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New York Times Pines Over Communist Idyllic Dreaming As Inspirational to Americans

By Terry | media deception

You want evidence of where the NY Times is coming from? Read their wonderfully idyllic Sunday article on how Communism inspired Americans. Like we need Godless Communist idealism to inspire us? It’s called media white washing.
Think about the candidate and President they fawned over vs. the one they hate. Gee, I wonder if it has anything to do with far left Marxist inspired liberalism vs. Conservative Americanism?
Should it be any surprise that Americans are turning away from the mainstream media as a fact and opinion source.

Fidel- Not a Communist

It was the NY Times that assured Americans that Fidel Castro was NOT a Communist. Instead they presented him as a hero who was saving his nation from oppression and poverty.
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Well, the evidence is in.
Castro was a Communist. He plunged the Island into an oppressive regime of fear enforced by death, prison and tyranny, laced with poverty.
Not uncommon with Communism applied to reality BTW.

Venezuela Today

Venezuela is falling apart as a direct result of the Marxist inspired policies of Hugo Chavez whose mentor was Communist Fidel Castro.

In oil rich Venezuela, a serious economic crisis deepens after the impact of Chavez’s socialist policies carried on by Maduro.

There is shortage of many basic goods, including medicines and food. The opposition blames the socialist policies of Mr Maduro and his predecessor, Hugo Chavez, for the economic meltdown.

The government of course, shifts the blame to the rich and claims that the country is suffering from the effects of economic sabotage carried out by the business elite.

More Applied Marxism

Soviet Russia is still a basket case in many important areas.
Chinese Communism rose to power through tyranny that eliminated literally tens of millions of its own people.
Pot Pot in Cambodia eliminated one third of its population, nearly 3 million people, in under 5 years implementing the idyllic dreams of Communism.
North Korea? Obviously not a model of Communist inspiration. Compare with the capitalist South for an obvious contrast of how well Communism works vs. more of a free market, capitalist model.
In short, Communism has failed everywhere it has been applied.
In an article on Sunday, they cast the American influence of Communism as inspirational as though Americans needed Communism for inspiration since what we had achieved under the influence of traditional American values emphasizing freedom and achievement along with Christian based morals was so destructive.
In short, nothing more than the same deceptive propaganda that the Marxist driven left has been proffering since the Communist Manifesto was penned in 1848.

The NY Times attacked Trump from the beginning until today. Yet, they fawned over Hillary and gave OMarxist an easy ride.

This latest article pretty much tells you why. Idealizing the impact of Communist idyllic dreaming which eliminated and destroyed the lives of hundreds of millions during the 20th Century.

There is a brief mention of Stalin’s tyranny but they fail to note that Khrushchev was using that as a tool to promote his own power and that today Stalin is still revered in many ways.

The left is pitching hissy fits with Mayday (Communist inspired btw) protests resulting in over 50 arrests while they destroyed private property and attacked police with sling shotted marbles, smoke bombs and other projectiles.

The New York Times meanwhile is painting lipstick on the pig of Communism.