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UK Displays Its Totalitarian Side- Jails Activist for Covering Trial of Islamic Pedophile Ring

By Terry | Cultural Marxism

This is where Socialist Progressivism leads. Inevitably, the more power a government is granted by the public, the more tyrannical it becomes. As in totalitarian nations, that tyranny is built on control over the flow of information. The more tyrannical the State, the more control they have over the flow of information.

The UK government just jailed British activist Tommy Robinson, for reporting on a trial involving a pedophile ring in which 29 of the accused are Muslims.

While Robinson was standing on the sidewalk providing trial coverage, 7 police surrounded him and took him to jail. Six hours later Robinson was tried, convicted and given a 13 month prison sentence.

Robinson was under a gag order, but apparently so are all other media members. ALL members of the media have been forbidden to report on the trial.

As noted in one report covering this event: “Such a sweeping gag order would be both impossible and unconstitutional in our [the US] country”

Tommy Robinson appears to be a political prisoner, something we only expected to happen in Communist nations like Cuba, China, Russia, North Korea and Venezuela (de facto Communist). Now, the UK is apparently joining their ranks by this step towards tyranny- the shutting down of the public voice.

Impossible in the U.S.?

I wouldn’t be too sure of that. Look what has happened to conservative speakers giving talks on college campuses. The progressives on campus, supported by far left activists, have virtually silenced all conservative voices as Ann Coulter discovered when she attempted to schedule a speech.

Historical statues are being torn down with no charges being brought against the perpetrators (even though easily identifiable) for destruction of private property because they have been deemed “racist” and therefore unacceptable to the left.

Racism claims give the left free reign apparently to violate the law with the stand down support of local and/or federal government.

This is a step towards tyranny and there are others in the UK such as civilian disarmament.

Why the Protection in the UK?

Some speculate that they are protecting these immoralities because they don’t want people to question the UK’s immigration policies. They would rather throw their doors open to people who openly oppose the common person’s way of life, by granting protection from public scrutiny of these children exploiters,

It appears that government, as in totalitarian nations, has turned against the governed.

Used to be that this only happened behind the Iron Curtain one thought. Now, the UK government is emulating the behaviors of nations, like Hitler’s regime for example, that it once sacrificed its citizens to defeat.

The citizens of Britain need to take action against this oppression or it will only get worse. That is a historical fact.

Wake Up Call for Freedom Loving Americans

We in the U.S. need to wake up and oppose oppression of dissenting voices, particularly those of the conservative nature, before we soon join the ranks of those under the thumb of government as in totalitarian nations like North Korea, China, Cuba and their like.

The goal of those who want this kind of government is global government. The most practical tool is a police state tyranny. That includes control of information flow- a very important arrow in the totalitarian quiver.