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Newly Elected New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy, Makes Illegals His First Priority

By Terry | American Decline

Newly Elected Democrat Governor of New Jersey Phil Murphy is just getting started. After spending $20 million of his own money just to win the June primary, the former Goldman Sachs financier executive, who served as the Ambassador to Germany in the Obama administration, is kicking off his administration with a bang so to speak. Trying to get his money’s worth I guess.

However, already it ain’t looking good for conservatives and/or people who support our Republic’s Constitutional rule of law and Bill of Rights.

For starters, in place of taking care of the legal citizens of NJ first, he is talking about making sure that illegal immigrants have a government they can trust which includes insuring they can get funded for higher education.

Uh excuse me but government they can trust? How are people here illegally entitled to be trusted by a government they have not legally adopted?

Murphy plans to create an Office of Immigrant Defensive Protection to assist illegal immigrants who are here without legal standing as citizens of this nation or his state. Democrats call them “undocumented”. The real description is law breakers or uninvited guests if you want to soft pedal it.

Additionally, specifically how does protecting the rights of illegal citizens benefit the legal citizens who voted Murphy into office? Does he think he got voted into office to help illegal citizens? Doesn’t Murphy have an obligation to take care of American citizens first?

But Wait….There’s More!

From the guy who likened Donald Trump to Hitler during the Presidential campaign, he is already throwing his newly found power around. If President Trump doesn’t pass DACA, Murphy is threatening to make NJ a Sanctuary State. Do the citizens who elected Murphy get any say in this matter? Isn’t that a bit tyrannical? Who does this ultimately help and hurt I wonder?

It already appears that this newly elected Democrat believes that Illegal immigrants (and potential future votes) apparently count more than legal State citizens who voted him into office by making them a first priority. I guess that’s called a progressive thank you gesture.

Perhaps, like too many politicians, it is only after the election that we discover who the candidate really is. I guess Murphy figures that since the current state residents have demonstrated their support by placing him in office, he can move on to more important issues- illegal immigrants (AKA future potential votes).

More Dreams of My Father?

Murphy also wants to raise the minimum wage, a proven way to hurt lower income workers as demonstrated when employers, to shave costs, hire fewer low wage employees and work those they do hire harder to make up for the shortage.

Legalize marijuana (great way to enhance voter awareness for progressives btw) which is not as harmless as Soros funded, official sounding groups like The Drug Policy Alliance make it seem.

Additionally, he is busy proposing gun buy backs in a State that already makes it very hard to obtain a weapon for personal protection.

Murphy said, “This state used to be a progressive beacon. In many respects,  that soul has been ripped out of us. We [actually meaning he] can put it back.”

Obviously his dream is to return New Jersey to its former “progressive beacon” status. Bear in mind that the word “progressive” is actually a buzzword for Marxist inspired socialism.


The State is already heavily in debt, over $11,500 per citizen beating even California which stands at a little over $10,800 per citizen.

In major cities like Camden, only 7% of the students have met the standard for math. In Newark only 12% meet the standard. Education is not a high priority in these locations apparently. Seems like it should be if these dangerous and low income locations are to raise their standards of living.

It would appear that with these kind of trends, the governments first job should be to prioritize solving the problems of its own citizens. This obviously which would include lowering State debt before the State’s economics fully collapse as well as doing a far better job educating its citizens.

Pursuit of those areas as a priority in place of making illegal citizens the first priority would seem to make more sense. But hey, that’s just me I guess.

Where This is Headed

My prediction is that this left oriented dude will spend NJ into oblivion while making it the East Coast model of California to boot.

Maybe he is trying to replace California as the least free state on the list. Economically, there is a match. If it becomes a sanctuary state too with legalized marijuana, the states won’t be that far apart in policies or citizen freedoms as well.

The light on Murphy’s “progressive beacon” may just end up burning out more than burning brightly. After all, as Margaret Thatcher was reputed to have said, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

Who is Responsible?

The blame belongs on the public however (prodded by the bad job that Christie did particularly in his second term). New Jersey has already had a former Goldman Sachs Dem governor, Jon Corzine, who wasn’t popular enough to win a second term and ended up involved in the MF Global stock scandal which ultimately cost Corzine $5 million. Not good indicators for yet another former Goldman Sachs employee as governor.

Currently, New Jersey is listed as 47th on the annual list of the most free states.

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So how does the public respond to their current direction? Well, they elect another former Goldman Sachs governor who is a flaming “progressive”. (Remember, the buzz word for left oriented socialist.)

I believe New Jersey will get what they voted for- Phil, Corzine 2 on Steroids, Murphy.