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2016 Presidential Election- Lopsided Bias Concentrating on Dirt Not Real Issues.

By Terry | American Decline

While the media hammers away at Donald Trump’s character, the dirt on Hillary is swept under the carpet. The bias is obvious. The public naively laps it up.

Our nation is mired in a massive mountain of debt.

Foreign wars which have sucked away multiple Trillions of $ have dragged on for over a decade now.

Our infrastructure is decaying.

We export more raw materials and goods that assist manufacturing than goods Americans actually make.

Taxes are growing as States and local governments attempt to make up for their overspending which mirrors our Federal government.

Inflation is kicking in as the prices of necessary goods like food continue to climb or are hidden by packaging giving you less for more money.

Incomes of the middle class have stagnated for decades and the annual increases we once expected are either absent or an insult as they are so paltry.

Medical care costs and premiums are continuing to rise. Obamacare is proving to be the failure I predicted before it was passed by the parasitic traitors euphemistically called “public servants” with overall insurance premium increases of over $4,000 a year for families since its passage showing how effective it has been in lowering the costs of health care.

Insurance companies now exiting the exchanges because of losses (again predicted and expected by anyone who understands how insurance really works).

The Black community has experienced a 58% increase in food stamps, a significant decline in employment and home ownership and a shocking increase in violence within their communities as a whole under a President who promised to deliver safety and prosperity whom they supported without question.


The Raised Fist Salute Tells Much About Bernie If You Understand It’s Origins and His Background

Public safety is decreasing as Islamic extremists kill the unarmed public as in Orlando and San Bernadino while the Marxist fronted Black Lives Matter shoot the police and organize riots with the
fist raised communist salute betraying their real intent.

Regulatory control has grown significantly while banks and private Corporations were handed over massive amounts of public money to cover their bad business judgement and losses.

And there is more…..much more. IMHO it does not look good for our long term futures.

The Election Coverage

So what does the media and the Clinton campaign concentrate on in this election? Donald Trump’s trash.

Nothing about Hillary’s seedy past. They are all piling on Donald.

A tape is released of a trashy conversation, conveniently timed on the same day WikiLeaks released 12,000 of Hillary’s emails demonstrating more of her elitist mentality and how firmly in bed she is with the Wall Street insiders. Yet, the media is calling on Trump to fold camp and drop out because of seedy comments in a private conversation.

More trash will likely come. That is where the media is directed to keep this campaign focused. Not on the real issues impacting Americans.

The Media Mission

Since the beginning of Trump’s run and unexpected success in the primaries, the media as a whole have been concentrating on one goal- attack Trump in every way possible and not focus on the issues created by our political and economic systems that impact each and every one of us in our real lives.

Let’s be honest- Trump has not led an exemplary life. Being a wealthy businessman and not homely looking with a penchant for beautiful woman, he’s got moral baggage. (Don’t we all in some way or another?) He is a mirror of our societal moral decline as though those who protest are so lily white. As for Hillary?

Trump doesn’t hold a candle to the lecherous, womanizing behavior of Hillary’s husband who, even as governor of Arkansas, would pick out woman in the audience and make sure his aides invited them to meet him privately to move on them, was accused of rape on more than one occasion, lied to all of us about Monica Lewinsky and much more including drug trafficking and use and even involvement in murders (See the Clinton Chronicles for details)

Meanwhile, Hillary attacked and assassinated the character of Bill’s woman and we hear nothing about it. She laughs about defending a child molester who raped a 12 year old and we hear nothing about it.

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Hillary calls half of Trump’s supporters deplorable. Described Bernie’s supporters as living in their parents basements; discussed her favorable private connection to Wall Street which she publicly attacks in the Wiki leaks emails recently released; helped cover up Bill’s criminal activities as a lawyer for the Arkansas Rose law firm; accepted millions from nations that abuse woman as property for the Clinton foundation; violated national security with her home server while (like Bill) lying to the public and in front of congress about it………..White Water, cattle futures trading scandal, and much more (Again watch the Clinton Chronicles for the details on Bill and Hillary’s rise to power )

Meanwhile, Hillary Gets a Free Pass

Why the free pass for Hillary on social issues and dirt and the bombardment of Trump?

What is good for the goose should also be good for the gander right, if the media were fair. Would it not?

Not in this campaign apparently.

I suggest it is nothing more than the manipulation of public opinion to fit the needs of the controlling powers.

That is, the one-world, globalist elite who are steadily undermining this nation economically and morally to fold us into their New World Order. They want a puppet in office, not a wild card who they cannot completely dominate.

If Hillary gets in, the status quo will be maintained. The direction we are headed in will remain on course.

She is in their back pockets. Trump is not.

They don’t know what to expect if Trump gets into office. With Hillary (as with Obama) it is very predictable. She shares their world view.

Hillary has said as much when she gushed over the how the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) tells her what to do at the opening of their new Washington office on July 15, 2009:

[quote]I am delighted to be here in these new headquarters. I have been often to I guess the mother ship in New York City, but it’s good to have an outpost of the Council right here down the street from the State Department. We get a lot of advice from the Council, so this will mean I won’t have as far to go to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future.[/quote]

The “Establishment”

The CFR is a globalist group of insiders who favor a global government with David C. Rockefeller as its Honorary Chairman and all of the “too big to fails” on its Corporate membership list.

Trump doesn’t qualify to speak with this bunch however. He doesn’t fit the profile of a parasite dependent upon their good will for his position. Nor does his put America first message fit into their design for America.

So their lap dogs, the media, hammer away at Trumps social vulnerability while giving a free pass to Hillary’s shady past.

To me, it is obvious how the public is being manipulated.

To the public, who have been raised to accept the opinion of media “experts” on TV and now on social media, all that counts is what the mainstream media focuses on. They selectively are led to ignore where our country has been, is headed and where Hillary wants to lead it which is to say more of the same.

Instead they focus on the social issues rather than the real world results thereby ignoring decades of evidence in Hillary’s case. If anyone should be in a “basket of deplorables” it is she and her ilk not Trump supporters.

Neither candidate is without baggage. Not exactly what you would want in a President, but perhaps what we deserve as our nations morality declines. The moral issues? Hey, it’s all part of the intended decline of America as a world leader. Our nation is reveling in it and our candidates reflect it.

However, the intended direction of the controlling powers is to me crystal clear. It has been since the primaries.

The Choice

To the public, who have been raised to accept the opinion of media “experts” on TV, all that counts is what the mainstream media focuses on, not where our country has been, is headed and where Hillary wants to lead it, which is to say more of the same.

As the morality of our nation declines, so does the quality of our candidates which mirror the nation’s moral fiber. So should a Trump-Hillary Presidential choice be all that surprising? Not to this writer.

However, in this campaign of the lesser of two evils, which has been the norm for decades now, the choice is simple.

If you think we are headed in the right direction vote Hillary. The game of dismantling America will continue as they prepare us for their New World Order.

If you want to roll the dice and take a chance on change, vote Donald.

Either way you get morally flawed leadership.

The question is not however Hillary or Donald despite the media’s emphasis.

It is a choice between one who is firmly under the corrupt and evil control of the power elite who are steering us towards collapse on all levels to fold us into their New World Order.

And a morally flawed, wild card, non-politician who promises to make America great again.

With all I know about how the insiders are playing this nation and the background of the Clintons, the choice to me is clear.

Either way, remember who is really in control and it transcends all of us IMHO. Ultimately, however, a choice of evil vs evil can only produce what?

As the lead character, Maddie, of the Coen Brothers version of True Grit put it in the opening soliloquy of the film:

[quote]There is nothing free in this life. We pay for everything except the grace of God[/quote]

Seek that first. Anything else is a bonus. God Bless America? Or perhaps is it time for judgement?