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Well, We’re All Just a Nation of Immigrants – Aren’t We?

By Terry | collectivism

Statue of Liberty- Photo by tom coe on Unsplash

Have you ever gotten pasted with that progressive meme? “We Are a Nation of Immigrants.”

That’s supposed to be their “game stopper”. It’s designed to be a canned quip that is supposed to shut up the xenophobic right wing conservative types- according to their myopic little dream world box of identity politics anyway.

The problem is- it’s a poorly constructed pile of dog poop as the following video from PragerU by Michelle Malkin points out:

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Poorly Constructed Facts

First of all, if you were born here, does that now make you an immigrant if, at some point in time, someone in your ancestry immigrated? Kind of makes the definition of immigrant completely meaningless, doesn’t it?

Secondly, what nation is not a nation of immigrants under that definition? None who are in positions of world leadership that I know of.

Maybe, some 3rd world nation, but find one if you can. All nations have experienced immigration at some point in their history. Which hasn’t? Again, it makes this meme a useless frame of reference.

Facts Missing From the Meme

The U.S. still has the most generous immigration policies in the world. Fifty million residents of America are foreign born. For example, in NYC alone, 176 different languages are spoken in the NYC school system. Sound like xenophobia to you?

We already allow 1 million legal immigrants per year permanent residence.

Then, there is chain migration which brings in the spouses and relatives which we already know has produced some notable criminal events in the U.S. such as the attempted pipe bomber in NYC near Times Square who unintentionally detonated the bomb on himself. (I guess not every illegal immigrant is a valedictorian, after all.)

Then, we have an estimated 100,000 refugees and asylum-seekers. From 2008 to 2017, the U.S. gave green cards to well over a million people for humanitarian reasons, Five years after which they can apply for permanent citizenship.

Then, there’s the diversity visa lottery crap. Diversity applicants don’t need a high school education, job skills….pretty much nothing. Then thanks to chain migration spouses and unmarried children under 21 also get to come behind the lottery winners.

Then, there’s the illegal immigrants. Ever notice how the 11 million number that hasn’t changed in a decade? More accurate estimates place it at over 20 million.

Then, though illegal. they receive free health care in our clinics and hospitals, and through their American born children, they get cash aid, food stamps, housing vouchers. and free education in our public schools for their kids, not to mention the university cash breaks that taxpayers pick up. Dreamers are pushing for it to be completely free- meaning that taxpaying citizens foot their educational bill entirely. Free, alright….for them.

What’s the Bill For Illegals?

Cost? A FAIR 2017 report, even taking into account taxes paid, calculated a burden of almost $116 Billion to the American taxpayer at the State levelnot federal. In my state, that’s over $6,000 per taxpayer. Look up your in the 2017 report.

Sound like a system that’s working to you?

Give ‘Em the Facts

So, the next time a progressive lays the line on you of – “Well, we’re all just a nation of immigrants aren’t we?”

Give them the facts. Then, tell them to shut the x#!% up and use their head for something other than a hat rack.

OK, maybe you don’t have to add the last part, but you justifiably could, couldn’t you?