Some Final Thoughts on the Guns and Ammo Article- Part 3

Just a few random thoughts about the Guns and Ammo article and the response of the subscribers to the article. While I fully applaud and appreciate their response and pray for more of the same from informed citizens, it is only one issue. While it is an important issue and can reach far, it is limited in scope.

The fact is, the 2nd Amendment is not the only aspect of our freedoms under attack. Every single one of our Bill of Rights and Constitutional freedoms is under attack.

Federal Reserve Controls Our Economy

The economy is under attack from the Federal Reserve cartel and the international banking concerns that it protects and funds leaving our citizens with massive debt. The Federal Reserve is destroying the value of the dollar with its inflationary policies and buying control over politicians who tap into it for funds to run their campaigns (Which is channeled through Corporations and party organizations but originating from the Federal Reserve who issues and controls our money supply.). These same politicians also use the Mandrake Mechanism to buy votes and funds through crony capitalism and pushing through legislation to have pet projects funded which helps these same funding sources.

If we are to survive as a nation economically, the public has to become aware of and do something about this massive deception and misuse of our Constitution as well. If the citizenry were as informed about the nature and actual mechanisms of the Federal Reserve which has produced an unsustainable level of debt as the readership of Guns and Ammo is about the 2nd Amendment, we could produce a massive change in our economic well being.

For example, suppose citizens rejected the Federal Reserve Note and began trading in locally and more broadly based A”real money” based on commodities like silver and gold? What do you think would happen to the Federal Reserve Note? Don’t think it cannot happen. It already is on a smaller scale. It may happen anyway, if the dollar collapses altogether which is a real possibility.

Medical Care or Who Cares Anymore?

Our medical care system has been mightily undermined through Obamacare and Medicare/Medicaid. We no longer have a free market in medical care. In reality,  it is the most heavily regulated market in our economy. The result? Massive price increases and declining quality. Personally, I predict that the persons attracted to this industry, if Obamacare is fully implemented, will decline in quality as well.

The more intelligent and talented will soon see that they will spend a fortune creating massive debt for themselves only to end up little more than a government employee with government regulating their every move. Incomes will decline as regulations and controls grow. Our overall medical treatment system will falter mightily in response.

Education or Indoctrination?

Our educational system is declining steadily. Our youth are being indoctrinated not educated into accepting external authority over their own internal drives, creativity and ambitions as more important than they are. The push by those who wish to control humanity is to install a system of collectivism over the force that produced the most free and abundant nation ever on this planet- individualism.

The greatest innovations came from individuals striving to express their own ambitions and drives for success and the gratification of personal achievement. It did not come from the “collective” a myth as in reality a “collective” can only exist through the tyranny of authority forcing everyone to fit into the same mold as the book by George Orwell “1984” notes.

The fact is everything the government touches turns to you know what. Our educational system is not only declining performance wise but students are graduating with massive debt and no jobs or jobs paying much less than they expected.

And on top of it all, their education is a failure. As an English Literature undergrad major, some of the emails I see shooting around at work are downright embarrassing. Misspellings galore. Long run on sentences with no punctuation. Complete misuse of grammar and the English language. Abominable! And a tell-tale signpost of what our educational systems, at dear cost to the citizens, is actually producing.

And there is more!

The media? Little more than propaganda for the controlling elite. Highly leftist and collectivist and very highly biased. Truth? What truth? There is none these days.

Religion? If you are a Christian these days, you are a fool. Islam? Buddhist? Hindu? Black Muslim? All OK. Christian? Fuggeda bout it! You are anathema to secularism and the fairy tale of evolution. Do you know what the most persecuted religion is in the world today? Yes, today. Do a little probing into the Middle East and what religions they are attacking and whose churches they are burning for some clues.

Guns and Ammo

So what do I take away from the Guns and Ammo response? It is good but it is bad as well.

It shows what informed citizens can and will do when they know whereof for what they stand.

On the other hand, it is a limited response on a singular issue. That is the bad part.

We need more. Much, much more. And we need it soon. Please keep educating yourself. Then take action. Inform others. Get them up to speed. Get them active. A good organization that is active on a wide range of issues is the John Birch Society. Love him or hate him, Alex Jones is another voice in the wilderness. Sure he is brash and too angry at times but heck we need that brashness and anger about now. Too many people are settling for handouts from their slave masters when we need to bite the hand trying to feed us so we can feed ourselves, thank you very much.

There are more. Freedom Force International, Edward G. Griffins site and the Mises Institute and others. Above all, eschew the mass media. Like nearly every one of our politicians they are controlled and not worth paying a bit of attention to other than to keep you abreast of the game plan against your freedoms.

Rant over for now. More to come God willing. Hope it did some good.


ObamaCare Future? EU Healthcare Crisis- Healthcare Budgets Slashed, Services Cut, Long Waiting Lists

The promises of Obamacare are already wearing thin as premiums rise and tens of thousands are forcibly dumped from their individual plans. It is already becoming clear that the public was lied to as the plan that Obama claimed was not a tax was labeled a tax by the Supreme Court decision to keep it from being annulled.

Then in November and December tens of thousands of people learned that they were being terminated from their individual plans because it did not meet the requirements of the new law. Another lie uncovered as all were promised by Obama that they could keep their plans when he was selling it to the American public and received now justified criticism about the real provisions of the plan.

Politicians lie for their Corporate and Bankster partners, from the very top on down. Obamacare was written for the benefit of Corporate profits, continued debt production and control over the people. However, now we get a chance to see what our future really holds under the Socialist medical care that isn’t really Socialist medical care according to the liar in chief and his sycophant minions.

According to a report which aired on Press TV:

“Countries using the Euro currency have been most severely impacted by the economic crash that first struck the European Union in 2008. Government health service budgets have been slashed in countries such as Greece, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Ireland. Waiting lists for medical procedures are growing all the time and many people, who simply cannot afford it, have no alternative but to use the little money they have on private healthcare.”

The experts at a recent conference in Brussels as reported by Press TV “agreed that there are no easy solutions when it comes to the EU’s healthcare crisis.”

Socialist Healthcare Failing

While liberals, fooled by the rhetoric ignore the reality, the socialist healthcare system is collapsing for the very people it is supposed to be helping. The rich can afford to pay for private treatment. Those in the middle and lower classes are falling through the cracks. They now cannot even afford to pay the premiums for the coverage. As in the U.S., birth rates are falling, retirees are growing and the tax base is shrinking accordingly. As the report from Press TV notes: “This raises serious questions about how healthcare in the EU is going to be paid for in the decades ahead.”

Expect the same in our nation. Our baby boomer generation is growing. There are less workers compared to retirees and college graduates are graduating with choking debt levels to being at income levels significantly below what they expected. The tax base is shrinking and the debt levels are choking the retail sector as noted in my last post about Janet Yellen.

The Petro Dollar System is Collapsing

What is happening in the EU will happen in the United States too. It is inevitable. We already have a national debt level of $17.3 Trillion or nearly $55,000 per citizen and over $150,000 per taxpayer. It is being masked by our status as the reserve currency of the world which was set up under the Petro Dollar agreement establishing the dollar as the only currency that could be used to purchase oil on the international market. This forces nations who wish to purchase oil to stock pile dollars. This, in turn, allows our Federal Reserve to produce a large volume of dollars and produces the illusion that there is no inflation. In return, we provide the Middle East with military protection. (Are you beginning to see  the connection here between our military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan while our borders are hardly protected?)

This unfortunately is coming to an end. As the true inflationary decline of the purchasing power of the dollar begins to show world wide, direct currency swap agreements are growing between nations needing oil. This means they are by-passing the dollar. It also means our inflation is creeping up to where it actually should already be.

Additionally, countries holding dollars in reserve such as China, no longer need the dollars to purchase oil. Now with currency swaps they can get the oil directly from oil producing nations. Those dollars we send overseas now longer are needed as reserves. The dollar is dropping in value as inflation erodes its purchasing power. What better time to begin to unload it than now.

The Future of Obamacare

So what does this all mean for Obamacare? Well, guess who pays for it? It is public healthcare, government sponsored but paid for by the public. The pool of insureds do not serve as the funding source, the government does. And who is ultimately responsible for the public debt but the taxpaying and producing public.

Costs of Obamacare will rise through inflation because the government (AKA our taxes and currency value impacted by government inflationary debt) is paying the bill. Once our government gets involved, the free market provisions of voting with your dollars for products and services ends. Now, providers can raise their prices (just as they have done in our colleges with government guaranteed student loans) without fear of market backlash. After all, people typically assume the government will cover it right? It’s not my earned income, they imagine, so why should I worry?

Unfortunately, it all comes out in the wash as the saying goes. Just as the debt crisis is blowing up the socialized, government healthcare system in the EU, it will do so here as well. We were warned by the more prudent and aware citizens. Personally, I was doing what I could to make the public aware through dong public presentations, forum posts, contact with congressmen and fighting Obamacare anywhere I could as soon as it was advanced. Having seen the impact of Medicare already as a health insurance sales rep, I already knew where it will lead. It is arriving where I expected.

The EU healthcare crisis is a snapshot of what is to come. The same crisis will happen here. You can take that to the bank. Or rather the banks are bringing to you- like it or not. Complacency is quite expensive when all is said and done in the end. Unfortunately, we all will share in the truth of that prediction- like it or not.