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So What Do We Do With This Information Anyway?- Part Two

By Terry | global decline

In part one, we went over some of the deceptions and challenges we face today on this planet. Despite the claim that mankind is “evolving”, the evidence of growth is pretty sparse. Immorality has become part of the accepted norm. Parents with children have to cringe at some of the programming on TV these days. Daytime TV talk shows have guests that cover personal issues that belong in the bedroom not on national television. Some of the answers in Family Feud even cause one to shake one’s head these days they are so crude.

Wars are an ongoing and constant part of our lives. The only advancement over the Old Testament times is that the technology has increased efficiency and the threat that mankind can completely eliminate all life on the planet if it carries these conflicts too far. As far as a difference in behavior? What change? Mankind is just as violent today as he was in the recorded history of ancient times it seems. The only thing that has evolved is the technology mankind uses to kill themselves.

Let’s Put a Little Perspective on This

Take a careful look at the picture to the right. It is an actual photograph taken in 1990 from 3.7 Billion miles away from our planet by Voyager 1 (13 years after it was launched). Note the brownish

The Earth appears as a tiny dot in the brown band within the darkness of deep space 3.7 Billion miles away.

The Earth appears as a tiny dot in the brown band within the darkness of deep space 3.7 Billion miles away.

band to the right of the image. About halfway up this band there is a tiny, little bluish-white speck. That’s our planet. A more expanded view is available in this YouTube clip from the DVD The Privileged Planet (See whole DVD presentation on YouTube here.). At the end of a 6 minute presentation you can view here, this picture is zoomed in on to present a closer perspective.

So what can we learn from this?

Being objective and putting aside speculation, here’s what we must accept about our place in the universe.

We are an orb of material somehow suspended in a vacuum. The biblical explanation in Job written over 3,500 years ago is that God “stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing.” Job 26:7

I’m not sure there is a scientific explanation that can explain this. Factually speaking, its a mysterious circumstance that we all take for granted. However, it get’s even more mysterious.

Our planet is not only suspended in space but it is also suspended in the perfect position in our galaxy and solar system to support life. As the documentary based on the book The Privileged Planet points out, there are over 20 factors that are perfectly aligned to support life on this planet. Calculating the odds it would be inconceivable as to how these factors could come together by accident or by themselves.

Additionally, based on the evidence, our planet is the only planet known to us capable of supporting life. I’m not talking about speculations or fantasies like Star Wars (unless you think it was a documentary) but actual evidence. The fact is, there is NO evidence that life exists anywhere but here. The Voyager photograph supports this as it appears that the only illuminated planet in this deep space photo is the earth! And we all know that without the sun illuminating this planet, life as we know it would not be possible.

So What’s the Point?

Good question. Let’s consider it.

The point is that what you accept as the answer to the above mystery, that is whether life on this planet is generated by a Supreme Being. or whether life generated itself spontaneously without the input of an intelligent agent through evolutionary processes, will determine what direction you turn towards for solutions to the problems humanity is facing.

Will we turn to man for the answers? About 6,000 years of recorded history have demonstrated how well that has worked so far. I suggest that the results have been less than stellar.

Should we turn to God for the answer? Well, which one? The God of the bible, Allah, the Jehovah Witness solutions, Buddhism, Hinduism?

Where Do You Stand?

After quite a while of looking at the issues from political, economic, social and spiritual perspectives I lean towards a created universe. My solutions also lean towards a biblical perspective.

However, you may be one who considers themselves an evolutionist or believe that all of this just happened without the input of any intelligence all by itself. Your solutions then could not, of course, include God. They would necessarily place man in control.

Nevertheless, however you decide to make sense of the facts of our place in this universe will determine what solutions you seek and accept.

Will you turn to God based solutions or man based solutions? There really is no in between. Either this universe was created or it created itself.

Keep in mind that man based solutions would be Communist and Socialist oriented whereby the State becomes the Supreme Being and the New World Order is world government run by man.

Biblically based solutions would include principles and perspectives from the bible. These would ultimately place God as the controlling interest of course.

At any rate, all of this is just food for thought to lend a bit of perspective on the issues we face today. I invite responses and questions. But I’ll leave this where it is for now- mired with questions and choices based on your answers to those questions.