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The Nasty Little Secret Hidden in California’s New Medical Care For Illegals

By Terry | economic decline

Medical Care Costs

Yes, there is a nasty little secret hidden in California’s new law to use taxpayer funds to pay for health care benefits for illegal immigrants. Except, it is hidden in plain site and everyone seems to be missing it because of that- expectedly the media. Probably by design I figure.

This is what People Are NOT Getting About California’s Taxpayer Funded Health Benefits to Illegal Immigrants. Warning: This May Tick You Off! 

California Governor, Gavin Newsom signed into law a bill that makes low income adults 25 or younger, regardless of their immigration status, eligible for the Medicaid program in California. Since California already covers all citizens 18 or younger already, this means that all eligible citizens, regardless of immigration status, are covered by taxpayer funded health care.

That means taxpayers are funding illegal immigrants health care benefits- if they are 25 or younger. State officials said they expected the plan to cover about 90,000 people which will cost taxpayers $98 million at present. That will likely go up if the history of “free” benefits holds true- which it will.

If they covered all illegals, the cost would run about $3.4 Billion. Newsom rejected that proposal for now but vows that he plans to keep expanding coverage in the future.

The Nasty Little Open Secret In the Plan

Now, many conservative and prudent Americans are upset about this. How is California which is already in dangerous debt going to pay for this? People should get the heck out of there? Who’s paying for this? And more.

But, there is something insidious going on here that is not being clearly defined and openly revealed.

Note in the sentence above the word Medicaid. The Medicaid medical care is a state administered program to help poor people get medical care. Sounds great to the liberal who wants everyone to be taken care of with someone else’s money.

The question is where does Medicaid get its money? Well, the truth is- Medicaid is funded from federal money. In California, the program is called Medi-Cal. Two-thirds of Medi-Cal is covered by the federal government.

In fact, Medi-Cal funding from the federal government makes up the biggest source of funding to the state of California from the federal government.

In California the Medicaid program is called Medi-Cal. Two thirds of Medi-Cal is funded by the federal government. It is, by far, the largest source of federal funds which California receives.

In 2014, Obamacare set the requirement at those with family incomes up to 138% of the federal poverty level to became eligible for Medi-Cal.

In other words, for a family of 3, an annual income of $28,676 would qualify them for Medi-Cal and now free health care benefits. Think the illegals will qualify for that poverty level of income? Hint: You better believe it!

Largest Source of Fed Funds to Calif. is for Medi-Cal

This means that the funds are not just coming from Californians. “We the people” are ALL also on the hook for this program.

In other words, Gavin just transferred two-thirds of its payments for illegal immigrants health care to ALL of the other states, not just California!

What Just Happened Here?

Clever Gavin just pandered to the illegals and leftists while placing ALL of us on the hook for the program. Feel like thanking him?

He pulled a typical leftist Democrat move.

They are not very good at solving real problems with real solutions as our Democrat run cities clearly demonstrate. However, they are real good at spending other people’s money and generating debt creating programs to benefit themselves and their funding sources.

Gavin and his ilk get more power over the people by hooking illegal immigrants up with “free” medical care paid for by legal citizens.

That could come in handy later on when they leverage voting rights for illegal citizens.

Or make illegals, legal. That works too! Keep your eye on that potential move.

But Wait! There’s More

Yes, it gets worse. You see, the way it works in California is the way it works in all the states. The states administer the program. The federal government funds it.

This means that Gavin just created an illegal immigrant, medical care funding model for all of the other states.

Yeah, if some leftist controlled state, like say New York for example, decides this would be a good idea for our state too- they can do the same thing. This means the citizens of ALL states foot the bill for illegal immigrant medical care.

Yeah, if the Big Blues get a hankering to medically cover all the illegals in their state, they can just go right ahead and pull the same move.

Nothing illegal about it under current law. They just need to pass a bill just like California did and viola! Illegal immigrants get taxpayer funded medical care!

Not a very inviting concept for people who work hard for their money, pay for benefits and value the concept of freedom from government domination.

What Can Be Done About It?

A couple of things come to mind, but none are quick or easy right now.

Strategy #1

First of all, we need (both as a nation and government) to do everything we can to put an immediate end to illegal immigration. This claim that there are still only 11 million illegal immigrants here is completely bogus.

Open borders advocates keep claiming only 11.1 million which has not changed for nearly a decade now. However, a recent Yale study shows that the number is less then half of what they calculate.

The Yale study concludes there are 22.8 million in the U.S. Considering the fact that illegals are streaming across our borders by the thousands regularly daily that seems like a more accurate estimate.

Dems Don’t Want Us to Know

Also, considering the fact that Dems are fighting tooth and nail to keep the question of citizenship off of the census ballot, you can pretty much guarantee there are surely more.

So, move #1 should be to curtail illegal immigration as quickly as possible. Call me xenophobic or whatever label you want, but one thing we have an excess of in this nation is illegal immigrants.

The Real Cost (Conservatively Estimated)

And as FAIR ( Federation for American Immigration Reform) points out, using the conservative 11.5 million estimate, the cost of illegals in the U.S. is $116 Billion (2/3rds paid for directly by the states).

So, curtailing is not based on race, color or creed. It is based on economics. A cost which is borne mainly at the state level. Costs that should be spent on legal American citizens of all sizes, shapes and colors are being diverted to illegal citizens. (For the whole breakdown of costs get the report at this link).

Strategy #2

Jettison the free federally funded health care program of Medicaid.

Yeah, call me heartless but this is an example of how it can be abused. Newsom and his “progressive” ilk are using it as a trap door to transfer their states costs to ALL of the other states. Think that is just?

Think again.

All that Medicaid amounts to is a legalized loophole to conduct theft of other people’s earned incomes through taxation. You don’t get any choice in the matter. The money goes to the recipient as long as they qualify under the Obamacare guidelines income-wise as previously noted.

You earn the money. Bureaucrats make decisions about who they will direct that money towards. Now, in California they have decided it will be illegal immigrants.

Tomorrow, it could be another state. You don’t get to call the shots. The bureaucrats do.

You think a siphon into your income, without your direct consent, is fair? Good, please send a third of your income to me. I’ll give you the PayPal account to direct it towards. Just let me know when you would like to begin. Thank you very much.

World Government?

There is more to this than meets the eye. Gavin’s ilk is part of the globalist one world government crowd. Programs like this bury our nation more deeply in debt.

More debt and more debt and more debt…..eventually you produce a Venezuela or Zimbabwe. Then, the nation can be “remoulded nearer to the hearts desire” as the Fabian socialists stained glass window, designed in 1910 by George Bernard Shaw, promoted.

The dirty little secret that California's illegal immigrant program doesn't tell you. If freedom means anything, you aren't going to like this.
Fabian Socialism – A British Concoction

The Fabians were British Marxist socialists who wanted a socialist planet. BTW, the Communist Manifesto was penned in Great Britain by English Engels and German Karl Marx.

Just another step towards their goal of one world government. Nothing more. Might be a good idea to “kick against the pricks” before they install their global tyranny, it would seem