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Which Candidate is Better? Or the UN- To Be or Not to Be. I Say- Not to Be What say you?

By Terry | New World Order

[dropcap color=”color-default” font=”bowlby” style=”oblique” size=”scmgc-3em”]T[/dropcap]here will be a runoff election in New Jersey to replace the recently deceased Senator Frank Lautenberg. So the question arose on a Ron Paul support email list as to which candidate is better- a relatively unknown but decidedly conservative doctor Anita Eck or the more seasoned and known, Steve Lonegan.

Now some of us have noted that Steve Lonegan thinks we should remain in the UN and “fix” it. Now if you actually know what the nature and intent of the UN is frankly this is not an organization that can be “fixed”. It’s very nature is toxic to Americanism and personal liberty. A supporter of the Lonegan choice had this to say about Longegan’s support of the UN:

“Even if it were true [that Steve Lonegan supports continuation of the UN], most Congressmen do not have an issue with the United Nations, why should we nit pick this one?”

This was my response to that question (Of course, it didn’t matter because Lonegan was a shoe-in to win with his established Republican connections and did. However, what was said still stands. In the end, neither candidate from either party will really end up changing anything at all. If Lonegan gets elected it will end up being little more than window dressing with NO real change or politics as usual.):

“Your justification for supporting Lonegan completely falls apart when you state “most Congressman do not have an issue with”. The fact is, most Congressman do not have an issue with undermining the U.S. Constitution, ignoring their oaths of office, spending the public’s money, supporting wars that are illegal and not Constitutionally declared, lying to their constituents by making campaign promises that they never intended to keep to get themselves into office and much more.

The intent here is not to elect someone who is in lock step with “most Congressman” because the fact is that “most Congressman” have placed our nation into a situation of insurmountable debt, undermined our personal liberties by trading away our sovereignty to an international body like the UN while completely ignoring our Bill of Rights.

Any Congressman who supports the UN (and Ron Paul was the first to introduce a bill and repeatedly reintroduced it to have the U.S. withdraw from the UN) is part of the problem NOT part of the solution. Any support of the UN is a big deal! They are the elite’s template for world tyranny under a UN world government. Support or compromise on this issue is enough to disregard any politician running for office.

Anyone who doesn’t get that is also part of the problem along with Barack Obama, Henry Kissinger, George W. Bush and his papa, Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Tim Geithner and many, many others too numerous to mention who support the UN’s agenda.

If you don’t get this issue then please either educate yourself more thoroughly but do not make a fool of yourself by excusing a candidate because he is like “most Congressman”. It is because of “most Congressman” that Ron Paul ran at his advanced age for the Presidency. It is because of “most Congressman” that our nation is bankrupt and headed for economic collapse. It is because of “most Congressman” that our liberties are being traded away with increasing velocity.”

End of Comment

Now, some may find those words a bit harsh, but quite frankly we are losing our country in greater and greater chunks to the UN through the traitors in office who pose as our representatives. If you have bought into the deception that the UN is a peace keeping organization, then please view the following video with an open mind for a view you will not get from the mainstream media:

[vsw id=”ia8cCazkdvg” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

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