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What the Leftstream Media Conveniently Avoids Reporting

By Terry | Deception by Omission , media deception , Radical Islam

True Story of Fake News

Each week Liz Wheeler from One America News network makes a point of covering what the mainstream (aka leftstream) media fails to cover. They choose not to report these type of events because they do not fit their intended narrative or perhaps more accurately their public propaganda of approved spin. [youtube_advanced url=”” controls=”no” rel=”no” theme=”light”][/youtube_advanced] […]

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Child-Abuse Charges Dropped Against New Mexico Jihadists Because the DA Missed the Court Deadline

By Terry | Government Deception , Radical Islam

New Mexico Child Abuse Dropped

One has to wonder if the fix is now in on this case of the five New Mexico jihadists who trained 11 children, discovered in starved condition, to carry out school shootings. Child-abuse charges, which appeared rightful based on the discoveries, against three of the suspects were dropped because the district attorney missed the deadline […]

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Techniques of Deception and 911

By Terry | Deception by Omission , Government Deception , media deception , New World Order , Personal Liberty , Personal Privacy , Radical Islam

Once Upon a Time a Group of Elitists Had a Dream… Suppose you were among a group of self-appointed elitists who fashioned themselves as Gods or intellectual superiors among the people. You believed that you had the inside track to what was needed to bring about a semblance of harmony amongst the generally ignorant and […]

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