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Big Tech Censorship Hidden Behind False Claims of Copyright Violations or False Information

By Terry | Corporatism

Both Facebook and YouTube are aggressively banning and shutting down dissenting voices as the resistance to the pandemic panic grows. If you express opinions or share information contrary to the approved pandemic panic narrative your post is pasted with a false or partly false label on FB.

Videos on YouTube contrary to the pandemic narrative are just arbitrarily deleted without discussion.

FB has hired so-called experts as a hit team to censor responses to the COVID-19 pandemic from non-approved narrative sources. In other words, people who speak outside of their approved narrative (aka propaganda).

They, of course, mask it as determining the truthfulness of the post by the alleged expert, but it doesn’t take a brain-surgeon to see through their thin veneer of an so-called objective opinion on truthfulness vs. what it actually is – a form of censorship.

As the oft-used saying goes, you can paint lipstick on a pig but that doesn’t change the fact that it is still a pig.

It doesn’t matter if the source is based on fact or not. What matters is that it fit within the accepted party line. (And we all know which party that would be I believe. One of two actually. One whose voice is Nancy Pelosi and the other whose face is Xi Jinping. ) It is the conclusion that counts, not the truth or validity.

Does the post meet the approved government, CDC, WHO, and Big Pharma narrative or not? If not, it is judged false or partly false and a warning is posted by FB on the post.

Of course, in the kangaroo court world of FB and YouTube, you are not provided with a way to respond to the fact-expert judgment, not even by the “so-called” expert. You just are expected to assume that FB and YouTube are correct and get in step or get banned.

Additionally, FB cautions you with this warning which I suppose is designed to be a threat and snap you back into submission to leftist leaning sensibilities:

Facebook Scare Tactic and Censorship Tool

In other words, if you don’t stay within their approved narrative they will push your posts down in the News Feeds (Bury it so no one sees it.) Plus, if you do it repeatedly, FB will also stop suggesting that people join your page or group.

Big whoop. Got me scared all right. Uh, they’ve been doing that for nearly the past 2 or so years. I’ve learned to use FB as a formatting tool. Whatever views FB generates, I just count as an unexpected bonus.

What all of this amounts to is nothing more than plain old, authoritarian censorship and suppression of free speech. They are merely supporting their pet globalist agenda while suppressing any voices contrary to their idyllic world view and cash-providing sponsors.

What is Really Going on with Facebook’s Moves

I find it interesting that FB makes accusations that you cannot respond to and shuts you down or punishes you with no opportunity to question them or their expert judgment.

Yet, they permitted without question major news outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and others to blatantly lie for over 2 full years on Russia, Russia, Russia reporting misinformation and deceptive lies as “news” with nary a peep. Most people with half of their brains intact saw through the deceptions but FB, in its lefty bubble, acted like people believed their pablums as absolute truth.

Most people with normally functional minds recognized it is FB’s approved narrative which determines their targets, rather than the information being shared?

More People Need to Exit

It is time to begin rejecting censorship outlets like FB and move to alternatives where information can be freely shared without being concerned with Big Brother shutting down your capacity to express a contrary point of view.

We have the first amendment for a reason.

We also have minds with the capacity to be logically informed, conduct our own research, and form our own opinions from the information available without the oversight of a biased source of information censorship like Facebook hanging over our free expression.

FB is quite obviously practicing selective censorship. It is designed to silence any voices that operate outside of the leftist, government and Big Pharma points of view.

We are expected to accept all of the dogma being pushed our way from the mainstream media without question. However, don’t dare question the validity of that information or express contrary points of view or your voice will be silenced.

Does this perhaps remind you of any past regimes which practiced such tactics? Like Adolph, Josef or Mao perchance? Just wondering.

We need to reject this censorship and find outlets where truth, or even non-truth, can be freely shared.

Outlets whereby our own judgment can be used as a means of determining the value and validity of a contrary point of view, not some highly biased “expert” interested in shutting down any dialogue outside of the approved box.

I say, FB can kiss my you know what and ban me for all I care. They are not the only venue of expression available online and fast becoming one of the worst.

It would be a pleasant form of justice to see their collapse and demise along with their favored news sources. Nevertheless, I fear it may get worse rather than better. This is particularly evident with the general compliance to this faux coronavirus panic. Too many sheep and not enough shepherds out there I guess.

Meanwhile, I will continue to express myself freely whether some snowflake deems it worthy or not. I don’t need a pack of indoctrinated twits telling me how and what I should think or express.

YouTube Is Doing the Same

YouTube is another BigTech asset (owned by Google) which arbitrarily went through my video channel and deleted 10 videos without warning or notice. All were related to the COVID pandemic. They all provided facts which the mainstream media is for the most part not providing. Facts, which YouTube decided does not fit their accepted narrative.

I have now received the following notice, without warning, when I attempted to upload a video to my YouTube channel.

Their claim is that the copyright owner asked YouTube to take down my video because they believe it contains material that violates their copyright.

No name is given. No details of what the violation is. Just the title of the YouTube videos.

Note the similarity of subject matter in the list on the notice below: all COVID-19 related. I have over 200 videos up from similar sources, but suddenly these videos on this specific topic violate copyright issues.

This is nothing more than YouTube censorship– plain and simple. They are targeting anything related to the Coronavirus that does not fit within the content of their accepted narrative which just happens to synchronize with the Gates-Fauci, CDC/WHO, Big Pharma vaccine-driven lockdown agenda.

It is all about controlling the citizens through mind control which they achieve through what information they allow people to see.

How Do I Clear My “Copyright Strikes”?

I can “clear this strike” by completing their “Copyright School“.

So, now according to YouTube, I am a lawbreaker. As a YouTube criminal I am required. in order to make myself a worthy citizen of the Google-owned YouTube Big Tech syndicate, to go to their “Copyright School” to clear my strike.

Then, after I complete indoctrination in their “copyright school”. I can still use YouTube but I am on probation for 3 months because if I get a third strike during that probation period. I can lose my account altogether.

This is seriously transforming into George Orwellian 1984 stuff folks. The level of censorship is tangible and apparent. And if you aren’t seeing it, then you have been placed in a deep state trance and are a mentally enslaved fool.

A Recent Example From FB

As a case in point, the latest post out of 5, that they have pasted with their warning and judgment on is one from the Children’s Health Defense, a Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. group which has been opposed to the vaccine increase for some time now.

This group includes well-qualified medical professionals on its scientific advisory board and some pretty astute research.

That doesn’t matter to censor mongers like FB. What counts is the narrative. FB must protect those vested interests it claims not to protect. The ones in this case pushing the COVID19 pandemic panic agenda.

The graph in the image below is from the Government Healthy People 2020 vaccination initiative for my state. This is something FB would not censor because it fits their pro-vaccine narrative. (You can find the stats for your particular state by clicking here.)

Immunization Report with Original Graph

One of the goals mentioned above is to increase the number of children receiving the 4:3:1:4:3:1:4 vaccination series otherwise known as the Combined 7 Vaccine Series (covered once again below in this post).

In this series, a child from 1 and half years old to age 3 with an undeveloped brain and nervous system and immature brain-blood barrier is injected with 26 or more vaccines all of which carry toxins.

How injecting 26 or more vaccines in a 1.5 to 3-year-old which contain toxic heavy metals (as adjuvants) and chemical preservatives and foreign tissue DNA from aborted fetuses is healthy is a question not to be raised. It fits the accepted storyline.

No concern with how it impacts our children and even adults getting vaccinated these days. The main concerns are that we not question the spoon-feeding of our reality by vested interests who wish to control us and who also control leftist venues like Facebook.

What the Agenda Really Is

What all of these monopolies like Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Government, Big Oil, Big Agra etc. really want is control…over our lives…from cradle to grave.

For probably the biggest monopoly of all, Big Pharma, that agenda includes the administration of vaccines all of us. Not only is it lucrative, but it also creates illnesses, weakened immune systems and negative changes in the genome. All of which ensures profits and control far into the future for the pharmaceutical and medical monopolies- globally.

Since 1990 there have been 10-year health initiatives. (Sounds eerily like the Soviet 5-year economic plans for transforming a society into a Communist political economy to me. But hey, that would be an opinion outside of the box and approved narrative, so please disregard it.)

These decade long health initiatives have themes. The decade of 2010 was called “The Decade of Vaccines“.

One of the goals in my state is to increase the number of children receiving what they call the Combined 7 vaccine series (4:3:1:3*:3:1). The question that naturally arises is – What the heck is the Combined 7 vaccine series?

If you look carefully at the red lettering and vaccine legend in the image above, you will see that it is a combination of multiple vaccines administered to very young children.

What the Combined 7 vaccine series translates out to is 26 or more total doses of 9 or more different vaccines (including 2- 3 in 1 vaccine) for children ages 19 to 35 months.

So, between the ages of 1.5 to 3 years of age, they wish to inject 26 or more different vaccines into any children born. Their goal is to do that to 80% of the children born in my state by 2020. This will likely be increased in the 2030 initiatives maybe to 100%. Who knows?

Toxic Vaccine Ingredients

Although the industry has all kinds of excuses and explanations that downplay the toxic content of vaccines, there are sources that are willing to report more honestly about what is in them.

  • Preservatives like formaldehyde and polysorbate 80 and others
  • Heavy metals like aluminum and mercury (called thimerosal) in vaccines which are severely toxic to the CNS (central nervous system – brain, spinal cord, and major nerves).
  • DNA foreign to the child since vaccines like the rubella vaccine (the R part of the MMR vaccine) contains diploid human tissue (aborted baby tissue) upon which the virus is grown.

And this toxic vaccine assault will not end any time soon. There are at least 140 vaccines in the developmental pipeline. They are targeting both adolescents and adults, so don’t think you are immune from the vaccination attack. You are not.

The questions are:

  • Do you want these ingredients in your children?
  • Or yourself since they have initiatives for adults as well to receive these doses?

Bill Gates Sure Does

As previously noted, the decades of 2010 was tagged with the label the “The Decade of Vaccines” The Gates Foundation put up $10 million to get it started.

Nothing new for the Gates family. In the year 2000, the Gates Foundation funded an organization called GAVI, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation. They started that organization with a donation of $750 million. Since that time they have invested $6.8 Billion into vaccinating the world.

Do you think Gates and his sycophants may not have a financial incentive in this game and not just an altruistic goal? You decide.

Meanwhile, whose side do you think FB and YouTube are on? Hint: It ain’t conservative-minded or the common folk.

It is time to fight this suppression of free speech on issues that have a direct impact on our lives. Issues that supply Corporations with massive profits at the expense of the quality of our lives.

We must continue to seek alternatives to the standard fare. In place of Facebook use venues like or in place of Twitter. Try or and support those sources.

As long as we continue to feed the Big Tech beast and take “The Tube” seriously as a source of our information, we are very likely to be led down a primrose path of deception.

Perhaps it is time to remember what the character in the movie Network, Howard Beale (Peter Finch), said in his last soliloquy in the film said about “The Tube“:

[youtube_advanced url=”” controls=”no” rel=”no” theme=”light”]

Yes, “The Tube” sure does tell us all far too much that people now take far too seriously. Time to quarantine ourselves from television and its incessant plandemic (no typo btw) panic propaganda and return all who wish to work, back to work.

One Final Consideration to Ponder

There is obvious censorship of specific information going on. It is being directed towards specific topics. Nearly all of them are pharmaceutical in nature such as the:

  • Vaccine Issue (All anti-vax info is being squelched.)
  • COVID-19 Issue (As noted above and growing.)
  • Alternative Cancer treatments (Toxic chemo, surgery, and radiation- that’s it? Really?)
  • Alternative medicine (Synthetic chemicals foreign to the body, all with side effects? That’s the best option we all have?)

And there’s more.

The question we all need to ask is why? Why are alternative points of view and offerings to these proven harmful offerings all being censored? Why are we not permitted free flow of dialogue on these important issues?

Like the left, as we have seen, all points of view that do not agree with theirs are squelched. Truth emerges when we allow input from all sources. With a wide range of points of view, we can sort and sift and choose what appears to be the most useful information options to apply to the problems of life.

The options that produce the best results without harming others can then become the accepted truth. However, if you scream down all points of view or censor any opinion that doesn’t match the authority approved narrative, then you aren’t really looking for truth. You are looking for control- mind control. The trademark of tyranny.

Keep this in mind when thinking about the aforementioned censorship targets. The biggest lobby in D.C., by far, is the pharmaceutical industry. Not surprising since it is $3.4 Trillion (with a “T”) annual industry. And in our setup money means power.

Keep an open mind and explore alternatives. Don’t allow censorship intrusions to control your mind for the profit of a powerful and wealthy minority. As the well-worn adage goes, the mind is like a parachute. It operates best when it is opened. Don’t permit yours to be closed.