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The Real Cause Behind the Incessant Whining Over Donald Trump

By Terry | Donald Trump

As the whining and excuses continue, endlessly it seems, the Democrats refuse to accept the rejection of their Marxist oriented, idyllic socialist dream by the people. It is becoming tiresome, predictable and almost amusing.

However, one begins to wonder just what is really driving all of these annoying antics. Perhaps if we can understand that, we will be able to understand what is to come and just give it the deference it deserves.

The Obama Legacy

Recipients of the Obama Legacy Enjoying a Day in the Sun

After all, conservative and freedom oriented citizens put up with 8 years of Marxist oriented policies that drove the already record national debt up to nearly double what it was when Obama took office.

Debt per citizen went from about $32,000 per citizen to now over $61,000. Debt per taxpayer increased from about $90,000 per taxpayer to now nearly $167,000. All thanks to the socialist “dreams of my father” as the Obama book, likely ghost written by former weatherman and police station bomber Bill Ayers, put it.

We put up with the State takeover of the health care system eliminating freedom of choice under the coercive power of the regulatory state. Fines for not participating in a system you may not even accept as always useful. Meanwhile, as predicted, rates are rising. Total annual costs now exceed over $3 Trillion. Obamacare is delivering triple and double digit increases to some key states. Quality will predictably suffer as the increases grow.

We watched more land grabs of natural resource bearing land than any previous President under the guise of environmental protection which produced the murder of LaVoy Finicum as a nasty side effect. Obama’s way of commemorating that event was to quickly grab millions of acres more land.

Witnessed one freedom restricting executive order after another be generated and treated by our “make it up as you go” politicians as though it were now the law. Not even passed through Congress for approval or rejection as the Constitution intended.

Observed the promotion of class warfare, straight out of the Communist playbook, leaving our nation more divided than pre-Obama by far. (Not accidental btw and a tactic which has been employed globally to spread the Communist ideology.) Groups like Black Lives Matter, created by 4 Maoist Communists, fueling racial divide and police killings, being welcomed into the White House by Obama.

Watched as Corporations were “bailed out” along with the “too big to fails” again unconstitutionally transferring their bad debts to the public instead of taking responsibility for their actions as would happen if we truly had a free market economy- which we don’t.

Saw more regulations added to the 77,687 pages of the Federal Register than even the George W. Bush administration added. The Bush administration averaged 62 major regulations annually over eight years, while the Obama administration averaged 81 major regulations annually over six years. Expected with a closet Marxist who believes the nanny State should control the people while those at the top profit admirably and more.

Not to mention the failed and costly initiatives on public money like Cash for Clunkers or the Solyndra venture which was touted as the new poster boy of the “green energy” market, praised as a provider of 1,000 new jobs was given a $535 million public money loan in 2010 with no strings attached and the went bankrupt in 2011 losing all of the jobs and the public money.

A year after the bankruptcy, the House Oversight Committee warned that the total Solyndra losses could be as high as $849 million.

Another dream that turned into a nightmare at the public’s expense.

And then there is more like the never ending wars etc. etc.

Tantrums and Hissy Fits?

So, did the people protest for over a week while violating civil laws and damaging private properties?

Did the media concoct one excuse after another for the election and re-election of Obama over McCain in 2008 or Romney in 2012?

Did the conservatives blame their losses on something or other endlessly like the leftists have done after the sound spanking the Democrats just received from the Presidency to the State levels, rather than adjusting to the message they were given from the public?

The short answer is no. Instead, the people watched and patiently recognized with a growing concern that our nation is headed for economic and social catastrophe.

So now the people have done something totally unexpected to make a change badly needed. That is, elect a non-politician to the highest office in the nation.

Democrats literally laughed at this possibility but that smile has now been wiped off their smug faces.

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The Response

Now, the leftists are pitching hissy fits. One excuse after another is being pulled out of their magic bag of tricks. Harry Potter had his wand taken away but they still have their buds left.

The media, which now has about as much credibility as a politician’s campaign promises, is still promoting nonsense as we saw from the “fake news”  such as the intelligence report on Donald Trump and his Russian connections recently promoted by the faux news source BuzzFeed- a highly specious news source which fills the minds of our millennials with concocted trash news.

One has to wonder what the difference is between the way freedom oriented conservatives reacted to the installation of blatant leftists (Remember Communist Van Jones and other “Czars” with Marxist inspired ideologies in Obama’s cabinet. ) and the present Democrats are reacting to the election of Donald Trump.

Yes, conservatives were disgusted and even angry, but did they take to the streets or for that matter even get a voice in the media? Hardly, if at all.

Perhaps if we look at the differences between a free market capitalist oriented system and the leftist dream of a socialist heaven, it will help to understand why the continuous hissy fits. Additionally, it will tell us what is to come as changes to reverse the damage of our Constitutional misfits are hopefully implemented in the future.

Free Market Capitalism

First of all, in a system of free-market capitalism, no one can succeed without serving “the people.”

In a market driven economy, as contrasted with a government driven economy, a business succeeds by better meeting the needs of customers- not fulfilling budgets. Customers drive the market, not bean counters and propeller heads. Real needs determine offerings not assumptions.

Businesses that excel at meeting customer demand are rewarded with profits.

The power of big businesses come not from government contracts and regulatory control but from the consumers who voluntarily vote with their dollars to purchase their product or service.

Their power can be extinguished quickly as soon as a competing entrepreneur comes up with a better offering. Those that don’t excel at meeting customer needs can disappear from the market place as it moves towards better deals.

Capitalist entrepreneurs gain wealth by providing products and services that people buy of their own free will. Service and quality is paramount.

Think back a bit in your own life and you can come up with your own examples such as the vinyl records industry and now even CD’s as the market place demands shift through the innovations of clever entrepreneurs.

The truth and end result is that entrepreneurs who became wealthy through free-market competition always benefit the society they serve by creating both jobs and wealth.

A side effect as well is that charitable giving and charities grow out of capitalist wealth, not the coercive force of socialist idealism.

The history of capitalism as it has operated in the last two hundred years in the realm of Western civilization has been a record of steady rise in the wage earners’ standard of living.

Stagnation in wages in recent decades has not been accompanied with the growth of the free market but rather the expansion of nanny government and massive increases in government regulation.

The hallmark of capitalism has been mass production for mass consumption. It has been directed by the most energetic and far-sighted individuals who indefatigably focus on improvement.

The driving force for never ending improvement is the profit motive.

Successful capitalists are constantly on the watch tower to discover how they can provide its customers with more, better, and cheaper products and services.

The excess of profits over losses only continues in a progressing economy to the extent to which the masses’ standard of living improves.

Consequently, capitalism is a system within which the keenest and most agile minds are driven to promote to the best of their abilities the well-being of the greater majority.

Government Driven Systems

While leftists attack capitalism and decry its presence often while enjoying the benefits of capitalist advances, the truth is:

It is government which is guilty of ignoring the needs of the people, not capitalism.

State dominated governments simply announce to the public:

“Here, we believe that you need this, and we will force you to pay for it whether you like it or not or choose it or not. After all, we know what you need better than you do. Trust us, we’re smarter than you. After all, it’s for the greater good and you wouldn’t want to deprive your neighbor of the benefits we think they deserve. Would You?”

Meanwhile, with better benefits and salaries than the majority of the people they have been elected to serve, they create more public debt which the citizens ultimately assume the burden for.

Take for example, government funded entities like the world’s largest abortion provider- Planned Parenthood.

People are not given a choice as to whether they choose to fund this organization of unborn baby killers. They are simply coerced under a system of forced taxation to supply funds. The determinations are made by politicians and bureaucrats not the people from whom the money is forcibly extracted who end up assuming the debts of an organization they feel is vile and morally reprehensible.

The “power” of big government (or any government), in stark contrast to free market capitalism, comes entirely from the government’s ability to coerce and force the people to bend to its will with “intimidation, threats, and violence” as Thomas DiLorenzo puts it. This is always the mode of operation under a system of socialism.

As Thomas DiLorenzo writes in his summary book The Problem with Socialism:

When the Socialist Party USA or Democratic Socialists of America urge the greater politicization of all aspects of society, as they do on their websites with endless happy talk about “democracy,” this is really what they mean:

Subjecting more and more of society to bureaucratic plans and mandates imposed by a small political elite and enforced by threats, intimidation, and violence—the common everyday tools of all socialist governments. When the Democratic Socialists of America say, “Democracy and socialism go hand in hand,” what they mean is that they want every aspect of life to be politicized and brought into the realm of government supervision and control.

Force and Socialism Go Hand in Glove

Perhaps then what we are really seeing with all this resistance to the election of Donald Trump is groups of people and organizations who are clearly identifying themselves as Marxist inspired socialists.

They are accustomed to getting their way through coercion, intimidation, threats and deception. Whatever it takes to bully their way to the idyllic promised land is what they will do to get their way.

Now, they have delivered a perceived threat to their unrealistic dream of equality. They are looking at a reversal of their force driven tactics with a Donald Trump administration. They are not happy about it.

Angry Birds!

The bird feeders are under threat of being removed. The angry birds are dive bombing at their threats. How dare you take away my freebies! Freebies that the real owner of the bird feeders paid for.

Hey, they created the problem! They gorged themselves at the feeders leaving nothing but bird droppings and spilled feed behind and did nothing to fill the feeders. Now, the supplier of the feed has become upset with it.

The feeding has become expensive and non-productive. The suppliers must go out and work every day to provide the birds with food which they think is free.

The fact is it ain’t!

In fact, the price of bird feed keeps going up since it has become monopolized under a wasteful controller of the service eliminating the cheapening factor of competition.

Now, the people paying for the feed have become disgusted with the set up. They want to take the feeders down to let the birds fend for themselves as God (or nature if you prefer a euphemism) intended.

The birds are angry. So now, we must put up with their tantrums like a spoiled child who is now being subjected to unanticipated parental controls. It is annoying for sure and boringly predictable as well.

All I want is for it to become even more annoying than it already is. After years of providing free feed, it’s time for the birds to feel some pain for a change. Not revenge, just the shoe on the other foot’ Perhaps they can “Feel the Anti-Bern” as a new perspective and see how that fits.

Keep your promises Donald. Keep your promises.