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The “Squad” Nothing More Than Scripted Justice Democrat Puppets

By Terry | collectivism

Democratic Left

AOC (Alexandra Ocasio Cortez) was not elected. She was selected. Very Carefully. And she is scripted just as carefully. When she gets off script, she is lost, as we have seen time and again already in her brief freshman tenure.

In 2017, the Justice Democrats ran auditions for candidates throughout the country. Over 10,000 candidates were submitted. AOC’s brother Gabriel submitted her for the role.

Alexandra Rojas, Executive Director of the Justice Democrats explains this process below after which Mr. Reagan explains who the brains behind AOC really are:

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Click on the title to view the full 22 minute video- The Brains Behind AOC or The Brains Behind AOC Part II

Which Justice Democrats Were Elected?

There were 4 Justice Democrats elected in 2018. They are now being referred to as “the squad” by the media after President Trump’s characterization.

They are:

  • AOC (Alexandria Ocasio Cortez)
  • Ayanna Presley
  • Rashida Talib
  • Ilhan Omar

Two of them are Democratic Socialists: Rashida Talib and AOC. Ilhan Omar and Presley are both sympathetic to the Democratic Socialist cause but not members.

As pointed out in a previous post, the Democratic Socialists are nothing more than Marxist inspired Communists.  This is evident when one digs a little further into their site and magazine. See for yourself by following the links in the previous post.

What Do They Want?

The four Justice Democrats who were elected, were carefully selected in a Kentucky meeting to play the role of congressional representative. Their “job” is to push forward the “progressive” agenda of the Democratic Party.For Saul Alinskyites like Zack Exley (the brains behind the Justice Democrat party) and the Justice Democrat leadership, the Democratic Party is not nearly far left enough. They want it closer to their “progressive” Marxist ideology than it is.

The “squad” was appointed to congress to push that agenda forward. They don’t care if they are in office for only one term as this Justice Democrat recruiting video reveals at about 5:00:

They are there to push the Justice Democrat “movement” forward.

What is the Justice Democrat Platform?

What does AOC and her fellow JD’s talk about? That is their platform.

All 4 push the Green New Deal which is nothing more than a State takeover of the tools of production wrapped up in the environmental issue to cloak its true intent. The Democratic Left Magazine on the issue which you can download here or by clicking on the link below the magazine cover, has a sub-section titled “Power to the People”.

Sound familiar? If you travel in Marxist Communist circles like these people do- it would. You know, like the final refrain in the Communist Manifesto – Workers of the World Unite!

Or perhaps the unstated meaning of the raised fist salute which all Marxists use as their secular humanist prayer blessing.

Along with the primary push for the Green New Deal what else do these lefty Justice Democrats want?

Here is a revealing list:

  • Guaranteed Jobs with fixed wages of $15 an hour with guaranteed benefits like childcare and healthcare
  • Higher taxes for Corporations and the top 1% to pay their “fair share”
  • Medicare for All  or straight up Communist medical care which has always failed everywhere implemented with lower quality of services, long waits, higher taxes and a failed medical system
  • Free Public Colleges and Trade Schools which, of course, are not really “free” because well….nothing really is.
  • Forced employee benefits like vacation, sick, family leave, childcare most of which already exist but should be left up to the employee marketplace not government.
  • Police reform to basically hamstring them by government rule
  • Abolish ICE (an open border agenda emphasis)
  • Abolish the death penalty
  • End the war on drugs which is to say legalize marijuana
  • Defend net neutrality which as we have seen is simply another way of promoting big tech censorship

You must pay for everything in this world, one way or another. There is nothing freeexcept the grace of God.

Mattie Ross character in the movie True Grit

What are the Justice Democrat’s Goals?

Their primary goal is to push their far-left agenda until they, like the NAZI party of Hitler, have taken control of the government.

This is nothing new. These tactics have been employed by Marxist’s and it’s foundation socialist form of government for over two centuries now.

They promote their State domination agenda under the guise of promoting “power to the people” and equality for all as in the French Revolution with its phrase of “Liberte, Eqalite, Fraternite” or Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

The problem is that in the end what happens is tyranny, inequality and faction (identity politics).

What Can Be Done About This Movement?

Well, if you are naïve and foolish enough to buy into a movement promoting an ideology which essentially made the 20th Century the bloodiest century ever- killing more human beings than all previous centuries combined – then support this State domination ideology.

If you are sensible and can objectively observe history, and believe in individual freedom which produces collective freedom if applied with respect to others personal freedom, then get yourself educated on the topic.

Share the tyrannical reality this group will produce by educating them on the historical results of rule by government.

Pass the information on, Get active exposing the Justice Democrats for what they really are: Marxist inspired Communists.

If that sounds like hyperbole, please follow the links and conduct your own search on the topic. Download and read the Green New Deal magazine above and other issues.

Your choice?

You are sitting on the tracks. There is a huge locomotive coming down those tracks called the “progressive” movement.

If you just sit there and do nothing. You will get run over.

Your individual freedoms will be eliminated. You can see that already with Antifa and suppression of free speech if it doesn’t fit the narrative of the left.

Or you can get moving. Get off the tracks. Fight for your Constitutional rights and freedoms as they were intended by the framers not the collectivist ideology of Marx and Engels and their ilk.

Fight or flight? What’ll be? I know my choice. What will be yours?