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Are the Islamic European Rape Gangs Coming to the U.S. Soon?

By Terry | anti Christian

Linda Sarsour Calls for Jihad in America

Ever heard anything from the media about European rape gangs? Probably not, the media has an internal ban, particularly in Europe, against reporting on anything suggesting that there is an Islamic violence rising in the West. Fact is, Islamic rape gangs do exist and as the report below suggests, they may be coming here soon- if we don’t wake up.

While, the left takes aim at ICE to protect illegal immigrants, Islamic immigrants take advantage of the West’s Christian ethic of tolerance. Tolerance is not a promoted virtue among Islam. Heck, they don’t even tolerate themselves! (Sunni vs. Shiite) They only wish to replace ALL religions other than Islam with their own muslim view of reality.

In this episode of Michelle Malkin Reports, Michelle covers the Islamic rape gangs which surrounded German woman in Cologne on New Years Eve in 2016 and sexually assaulted them.

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At first no media covered this story, but after multiple video’s of the attacks surfaced, German authorities were forced to acknowledge the events.

At first, Reuters reported 121 rapes. Then USA Today reported more than 600. Now, some sources are reporting over 1500 rapes. 121 in one night would have been more than enough btw.

Why These Attacks?

Michelle reported that they are seen as the spoils of war or colonization efforts. In this case, the Jihadi cultural war of Islam vs. the Christian West. One of the commentators in Michelle’s film, Nonie Darwish, wrote a book about the differences in culture between Islam and the Christian West.

Nonie, an Egyptian Muslim woman for the first 30 years of her life, converted to Christianity and was forced to leave her home to survive for the sin of wanting to marry a Christian man. In her book, Wholly Different: Why I Chose Biblical Values Over Islamic Values states:

In private, in mosques, and in Islamic books, Muslims sees Jew and Christians as their enemies…..Islamic doctrine absolutely rejects the Western idea of the melting pot. Muslims are inculcated with contempt for Christians, Christian values, and the Western civilization they built….Islam was created six hundred years after Christianity not to affirm the Bible, but to discredit it; not to co-exist with “the people of the book” – Jews and Christians – but to replace them. – Nonie Darwish- Wholly Different

The contrasts between Islam and Christianity are stark and definitive. They are no more “Abrahamic people”, as some try to claim, than are atheists or satanists. For a more complete comparison of the differences, with references to the primary Islamic texts (Koran, Sira and Hadith) read Nonie’s book.

Ignore the Left- They Are Deceived

Toleration is a Christian value, not an Islamic one. Kafirs (the unbelievers- non-Muslims) are to be converted (the word Islam means submission), heavily taxed (Jizya) or eliminated (as they currently doing to the remaining traces of Christians and Jews in the jihad in americaMiddle East today).

The Left allow themselves to be exploited as “useful idiots” as they have in Europe and play right into the hands of the Islamic deception. These rape gangs and the violence arising in Germany, France, Sweden and Belgium etc. are what they are getting in return. Islamic jihadists don’t wish to assimilate and tolerate, they wish to destroy and replace- whatever it takes.


– Not!

It is not a phobia to recognize the results of muslim invasion. It is common sense. The evidence bears itself out. As Nonie Darwish puts it,

Islam thrives on other people’s human decency and fear of terror, and on human beings’ ability to compromise against their best interest to survive.

In short, the Jihadist is using the Western Christian value of tolerance and peace to take advantage of them for their best interests- the growth of Islam.

Time to Wake Up

We are being played for suckers. Time to stop being patsies and playing games. The survival of our Christian Western values (which Islamists are taught to hate) and our freedoms depend on it.

The Islamic God, Allah, requires his followers to dedicate their lives to change, fix, convert, or kill the evil kafirs, whom Allah calls his enemies. That in a nutshell, is the holy mission of a Muslim if he is to please his God and go to heaven.- Nonie Darwish- Wholly Different

I would encourage people interested in preserving the Western way of life to educate themselves and actively resist the attempts to impose sharia law over our Constitutional law, as they have done in European governments. In Britain, there are already 85 sharia courts for example. as reported by the Daily Mail.

The end goal of their holy jihad is to replace Christian values with their Islamic world view. The moral and philosophical foundations upon which American freedoms are based will have to be jettisoned in order for that to happen. As they are discovering in Europe, the transformation will be nothing less than ugly and violent.