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The Biggest Bombshell of the Peter Strzok Congressional Hearings- Big Whoops!

By Terry | Deception by Omission

The Peter Strzok hearings dragged on for 10 hours. Democrats on the committee were doing everything they could to block, deflect, interrupt the Republican questions. Some stuff that surfaced was too emotionally packed to be of value. Some was just plain, old b.s. and partisan pandering like the Democract Congressman from Tennessee who told Strzok he should be given a purple heart.

However, not all was useless.

The Biggest Reveal- A Can of Worms They Didn’t Want Opened

From what I witnessed of the highlights (who has 10 hours to spare), the biggest reveal of the hearings was an interchange between the beleaguered Republican Congressman Jim Jordan and Peter Strzok:

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Jordan had Strzok repeat his testimony because he probably didn’t believe he just said that! Bruce Ohr giving the dossier or “elements of reporting” , as Strzok carefully put it,  to the FBI which he got through Fusion GPS. All of the reports that the Democrats and their sycophant media have been denigrating, playing down and posing as conspiracy theory are now stated facts in front of Congress by a very highly placed person engaged in both the Hillary Clinton email investigation and the the Trump-Russia collusion investigation.

Who is Bruce Ohr?

Bruce Ohr is a demoted Associate Attorney General for the Department of Justice. He was demoted in 2017 “because of contacts he allegedly had with the controversial Fusion GPS firm that hired the former British spy who developed the infamous “Trump dossier” on Russia.” It ain’t alleged any more after Strzok’s testimony though.

His wife Nellie Ohr worked for Fusion GPS during the summer that the Russian dossier surfaced. Just coincidental of course.

Ohr is no longer alleged and the Republican report on the dossier released earlier this year alleging Ohr’s involvement with Glenn Simpson was also mentioned by Strzok in his reveal.

Bias? What Bias?

The AG report revealed blatant bias and then concluded that there was no bias in the Trump-Russian Collusion investigation which is now laughable. Strzok was asked to read his texts at one point and statements like “We’ll stop it.” were clarified when Strzok was forced to admit that the “it” was Trump’s election.

The Mueller investigation is beginning to unravel big time now as facts surface and this is just the tip of the iceberg.  The entire panel of investigators were Democrat donors with the exception of Mueller who is about as Republican as Barack Obama.

More will surface as Lisa Page, former FBI lawyer who had an affair with Strzok, testifies behind closed doors in front of Congress today. She refused to appear but was given a deadline or face a subpoena for contempt of Congress. She changed her mind.

The hearings should be as public as her lover’s was. The lady did wrong. Why protect her? She was a public servant paid from public money. She is accountable to the public not Congress. Let her face the music she wrote.

The Mueller Hoax

Meanwhile, Mueller has spent $22 million of public money on an investigation which has produced no evidence of Trump – Russia collusion despite the non-related arrests. He should be forced to pony up what he’s got and close up shop. This is simply a waste of time. A huge distraction from what really needs to be and nothing more the leftist driven obstruction designed to derail the Donald Trump agenda to MAGA.