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Did the Obama Administration Spy on the Trump Campaign?

By Terry | Campaign Deception

Obama has always been spun as lily white by the dutiful, leftist mainstream media. Guess that’s cause they have been directed to share his ideological dream of the State as supreme aka Marxism as the primary narrative.

However, facts are rolling out now revealing how our intelligence agencies under Obama were used to spy on the Trump campaign. Below is a short summary (under 4 minutes) on the evidence that is beginning to unravel the so-called Trump/Russian collusion.

Included is the hot mike slip up when Obama was caught on camera assuring outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to be sure to let Vladimir (Putin) know that he will have “more flexibility” to deal with contentious issues like missile defense after the U.S. presidential election.

Where was the outcry about Russian collusion then?


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The Russian Dossier

Or when it was revealed that Hillary’s campaign and the DNC had purchased through the law firm Fusion GPS, an unsubstantiated dossier from Russian agents. A dossier acquired through former British MI6 spy, Richard Steele that was used to justify 4 FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign?

Not a peep of condemnation from the media, nor shred of interest from the Mueller investigation team.

The Uranium One Clinton Scandal

Or when facts arose that Hillary as Secretary of State assisted the sale of 20% of our uranium bearing land to Uranium One that ultimately landed in the lap of the Soviet State through their State owned company Rosatom?

The Clinton Foundation was siphoned $145 million from the sources that would most profit from the sale during the decision making period of the Hillary led State Department when she was the Secretary of State.

Again, not a word of condemnation nor interest on the part of Mueller who ostensibly is investigating Russian collusion.

The Mueller Investiception

One thing has become clear as this investigation plods along, this so-called Russian collusion ain’t about Russia.

it’s about attacking Donald Trump in any way possible to obstruct and derail his efforts to “make America great again” with the intention of ultimately removing him from office.

Democrats want to drag this witch hunt out into the November election in the hopes that their made up collusion stories, and anything else they can muster up, will convince enough of the public to vote for them over more Republican help for President Trump.

The Marxist inspired left hate anyone who opposes their failed ideological dream of “power to the people”.  It upsets their concealed intent- power over the people and all the profit that goes along with it to those who end up in control.

The Real Purpose of Communism

Communism is and always will be an ideological failure. it is essentially a cover for tyrannical control of the people and the transfer of a societies wealth into the hands of a few self selected elite like Soros, multi-national Corporations and the international banking cartels.

Only suckers can’t connect the historical dots of it’s failure for the people in all nation’s in which it has been implemented. That is why the Soviet’s refer to these sucker sycophants as “useful idiots”.

However, with all of the historical data available in the present, and from the past, one is left to wonder if the term useful is actually accurate.

Seems like the term idiot alone without the useful qualifier would suffice as the appropriate label in this case.