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Student Slashes 14 on Lone Star Campus- You Can Ban the Weapon, Not the Mind

By Terry | 2nd Amendment

[dropcap color=”color-default” font=”bowlby” style=”oblique” size=”scmgc-3em”]O[/dropcap]n the day of the Newtown shootings, a knife wielding man slashed 22 children and 1 elderly woman in Central China which I commented on in a previous post. Now, at Lone Star College in Houston, Tx. an American student slashed 14 of his fellow students with a box cutter.

So what’s next, bans on box cutters and knives? Fact is, you can ban all the weapons you want, but you can not ban the mind of the person who wields the weapon. If someone wants to do harm, they will find a way to carry it out. A Lone Star student wishes they would allow them to carry on campus to protect themselves as reported by The Blaze.

In China, with heavy gun control laws, the deranged and violent are using knives and axes. On a gun free campus, a student uses a box cutter to act out his violent fantasies with little opposition.

As the FBI reports, blunt instruments like hammers cause more deaths than any other weapon in the hands of the violent. Are we going to legislate permits for hammers for construction workers or to hang a picture in the home?

Obama says he is more determined than ever to undermine the right of the people to keep and bear arms as the 2nd amendment notes. He wants to infringe thSecond_Amendmente right despite his oath of office to protect, defend and uphold the U.S. Constitution. Are we going to allow more of our rights to be ceded to the Federal government.

I am currently reading Death By “Gun Control” again. This time I will finish it. I just read the chapter on Cambodia. One of the first acts of the Khmer Rouge (Red Khmer Tribe) under Pol Pot was to search the homes of an already disarmed populace and confiscate any weapons left. The abject brutality and decimation of the Cambodian people (at a rate 8 times greater than the Nazi holocaust) began shortly thereafter.

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As pointed out in Death by Government, genocide and democide (death by government) is always preceded with gun control. Like all government intrusions it starts small and grows from there. The primary techniques in the beginning focus on 4 areas:

  • Making it More Difficult or Inconvenient
  • More expensive
  • Embarrassing or humiliating
  • Legally risky

If you watch what Obama and his minions are doing, along with the leftist, sycophants in the media you will see all four of these techniques being used. A disarmed populace is at the mercy of those with arms or evil intent. I personally do want to be at the mercy of either a power drunk government or a deranged killer. I hope you don’t either.

For more on the historical facts about the relationship of gun control and citizens or democide (death by government) take a look at the following books: