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San Jose, Calif – Next City to Ban Natural Gas – Why?

By Terry | Government Deception

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As reported in SmartCitiesDive, the San Jose, CA Mayor and city council approved a proposal to prohibit natural gas systems from being installed in many new residential buildings.

Additionally, the new ordinance requires all new multi-family buildings to have 70% electric vehicle (EV) capable parking spaces, 20% EV ready and at least 10% EV supply equipment spaces.

A final ban anticipated approval in October, which will take effect on January 1st, will expand the legislation to include even more buildings.

This ban comes right after Berkeley, CA passed a natural gas ban that will begin on January 1st. San Jose is the largest city to create this type of legislation. However, “leaders” in 50 other California cities are moving forward with similar strategies to limit their natural gas usage in homes and businesses.

What’s Wrong With Natural Gas?

Most people view natural gas as a clean, cost-effective, and efficient source of energy. Studies even show that it can regenerate. So the question which naturally surfaces is: What is wrong with natural gas?

As Dave Schryer, executive VP of the American Public Gas Association, issued in a statement:

We are saddened and disappointed that several city councils are considering action to ban the use of natural gas in newly constructed homes and buildings beginning in 2020. Unfortunately, across the country, there is a growing effort to move communities to a single source all-electric model, eliminating clean, resilient natural gas. These ‘all eggs in one basket’ policy proposals are shortsighted, untested, and eliminate the ability for consumers to decide what is best for their families.

One has to wonder then- what exactly is driving this ban?

Behind the Bans

The ultra-left Sierra Club is in favor of San Jose’s move. The senior campaign rep for the Sierra Club’s My Generation campaign, Matt Gough stated:

As gas companies and their shady front groups continue to use sketchy tactics to hold communities back from realizing their clean energy realities, leaders in over 50 California cities are moving ahead on similar strategies to end their reliance on gas in their homes and businesses,

Not a good endorsement if you know anything about the Sierra Club, an endorser of John Kerry when he ran for President.

According to David Horowitz’s site, Discover the Networks, the club “deems technological progress inherently harmful to the natural environment.” They also heavily lobby for land conservation, which is a euphemism for the government takeover of public and sometimes privately owned property.

The Sierra Club began innocently in 1882 by Scottish immigrant John Muir, “Father of the National Parks,” who helped preserve valuable sites like Yosemite National Park. He also inspired Teddy Roosevelt, who dedicated the iconic North entrance arch, to help save Yellowstone National Park.

Over time, the Sierra Club has morphed into a land-grabbing, technology phobic arm of the ultra-left and powerful elite.

It has endorsed the Earth Charter, which blames capitalism for many of the world’s environmental, social, and economic problems while encouraging handing national sovereign control over to the UN.

The Sierra Club also co-sponsored the “March for Woman’s Lives,” which advocated unrestricted access to taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand.

It has also become a member organization of anti-war coalitions like Abolition 2000 and Win Without War.

Indeed, a bit afar from its original intent, one could safely say.

The Sierra Club’s funding sources best reflect its change. Foundations like the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Ford Foundation, Pew Charitable Trusts, and many others reveal a leftist leaning, financial elite source of its over $100 million worth of assets.

However, there is another more insidious intent behind this push to hamstring the natural gas delivery system.

Sustainable Development

Hidden behind this pleasant-sounding buzzword is an intent of theft. Theft of what?

The object of sustainable development, aka Technocracy, is to create artificial shortages in critical energy resources that will subsequently demand limited distribution. Who do you suppose the managers of those allocations will answer to?

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Well, they will not be the national government nor elected officials. Instead, they will be controlling boards under the umbrella of NGO’s directly connected to the United Nations which receive financial support from guess who? – The Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as public money from taxpayers like us.

One hand washes the other as that old adage goes, I suppose.

Meaning For the Average Citizen

What this means to the average citizen is bye-bye national sovereignty, local government, and local control. You will no longer have the opportunity to determine your local ordinances, perhaps even own private property, if the UN has its way.

In their place, control will be transferred to privately held, multi-national Corporations affiliated and approved with the blessing of the financial elite.

They will happily run our planet under a new world order (NWO) hidden under the blanket of the United Nations, the de facto one-world government.

If this sounds far-fetched, please take the time to do some reading up on the topic of Technocracy for starters. A good book, to begin with, is Patrick Wood’s, Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order. There is much more down this rabbit hole than you may imagine.

Perhaps our first clue should be where this natural gas ban is arising from – California.

To paraphrase what Nathanael said when he was first told of Christ by Philip: Can any good thing come out of California?

Good question and from the looks of it in recent years, for a liberty-minded individual, that answer would be a flat and emphatic – No!!!