job?”

Pompeo: “Absolutely. If this is a mission on which you can’t sign up for it’s time to go do something else with your time.”

It is clear that there is a mission to derail everything Donald Trump is attempting to do. Either sit back and do nothing or become subjects of the State. That’s where all of this is headed. Are you comfortable with government enslavement? I’m not.

As the old saying goes- “If you just sit there in the middle of the tracks with a train coming and do nothing, you will get run over.” The train is coming. The ball is in your court now.’