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Acid Attacks in the UK Average About 15 a Week. Another Progressive Agenda Success?

By Terry | 2nd Amendment

Acid Attack Survivor- ASTI

Looks like the progressive agenda is yielding yet another poisonous fruit- acid attacks. Now that the citizenry is largely disarmed insane individuals are resorting to more creative ways to harm people. The Mirror reported a total of 2,602 acid attacks from January 2015 to May 2018 which they drew from requested police reports. The number could actually be higher since 4 police forces did not respond to requests for the date. However, the reported figures average out to about 15 per week.

ASTI (Acid Survivors Trust International) found the UK to have one of the highest rates of attacks in the world. Nearly 75% are in what the left wants us to believe is tolerant, Acid Attacks in London multicultural London.

A burn surgeon based in London said last year that acid attacks have reached epidemic levels in London.

According to figures provided by The Daily Wire the rate is picking up and:

“[T]he areas hardest hit by the attacks happen to be in places with high immigration rates, often celebrated for their “multiculturalism.” … For example, Newham, which has been praised as one of “the most multicultural places in the UK,” has witnessed the highest number of acid attacks in the country, 398, from 2011-2016.”

The phenomenon is common in some Muslim-majority counties, typically victimizing woman. In the UK however, according to ASTI, most of the victims are men.

Copy Cat Violence Among the Youth

Now, even children are picking up on it. Two 11 year olds were charged with attacks on older teens in Hertfordshire. In Manchester, a 6 year old boy had bleach used against him. Two teens, 14 and 15 years old, were attacked on the train. A Community outreach worker and former gang member believes that kids are now using acid as playground weapons.

The Mirror found a case where a child of 2 was the target. The attack was carried out by a boy 6 years old.

Scarred for Life

Acid Attack Survivor - Christopheros

Acid Attack Victim Andreas Christopheros, Age 32, Is Scarred for Life. His Attacker Will Be Up for Parole in Only 8 Years.

One thing to keep in mind about these acid attacks: the unsuspecting victims are scarred for life. Attacked in 2014, Andreas Christopheros- age 32, was targeted in a case of mistaken  identity. He needed to have 90% of his face reconstructed and suffered “inexplicable” pain, as he described it. The attacker, David Phillips, knocked at the wrong door. For his crime, Phillips was sentenced to life but had it reduced to 16 years and is eligible for parole after only 8 years.

Christopheros, scarred for life, unable to even cry because of his disfigurement is calling for a life sentence for these kind of attacks. He has a good point.

The Progressive Agenda Has a Responsibility

While they won’t own it, the progressive left are encouraging this kind of attack. People are largely disarmed in areas where these attacks are most prolific as in the UK which is among the highest in the world.

While you cannot pin this down to Islamic terrorists, as in London, it appears the greater number of attacks occur in Muslim dominated nations. As noted above, there is a correlation in the UK with those areas that have the greatest number of immigrants.

Certainly, with their open border agenda, progressives are allowing people who have been taught to hate the kafir or infidel (non-believer). The most militant of these believers chief aim in life is to eliminate all competing religions on the planet which includes invading the West with sharia law and Islam.

Assuredly, Britain is a prime example. The recent imprisonment of Tommy Robinson for merely publicly covering the trial of a Muslim child “grooming” ring which was called breaching the peace by authorities. No other media in the UK were permitted to report on the trial. Why the cover-up? So much for freedom of press in the UK.

The victims of these attacks are suffering the consequences of scarred bodies for the remainders of their lives. Pretty horrible stuff. We better wake up here should anything like this inhumane activity begin to surface here. It should be immediately squelched and severely penalized regardless of the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Meanwhile, in the UK they now have acid attacks, knife attacks and van attacks. What they haven’t begun to acknowledge is the fact that it is the mind of twisted individuals who conduct violence not the objects used to conduct the attack. If you eliminate the objects and do not address the causes, which should include quick and appropriate sentencing including public transparency so that people can be fully aware of what is going on, expect more of the same and possibly worse.

What is more, where people are permitted to defend themselves against crimes, less of it occurs. Something the left has yet to acknowledge and likely never will.