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Another Brilliant Progressive Idea from Gavin Newsom- Universal Healthcare for ALL – Including Illegal Immigrants!

By Terry | collectivism

Leftist’s Sure Do Come Up With Some “Progressive” Ideas. Dem Gubernatorial Candidate Said As Governor He Wants Universal Health Care for All- Including Illegal Aliens!

Brilliant! He stated in his interview that he was “very proud” (not just proud but very proud) of creating the nation’s only universal healthcare plan for illegal immigrants as Mayor of San Francisco. During his tenure from January 2004 to January 2011, at which time he departed to serve as Lt. Governor in Sacramento, he laid the groundwork for the current conditions in the city.

San Francisco Sanitation Facts

Is the Former Mayor of San Francisco – Gavin Newsom Very Proud of These Facts?

Yeah, with needles piling up in the streets after a rain and so much feces in the streets that they need a full time crew operating to clean it up- San Francisco sure is a model city thanks to Gavin’s efforts.

I wonder if good ole Gavin will own these facts about the city of San Francisco that he was Mayor of because much of this developed during his tenure. Is this what sanctuary cities become after the progressive ideas are applied?

Here’s the full report from Laura Ingraham on the current conditions in San Francisco (Warning: It Ain’t Pleasant):

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Poop Patrol

Is Gavin “very proud” of the newly launched “poop patrol”? San Francisco has received about 15,000 calls about piles of poop so far this year. The solution? They have launched a new

San Francisco Poop Map

One Resident Even Created a Poop Map to Document the Areas That Were Receiving Complaints.

clean up task force (aka known by the derogatory nickname as the “poop patrol”). It will cost the city residents about $750,000 for the two trucks and 6 employees whose goals will be to spot the mess and clean it up. With, 7,499 homeless people and 4,353 marked as unsheltered, assuming that the 3,146 sheltered do not need to use the streets to do their duty, that works out to roughly $1,722 and some change per homeless person.

Isn’t this kind of like putting lipstick on a pig, as the saying goes? The new Mayor and long time resident, London Breed, says cleaning up the streets are a top priority:

I’ve had to deal with it myself in front of my home and it’s not a pleasant feeling,’ she told KGO. ‘I want to change San Francisco for the better. I want to clean up the city.


Newsom’s Past Not Without Skeletons

In addition to his directive to issue same-sex marriage licenses shortly after he took office (which were eventually revoked btw), he reinforced the sanctuary city status by issuing city identification cards for undocumented immigrants in 2007 to allow them access to city services, also allowing them to be able to set up bank accounts in the city. But that’s the “good” stuff.

Alex Tourk

Alex Tourk Resigned After He Confronted Gavin About the Affair with His Wife Ruby

In January 2007, it was announced that he had an affair with his Secretary Ruby Rippey Tourk, the wife of his campaign manager and good friend. He was going through a divorce with his wife at the time. Not much of a “good friend” though. Morality is not a strong suit with progressives, since they buy into secular humanist values whereby there are no absolutes. Whatever is right for you is right, even if it does involve violating the sanctity of your friends marriage.

Ruby Rippey Tourk btw, entered rehab and received $10,000 in city funds generally reserved for those suffering catastrophic health problems. The city funds were approved by Newsom’s public health director from funds usually reserved for people near death.

Now Governor?

Gavin is expected to win the governorship. California is loaded with “progressive” thinkers. Maybe that’s why income inequality is growing so markedly:

A 2016 report by the liberal-globalist Brookings Institution entitled “City and metropolitan inequality on the rise, driven by declining incomes” features San Francisco and Los Angeles among the top 10 metro areas in the nation with the highest household income inequality between the top five percent and the bottom 20 percent.

All of the other regressing city metro areas included among the Brookings top 10 — New York, Boston, Bridgeport (Conn.), Houston, Miami, New Orleans, New Haven (Conn.), and McAllen (Texas) — are, with the exception of Miami, ruled by “progressive” Democrats.

According to an article by The New American – Golden No Longer- Is California Doomed:

The economic “boom” in California has been a very uneven and unsustainable one, fueled by investments largely induced by political favoritism and cronyism, not by free-market capitalism.

The boom has been very good for the top one to five percent, especially the Silicon Valley tech giants, but not so much for everybody else. As the liberal website Politifact noted, California has “the highest poverty rate in the nation”when comparing states and considering the cost of living.

I’m sure Gavin’s progressive ideas will fix all that just like Governor Moonbeam’s did. if San Francisco and even recent California performance is any barometer with Gavin as 2nd in charge in the State, I would advise California to buckle their seat belts cause this ride may get a little bumpy after November. California Dreaming all over again.